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Comment Re:Wait a minute... (Score 1) 149

You use bandwidth without paying for it.

If you had google music or youtube red there wouldn't be ads.

I do agree that it's messed up. Even the dumbest Americans should be capable of realizing that running ads during a youtube video doesn't equal approving of the content. But we didn't have so many idiots, we wouldn't have the problems we do today.

Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score 2) 69

Either that or there also wasn't any 'south vietnamese' government during the Vietnam police action, which was at the time heavily supported by the US, but just a conflict between North Vietnam and the US.

You are right. There was no South Vietnam when the US was fighting its dirty war.

You can call them "rebels", but they were fighting for the US, just as the Ukrainian rebels are fighting for Vladimir Putin.

Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score -1, Troll) 69

And during the US election you threw vitriol at anyone bringing up the number of deaths and "suicide by two gunshots in the back of the head" surrounding the Clintons.

What makes those claims absurd conspiracy theories and yours about Putin not?

I think you answered your own question, in a roundabout way.

Comment Re:Nonsense question (Score 1) 404

Speculatively we can say hyperbolically that hypothetically the tree did in tautology fall but when we talk a step back and deconstruct the epistemology and if we address it from a concrete standpoint as opposed to hyperbolic (which proper deconstructionists of course always do) we can't say that the tree didn't not not fall.

Comment Re:The management unit in all intel processors (Score 1) 108

The story talks about UEFI/EFI attacks, which allows access below the OS. I see your point though.
Is there an API that allows you to talk to the ARC (or to reflash it)? How do people program it (surely not jtag; or rather, there must be some way in addition to jtag)?

Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score 3, Informative) 69

Cold War explosives are becoming unstable and they tend to explode on their own, especially when there is insufficient money to maintain proper storage.

You know what else is becoming unstable? Vladimir Putin's political enemies and journalists. They're dropping like flies, literally. Earlier this week, one mysteriously flew out a fifth floor window.

And just yesterday, one was mysteriously gunned down in Kiev.

Since the election, we've had nine prominent opponents of Vladimir Putin become unstable and expire mysteriously. Such coincidence!

Comment Re:One more time? (Score 1) 123

somebody will figure out how to pirate the film from their living room with much better quality and have a full resolution torrent up within 3 hours of the film's release.

Even if that happens, pirating weirdly hasn't seemed to cut into the movie studio's profits. So, they probably don't care about that (exception being of course when they're asking for tougher copyright laws).

Comment Re:One more time? (Score 1) 123

I assume someone last time pointed out that itunes music managed to make something of a profit despite music piracy being really really really easy.

Most consumers don't pirate. A lot of those of us who do tend to do it less when paying is an option. When I pirate, it's entirely because of extra hoops I have to jump through like having to sign up for cable to watch HBO to watch game of thrones, or "no you have to go to the movie theater to watch that movie you want to watch or wait a few months."

Some people will pirate even given other options. But paranoia about that tiny segment of the consumer population isn't justified and is a stupid reason not to do this.

Comment Re:Direct to video (Score 1) 123

Why are you so sure it would do that? Tiers of movies haven't had much to do with release method in a while. Studios will still be able to promote blockbusters just as much as they do now and ignore direct to video types just as well.

It's not like they show a trailer for some big movie and the voiceover proudly announces "This one is NOT going straight to video! That means it's good probably!"

Comment What's the difference? (Score 1) 358

The Senate voted 50-48 along party lines Thursday to repeal an Obama-era law that requires internet service providers to obtain permission before tracking what customers look at online and selling that information to other companies.

Well, so much for the argument that the Democrats and Republicans are just the same.

Not one Democrat voted for this bill. Not a single one.

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