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Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 891

More to the point, Spain was a neutral in WWII, not an ally.

No, that's not more to the point - rather the opposite.
Not only were Marshall Plan aid given to countries that had been enemies (like Germany and Italy), but also to countries that had been neutral (like Switzerland and Sweden).

But the aid was very disproportionately handed out, with countries like Ireland, Portugal and Scandinavia receiving little, while countries with more industry getting the majority of the aid. To make matters worse, the countries that received the least generally also received most of the aid as loans, and not grants;
The UK received around $3.3 billion, of which around 90% were grants. Ireland received around $130-140 million, of which around 90% were loans, not grants.

More than anything, it was a device for tying European industry to American exports. The biggest profiteers were American (and later Canadian) companies who were paid for their exports through Marshall Plan funds, as part of the condition for receiving aid.

Comment Re:Buzzword du jour (Score 1) 71

Any generative model, and most of the modern systems are either generative or trivially easy to modify to be so, includes an internal model. Antagonistic training explicitly exploits this feature with two systems, one that tries to learn to spot real data from faked, and another that tries to learn to fool the first one.

Comment Re:Temporarily Brick 'em (Score 1) 41

It seems like changing the admin password to something random would work perfectly well. If the clueless user needed to change something they'd have to reset to factory defaults and in learning how to do that perhaps they'd learn about changing the password. Likely the vast majority would never even notice.

Comment Re:Touch Screen? (Score 1) 172

While I wouldn't go quite that far, I do keep a spray of screen cleaning fluid near my desk. At one point, a colleague famous for leaving fingerprints on screens around the office (some people can only read things they point at, apparently) touched my screen, and was mightily surprised when I immediately sprayed both the screen and his finger...

Comment Re:Problem solved (Score 2) 202

Most businesses in the US already offer paid sick leave.

A small and set number of days, which is generally treated as short-notice day for doing anything that requires one to be out of office, like waiting for a plumber, having an eye exam, taking the car to service, or otherwise.

Once flu season starts, and employees have already used up their allotted sick days (whether due to actually being sick or not), they have to come in when sick or either be docked pay or risk getting fired.
So late fall and early winter, American companies tend to have a great many sick and contagious people.
And in some cases, these individuals even get bonuses for coming in to work despite being ill.

Comment Re:Doesn't Netflix do this in its main interface? (Score 1) 43

>>> "the Watch List," the app will recommend shows based on the content viewers access through their Apple TV

> I seem to remember Netflix suggestions just showing up on my main content selection screen. Never having seen one, why does an Apple TV need a separate app to suggest TV shows to its viewers?

Tivo suggested things for you 17 years ago.

If iTunes was less lame, it would already be doing this (like Amazon).

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