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Comment Re:Soft keys with changable keycaps? (Score 1) 432

I guess we don’t use function keys, but it took a little getting used to the fact that F3 doesn’t mean F3 unless you hold down the Fn key at the same time.

Go to "System Preferences" -> "Keyboard" -> "Use all F1 F2, etc." Then all your F keys will be F keys again. I do this because I have a program that uses F keys to F things.

Comment Re:How is this not wiretapping? (Score 2) 145

Wiretapping means listening to the wire, or in this case, the signal of the audio conversation. That wasn't done.

Instead, the metadata details were sold, meaning things like what time a call was made, where the tower locations were, the duration, and so forth.

Not wiretapping, but still ratting out customers.

Comment Re:To be fair, a pretty easy run (Score 1) 229

Well, it's obvious that post-SDC somebody will be operating this huge fleet of self-driving taxi/transport vehicles

But it's not obvious SDCs will be here any time soon.

Sure, they lost 96% of their share value in two years when it popped but those who never got on the hype bandwagon mostly lost everything and are nowhere to be found. To be honest I don't really mind a SDC bubble where everyone goes crazy because it will also accelerate change, the dotcom boom/bust might not have been good for investors but the transition from offline to online went pretty snappy.

That's an interesting point. Bubbles aren't the worst thing.

Comment Re:Point of order. . . (Score 1) 334

I don't know where you are getting your data, did you read that on a blog somewhere? Here is an actual paper on the subject (which is built on some controversial assumptions, but anyway, it's written by highly respected scientists so let's go with it). They conclude that the actual number is somewhere between 350 and 385 ppm.

Comment Re:The math (Score 1) 334

The math of climate change is fairly straightforward.

No it's not. The basic part (how much extra warmth is absorbed by the 'blanket' is simple, and a little more complex but still understandable (when you include the extra energy radiated by a warmer object) , showing that doubling CO2 will warm the earth between .7 and 1.5 degrees.

That's not scary for anyone, though, so there are many hypothetical feedbacks that will theoretically make the earth even warmer, but they are controversial, not well-understood (the error bars are gigantic), and involve plenty of math. Among scientists, the feedbacks are entirely where the controversy lies.

Comment Re:REAL elephant in the room (Score 1) 334

I think its abundantly clear these people ARE NOT in fact any more fit to lead than the usual poster here.

Yeah, actually, I don't have any doubt that I could be a better president than either of our current two candidates. And I don't mean that as boasting or anything, there are plenty of people here on Slashdot who could do better. It's pathetic, really.

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