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Comment Re:Mutah was banned by Muhammad (Score 2) 161

"Mutah" is not permitted in Islam, not sure where you got that from.
In fact it was banned by Prophet Muhammad, after the lewdness that the pagans and idol/people worshippers used to spread.
It's only the Shia (minority) sect which allow this.

Too bad fucking little girls wasn't banned. When your prophet is a pedophile, you are corrupt from the start.


Comment I just ignore email after hours (Score 1) 259

My previous boss chastised me for missing an early Monday morning meeting. It turned out he had scheduled it the night before, Sunday at 10pm -ish. The meeting was scheduled to start an hour before I normally got to the office. He pointed out that my company provided phone kept me connected to my email inbox and my meeting schedule. He was shocked when I said I turned off alerts for email and that I didn't regularly check it. I told him simply, "you don't pay me enough to be at work 24/7".

I'm actually on call 24/7. I have the volume turned up to max so I know if I get text messages or phone calls, signifying something important. The audio alerts for email is turned off because otherwise I could never f*cking get to sleep because the email is relentless.

I told the replacement boss that I will not be changing this policy under any circumstance. He knows I am absolutely serious. If they ever make an issue of it my response will be to hand over the phone and announce I am no longer on-call.

Comment Re:"Historically", uh? (Score 1) 639

Using Carter to bolster your argument doesn't actually strengthen your position.

As for Chavez, he may have been elected properly the first time around, but his re-election was most certainly fixed. Also, it wasn't his successor who was the problem. It was Chavez, who systematically destroyed his country's free press, middle class, and economy.

Comment Biometrics are a bad idea (Score 2) 224

The problem with biometrics are they are fixed. So once they are stolen, you are screwed. Duplicating a fingerprint is easy. Iris scans are probably simple enough to defeat given the right equipment. Even some future DNA scan could be defeated, in theory. Keep in mind, no matter what form of security is used, it has to be digitized in some way. That is a crack in security.

Comment Re:The shame is that (Score 1) 702

Stop lying. It was a political movement from the very start and never about voting for deserving books, unless you think Monster Hunter Legion is worthy of one of literature's highest awards.

Was Monster Hunter Legion better than Red Shirts? Because Red Shirts seems to be the very low standard for best novel. I'd say, yes, MH was better. However, I don't believe either of them is good enough for the Hugo.

Also, don't accuse me of lying when the facts show that you are a fucking moron.

Comment Re:The shame is that (Score 3, Insightful) 702

Is the book better than Scalzi's Red Shirts? He got the 2013 Hugo for a fun popcorn read, but was no way deserving of a Hugo, but that seems to be the standard if the author is of the right politics and/or demographics.

Also, if you you believe the books are now tainted, then you are an idiot. The entire point of the Sad Puppies was not to fix the Hugos. They simply said, "read these books you might otherwise ignore and if you think they deserve it, vote for them." The SJW fools lied about that and spread the false rumor that the intent was to overload the Hugos only right wing stores and authors. Some of the SJWs went so far as to say that only books by women of color should be considered.

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