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Comment China (Score 5, Insightful) 253

China has a long history of selling dangerous products. From poisonous pet food to exploding electronics. When confronted, the Chinese government's response is "what a shame, we'll do something". The "something" is to rename the company and do it all over again.

Why the fuck does China have most favored nation trade status?

Comment Re:blacklists (Score 1) 351

I'll answer that question, how would regulations make it worse.

A new law is passed designating how security must be handled on IoT stuff. Everything is fine for a short time. Then the evil hackers figure out a new exploit and the bad shit happens again. The good guy coders come up with a patch, but it doesn't conform with the law, so they can't roll out the patch until the law is changed. That could take months, if not years.

Comment Re:Biometric Gun Safe (Score 1) 425

I looked at those gun safes and rejected them for exactly the reasons you stated. I bought one that uses a quick entry combo. The downside, it requires a battery so it needs to be checked every now and then. Not really an issue since I take it out almost every weekend for a trip to the range.

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