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Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 156

I really don't want to give into Millennial stereotypes (which I think are often inaccurate), but TFA is just BEGGING for it.

Don't. Create a new category like "self-entitled" or "dumb as a brick" (which fits most people with a $200 a month phone bill). These are traits that cut across generations.

Comment Depends (Score 4, Interesting) 31

You know those commercials that sometimes come on local stations late at night for "Consumers Cellular"? The ads sell it like a cell phone provider for old people, since they always have sixty-somethings being hip with their no-contract cell phones and buying slutty red dresses to see if they can interest their hubbies in one more roll in the clover.

What you may not know, is that Consumer Cellular is actually a really good provider. You pay as you go, you can use practically any smartphone, including the iStatus from Apple. They mail you out a sim card and away you go. Data, calls, texts, it's cheap as shit. If you pay attention to what you're doing and know your way around, you can even avoid giving them real information, so it's the anonymity of a burner phone and the convenience of a major provider. And no contracts.

My wife has some Cadillac plan from one of the big providers, but when my contract was up with AT&T but my phone was still good, I figured, "What the hell?" and tried Consumers Cellular. It works great, has coverage wherever the other companies have coverage and AT&T can just suck my dick.

Comment Game Freak? (Score 1) 156

Isn't the Pokemon Company the company that handles Merchandising, but Game Freak the ones that create and Publish the games? Isn't it supposed to be the case that Neither of these companies directly tied to Nintendo, and Game Freak could be considered a Third Party Developer like WayForward?

Comment Re:That's Right (Score 2) 50

China needs to solve this problem more urgently because of their chosen form of government (let's leave aside which is 'right' and 'wrong' for now, and concede them the right of self-determination). False news reports give an opening for unscrupulous men to build a following and oppose the government based on false reports. This causes chaos and death (look throughout history.....the worst part about having kings is when a war of succession happens......there's chaos, people die needlessly, then it goes back to about the same as it was before. The exception of course is when the king was really bad, but that won't be reported with false news reports).

So that is the problem the Chinese government needs to solve. Keep order and harmony, because for the vast majority of people, it's better than chaos. (Look at what happened in Egypt recently when they had their new government.....lots of violence, then nothing really changed. Replacing Mubarak was probably a mistake, but some people paid for it with their lives).

With a different form of government, unscrupulous men can start a campaign of lies, and build a following, and if he's convincing enough, even make it into power as president. But all this will happen without real violence (that is, violence does not lead to power and political enemies don't need to 'disappear'), and the system is designed with power balances to prevent things from getting too messed up, even with a lousy president.

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