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Submission + - 'Death Trap' May Shed Light on Human Evolution ( 1

sciencehabit writes: Four hominin individuals who died when they fell into a “death trap” in a cave about 2 million years ago at Malapa, South Africa, may help shed light on human evolution. The fossils, which belong to a species known as Australopithecus sediba may even be an ancestor of our own genus. The trove of well-preserved bones includes clavicles, shoulder blades, and ribs as well as a complete skull, hand, foot, and two pelvises. The individuals had a small brain the size of an ape's, and it had long arms and a primitive thorax and heel like an ape. But the fossils also show some surprisingly modern traits usually found only in members of our own genus, like elongated pelvises, smaller teeth, short fingers, and an elongated thumb.

Submission + - Phishing attack forces ORNL offline (

je ne sais quoi writes: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, home to some of the fastest supercomputers on the planet, was forced to shut down all Internet access and email systems over the weekend due to what is known as an Advanced Persistent Threat attack. This same style of attack has been recently used on Google, a security company known as RSA and other government institutions and corporations. According to lab director Thom Mason, "In this case, it was initiated with phishing email, which led to the download of some software that took advantage of a 'zero day exploit,' in Internet Explorer." At this point, they don't think any major exfiltration of data occurred.

Comment Re:MW2 (Score 2, Interesting) 258

While I'm not disagreeing with you, there are absurdly good players at any game out there, there is also a wide range of people that actually do hack. In the case of the entire call of duty series there is a group that has turned it into a business of selling hacks. Here they are.

There are definitely people that call out good players as hackers, but it's usually pretty obvious to me who is a good player and who is a hacker. Quite a few them don't even have any problem admitting they are using hacks, commonly saying things like "If you don't like me using them then leave the server".

The ranking system built in to modern warfare 2 is also a bit of a give away right now. It takes a significant amount of playtime to get to "Level 70" in game. Once you reach level 70 you can go into prestige mode which starts you back at level 1. Most of the players that are Level 70, prestige 10 (essentially level 700) are hackers. Not at all of them mind you, there are some people out there that seem to have legitimately put in the ridiculous amount of hours to do that legit.

TL;DR Hacking is extremely prevalent in MW2

Comment Re:Terrorist will just use children (Score 1) 480

You were trying to paint the protesters as anti-Western without cause. I was trying to explain that wanting to do harm to allies of your enemy is totally natural in terms you could understand.

There are allies, and there are allies. The reason why Italy was invaded in WW2 alongside Germany was that it actually significantly contributed to Germany war effort, and itself invaded other countries (e.g. Yugoslavia). Meanwhile, Spain also did effectively align itself with the Axis, but didn't take direct part in hostilities - but it did supply Germany with materials used in war effort, such as tungsten, and allowed German special forces passage through its territory for spying and sabotage at Gibraltar. And Spain was not invaded.

That's on their radar because of the Mohammed drawings. Totally ridiculous, I agree, but then again, I'm an atheist. I guess you could in some way limit the freedom of speech, or just let the debate play out in public if you have the stomach for it.

The existence of such drawings is determined by the basic nature of a free liberal Western state. If fundamentalist Muslims are offended by such drawings, they are, in effect, offended by the most basic underpinnings of the western society. In other words, precisely as GGGGGP said, "the West is their ideological enemy".

Germany is the top arms dealer to Israel - another Western capitalized aggressor that has killed thousands of muslims. They could choose to stop profiting from selling weapons to Israel, but that's up to the Germans.

The question of Israel is complicated, but in any case, so far as I understand, Germany as a state isn't a dealer. Private arms manufacturers headquartered in Germany are the dealers, which is a world of difference. Same for other countries you've listed.

Spain also dealt a small amount of arms, but I don't know why those in the video (2006) would be angry after they pulled all of their troops out of Iraq in 2004.

I suspect that's because the reasons you give aren't the reasons why the people in the video are protesting. Which is, in fact, quite evident from their signs. Not a single one of them mentions support for Israel in any way. All have to do with "insulting Islam", "insulting Prophet", "blashpemy", "submitting" etc. To remind you a few:

"Europe is the cancer - Islam is the answer"

"Exterminate those who slander Islam"

"Massacre those who insult Islam"

"Behead those who insult Islam"

"Slay those who insult Islam"

"Butch those who mock Islam"

"Islam will dominate the world"

The ideological subtext of those signs is pretty clear when you line them all up. It's not about Israel. It is, to be honest, not even about the cartoons - those are just the convenient pretext. There are plenty other things in western societies that are just as insulting and blasphemous to a faithful follower of Islam and Shari'a.

The only sign that seems to have some tangential relation to Israel is this gem:

"Be prepared for the real holocaust."

which is still just a threat (of genocide, no less) with no reference to specific grievances. The only mentions of what exactly is wrong come from the speeches in the video, and they all also center around blasphemy.

In short: fundamentalist Muslims see Europe - and, more broadly, the West - as a single cultural entity (which is broadly correct), with culture that is fundamentally hostile to the basic principles of their religion, both historically (originating in Christianity and Antiquity) and philosophically (individual freedoms paramount). It all gets lumped together - Christian majorities in all European countries, general popularity of mini-skirts and other "provocative and indecent" clothing, legalization of gay marriage in Netherlands and general acceptance of gay identity, ban on religious symbols in France, separation of church and state, legalized abortions... the list goes on and on. While not every Western country has everything from that list, all have something, and that is enough to paint them all with the same brush, as far as the people in the video are concerned. Hence they just list all they know together, with no differentiation.

Thus, even if Europe were to completely disassociate with U.S. and Israel in terms of military alliances (and even general trade), it wouldn't have helped, as the real grievances would not be addressed anyway. The only two ways to avoid confrontation with Islam is to 1) convert to it, or 2) submit to its rule, if your religion is on the "permitted list", as established by a certain precedent involving Muhammad himself. If you payed attention, the speaker in the first part of the video urges to "remember the lesson of Theo van Gogh... remember the lesson of the Jews of Khaybar". The first reference doesn't need an explanation, but the second one specifically refers to the event from which the very Islamic concept of "dhimmi" - the subjugated non-Muslim - comes.

Also see this for an explanation of the (increasingly popular) take on the matter that "offensive jihad" is an obligation on the Muslim society as a whole, until the entire world is either Muslim or dhimmi.

Comment Re:Scalzi on Stross on ST (Score 1) 809

It's on the whim of the writer what happens, no boundaries by any logic, what happens next.

Can't remember what series it was that was the mercy kill of the last interest in Star Trek I had, but they were all in a boat, 18th century stuck in the holodeck or s-t, fighting a battle with cannons against pirates.

It's not Sci-fi, it's just soap opera with no boundaries.


Submission + - Dell launches world's newest-thinnest laptop (

shrugger writes: "Dell unveiled its newest computer today, the Adamo laptop, which it claims is the world's thinnest notebook.
The sleek, aluminum-encased notebook is 0.65" thick and comes with a 13.4-inch screen and a 128-gigabyte solid-state drive. Shipping begins today. It is Dell's attempt to compete in the high-end ultraportable market, especially against rival Apple's iconic MacBook Air, which is 0.76" thick."

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