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Comment Re:crazy vs crooked (Score 1) 488

Aside from the fact that Clinton has not shown "wanton disregard for the law," there's the fact that the presidency comes with control of the military and nuclear arsenal.

Car metaphor: you have to get in a car. Do you get in the car with a driver who speeds by 15 MPH or a driver who is drunk?

Comment Re:mountains of diamonds (Score 1) 365

Also seems like you could make an ad campaign around environmentalism. I have no idea if it would be accurate to say synthesized diamonds are actually better for the environment, but given how easily you can fool people into thinking diamonds are rare and valuable, probably easy to dupe them into thinking they're carbon negative too.

Comment Re:Idiocracy + Brave New World + Camp of the Saint (Score 2) 426

We have not only homegrown dysgenics (Idiocracy style)

Citation needed. And no, a shitty movie is not a citation.

Countercitation: flynn effect

I would suggest that if the social order is on the verge of collapse, it's because our current social order was designed by morons who were quantifiably dumber and less informed than future generations are.

Comment Re:America 2018 (Score 1) 426

Gift-giving programs like this always turn into runaway spirals.

This seems like the type of statement that could have some studies, citations, or examples for it rather than pure conjecture. You mention Obamacare, but I'd argue healthcare is in general a terrible example of why socialism is bad, and citing it NOW, in the middle of sorting itself out, is particularly nonsensical.

It WOULD be premature for HRC to implement it at a national level for the same reasons though. Given the experiments which appear to be going on in Canada, we should wait. If Canada proves that no matter how you do it, you get inflation then yeah, we should look for other solutions to the automation issues.

Comment Re:Yes to nukes, say climate scientists (Score 2) 137

Those appear to be people who would label themselves scientists rather than environmentalists first and foremost, and individual environmentalists.

Environmental organizations still seem categorically opposed to nuclear power. The Sierra club is, if I'm not mistaken, the biggest and most influential environmentalist group (at least in the US), and their stance, as I linked to, is:

Nuclear is no solution to Climate Change and every dollar spent on nuclear is one less dollar spent on truly safe, affordable and renewable energy sources.

They're not only opposed to it, they discount it as a solution (despite it factually BEING a solution and the most affordable option), and present an idiotic false dichotomy about it being mutually exclusive with their preferred solutions.

I have environmentalist sympathies, but this must be how reasonable gun rights activists feel about some of the shit the NRA pulls.

Comment "Do more, but not anything really effective." (Score 5, Interesting) 137

...a report on Thursday found those pledges would see temperature rises significantly overshoot the threshold, with 3C of warming. Environmental groups urged governments to do more.

Oh, you mean like climate engineering to take positive steps to reduce the temperature and soak up excess carbon already up there and maybe prevent the damage already on track to happen? No?? That's so evil that we shouldn't even consider it?

How about nuclear energy? That doesn't fart out carbon, and then we can still use, you know, electricity rather than... "Unequivocally no" again? Oh, right, because Chernobyl happened that proves it can't work. I'm sure a similar nuclear disaster now is just as likely and would be much worse than a silly little 3 degree temperature rise.

So the solution is... wishes, everyone riding around on bikes, and moral superiority? Because it looks to me like we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. The rock of fossil fuel interests keeping us from actually doing anything before it's a crisis, and naive environmentalists groups who rule out actual solutions on the grounds that they might not be completely perfect.

Comment Re:Ban smoking (Score 2) 158

You're likely trolling, but there are probably some people whose cognitive dissonance is going to actually take that as a reason to continue smoking.

Mutations are random changes. Connect some random wires to your motherboard. Not all new circuits are going to be bad, some can be beneficial!

Evolution has been undergoing trial and error for billions of years. You're at peak fitness. Er... from a genetics perspective. Messing with stuff at random at this point is going to, in the vast majority of cases, do nothing. Of the remainder, the vast majority is going to be bad.

Finally, this is mutations at a cellular level, not system wide. If you changed some genes at random prior to birth, there would be an extremely small number that would help you out a little, though probably with side effects like +1 malaria resistance but -30 health in the form of sickle cell anemia. However, mutations in individual cells will at best kill that individual cell. At worst, it will evolve the cell. Evolution at the cellular level within a massively multicellular organism like yourself turns out to be cancer. Those individual cells are very strong compared to the others. Strong enough to rebel and kill you.

