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Submission + - Phishing attack forces ORNL offline (

je ne sais quoi writes: Oak Ridge National Laboratory, home to some of the fastest supercomputers on the planet, was forced to shut down all Internet access and email systems over the weekend due to what is known as an Advanced Persistent Threat attack. This same style of attack has been recently used on Google, a security company known as RSA and other government institutions and corporations. According to lab director Thom Mason, "In this case, it was initiated with phishing email, which led to the download of some software that took advantage of a 'zero day exploit,' in Internet Explorer." At this point, they don't think any major exfiltration of data occurred.

Submission + - Google and Verizon in talks to end net neutrality (

je ne sais quoi writes: I'm a little shocked to hear it (well maybe not that shocked), but the NYT is reporting that Verizon and Google are "nearing an agreement that could allow Verizon to speed some online content to Internet users more quickly if the content’s creators are willing to pay for the privilege. The charges could be paid by companies, like YouTube, owned by Google, for example, to Verizon, one of the nation’s leading Internet service providers, to ensure that its content received priority as it made its way to consumers. The agreement could eventually lead to higher charges for Internet users." The basis for the NYT's assertion of higher internet costs comes from the style of the plan, which isn't completely clear to me, but the idea is to make the internet more like cable television subscriptions with access to various sites based determined by if you subscribe to the basic or premium package. According to anonymous sources, an agreement could be reached as early as next week. The F.C.C. is in talks with the main internet providers, but due to the Appeals Court ruling in April, its authority to regulate the internet is in doubt. Is this the end of Net Neutrality?

Submission + - Apple surpasses Microsoft in Market Capitalization (

je ne sais quoi writes: Today Apple surpassed Microsoft in market capitalization, a metric of the perceived worth of a company. At around 2:30 pm EST, the total number of Apple shares were worth $227 billion, whereas Microsoft's were worth $226 billion. Both companies stock ended the day in the red, and have dropped in value since the greek crisis began, but Apple's share price has been falling less quickly. Of American companies, only Exxon-Mobil has a higher market cap at this point at $278 billion. According to the NYT:

This changing of the guard caps one of the most stunning turnarounds in business history, as Apple had been given up for dead only a decade earlier. But the rapidly rising value attached to Apple by investors also heralds a cultural shift: Consumer tastes have overtaken the needs of business as the leading force shaping technology.

Submission + - What happened to the guy who leaked "Wolverine". (

je ne sais quoi writes: The NYT has an article up describing the "adventures" of Gilberto Sanchez, the guy who leaked a work print of the movie Wolverine to

[Mr. Sanchez] said that he bought a bootleg copy of Wolverine on the street, and posted a copy on the sharing site, for the cachet. Eight months later, on Dec. 16, Mr. Sanchez was awakened by a knock at 6 a.m., and opened the door to F.B.I. agents, who placed him under arrest. He was charged with violation of copyright law, arraigned in federal court in Manhattan and allowed to return home, but he faces the possibility of prison time, possibly in California, where his indictment originated. His fate is unclear: In 2003, a New Jersey man was fined and put on probation after uploading an unfinished print of The Hulk before its release. But last year, a man who took a copy of The Love Guru, from a tape-duplication company was sentenced to six months in prison.


Submission + - OS usage share one month after Windows 7 (

je ne sais quoi writes: Windows 7 seems to be off to a flying start with sales 234% higher than Vista's. When we look at the North American usage share of operating systems according to statcounter, we see that Windows 7 is indeed making substantial inroads, rising from 2.1% the week of its release to 4.4%. (There was obviously a substantial number of people who installed a prerelease version.) Not surprisingly, this is taking a toll on Vista's usage share, which was about 35.07% at its peak in September and is now around 32.67% (declining at an average rate of 0.5% per week since win7's launch). Nor is XP immune, the average decrease in usage share for XP for the eight weeks starting at the end of July was 0.2% per week, and 0.3% per week for the month following Win7's launch.

All of this is to be expected. The big surprise however (or maybe not) is that OS X usage share has increased its rate of adoption. During the same 8 weeks as above of OS X usage share in North America increased by an average of 0.05% per week but since Windows 7's launch the weekly increase in usage share is 0.26%. It currently stands at 11.59%. Is this snow leopard making itself felt, just a coincidence, or are people taking to opportunity to move away from Windows all together?

Submission + - Billions cut from futuristic weapons programs (

je ne sais quoi writes: President Obama signed a military policy bill that cut ~$26 billion from weapons programs. The biggest item on the chopping block was the controversial F-22 Raptor which got a veto threat from the president:

Once the Senate voted in July to stop buying F-22s, that success reverberated down to help sustain billions of dollars of cuts in Army modernization, missile defense and other programs.

Military analysts said Defense Secretary Gates, originator of the cuts and a holdover from the Bush administration, aimed at the most bloated programs. And Senator John McCain of Arizona, the former Republican presidential candidate, who has criticized the Pentagon's cost overruns, provided Mr. Obama with political cover to make the cuts without being seen as soft on the military.

Mr. Obama has said that he does not intend to reduce military spending while the nation is engaged in two wars. But Mr. Gates also wants to cut more futuristic programs to free money for simpler systems like helicopters and unmanned spy planes that can help the troops now.

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