TLDR: No, there is no "minority" of beneficial mutations here. None. Zero.

Comment Re:How can the media go on? (Score 1) 156

Your sig points out "nobody is always right." I suspect that every single news organization of any decent caliber, that has been around for much time, has people who think they have legitimate grievances. All of them seem to be made up of people, and in my experience, all people make mistakes.

I'm not sure what the best way to resolve Hogan's fair complaint with making sure news organizations don't get shut down, but that WAS Thiel's stated goal here, if I'm not mistaken, was to shut down Gawker.

The Washington Post published Valerie Plame's identity as a CIA operative, ending her career. To me that's more serious an offense than leaking a sex tape. Should the Washington Post be closed for this mistake?

Comment Re:How can the media go on? (Score 1) 156

You missed their brilliant expose that Donald Trump's hair was probably an absurdly expensive, shitty looking weave.

Anyway, I get it, we should wait to cry foul when a real, respectable news organization gets taken down by a billionaire with a grudge. Just so we're clear, which news organizations are the good guys? I want to be ready, so I'll need a list of the good ones.

Comment Re:Poor Nick Denton (Score 2) 156

Sorry, I phrased that very poorly. No, the sex tape shouldn't have been released, the fact that Hogan and Thiel are assholes doesn't make invading their privacy okay. I was only responding to HBI's suggestion that Nick Denton is an asshole so that makes this a good thing.

"Don't want to get in trouble with your spouse? Don't commit adultery. Don't want to get fired from the WWE for racist comments? Don't use the N word" in particular were absurdly overstated.

I'm not okay with the fappening. I don't think sending nude pictures of yourself to someone is morally wrong, wheras what Hogan did is. I know though everyone on slashdot is not a lawyer but for some reason assumes everything is put in legal terms, so no, Hogan being a douche shouldn't justify invading his privacy either.

Comment Re:Poor Nick Denton (Score -1, Flamebait) 156

Yes, tell yourself this was all about one particular asshole and there's no collateral damage possible to freedom of the press or freedom of speech. The only websites and news organizations that will get sued into oblivion because the oligarchs have a grudge against them will be ones run by assholes and that never do any useful reporting.


Since sarcasm may be lost on you, Hulk hogan is also a boil on the ass of humanity. Don't want to get in trouble with your spouse? Don't commit adultery. Don't want to get fired from the WWE for racist comments? Don't use the N word.

Peter Thiel is straight up evil. By all means, sue gawker for invasion of your privacy, outing a billionaire is not very nice I suppose. Billionaire responding by funding lawsuits against the news organization until it shuts down is censorship by any useful meaning of the word though.

Don't cheer, this isn't in any way good for you or anyone besides Hogan and Thiel.

Comment Re:And I keep coming back to my same question (Score 1) 693

You have it backwards.

So if you are going to intertwine science and politics like that, in ways that will invariably lead to the needless suffering of many millions of people if you are wrong, what happens if you are wrong? You don't get to just walk away and say "sorry about the shit we did to you, science corrected itself. Don't you Fucking Love Science?" In the realm of politics when you ideologically wreck the lives of a lot of people, justice demands you pay for it. So, are you ready to say the science is settled, we trust it, let's act on it and if scientists firmly disprove it we're ready to face whatever consequences the political system demands of us?

How is it possible you're NOT applying this to the fossil fuels side? Dumping excess carbon into the air IS A FUCKING INSANE SCIENCE EXPERIMENT. Not even a hypothesis driven one.

It's looking like every one who was involved in making those decisions isn't going to walk away and say "sorry," they're just going to be dead of old age long before our children have to deal with the worst effects.

So, are you ready to say the science is settled, we trust it, let's act on it and if scientists firmly disprove it we're ready to face whatever consequences the political system demands of us?

Okay, we should cryopreserve the Koch brothers, the GOP, every climate change denier. If climate change never happens, we'll thaw them out in 2100 and let them continue living. If climate change does occur, we'll thaw them and put them in to hard labor in the sahara desert for the remainder of their lives. I'm 100% okay with that.

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