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Submission + - Saving, a tale of Bandwidth & St (

jacquesm writes: "For the last week I've been busy to stave off the inevitable, making sure that geocities lives on in a format as close as possible to the original. Despite some setbacks I think the project succeeded and that most of not all of has been saved. It seems I now also have one of the worlds largest collections of animated gifs :)"

Submission + - mit makes video lectures searcheable (

jacquesm writes: "MIT presents a tool that allows students to efficiently review lectures. The tool combines speech recognition and time stamps to create the 'MIT Lecture Browser': . This is a fantastic companion to MIT's open courseware: , it will greatly ease searching for a passage explaining a certain detail."

Submission + - Indian AI unmasked using second order turing test (

jacquesm writes: "Indian IT experts have been testing a new generation of highly intelligent bots in IRC channels. One such bot was unmasked in an irc room after failing to pass a second order Turing Test. The bot had to be tricked into accepting the challenge and tried every trick in the book to avoid detection.

The full transcript of the interaction with the bot (called 'asterix') is here : , the really interesting breakthrough I think is the fact that the bot uses 'broken english' to masquerade its lack of genuine understanding, but we have become so accustomed to that because of the outsourcing of jobs that it is no longer politically correct to accept nothing less than passable english. This psychological loophole has been used to great profit by the team involved.

It's only a matter of time before you'll have to administer Turing Tests to your chat room friends to see if they are not too tired of communicating with you face to face and have replaced their online identities with bots to keep up appearances."


Submission + - Americans no longer dating abroad ?

jacquesm writes: "According to this press release it is now illegal for Americans to date foreign women online without first going through a detailed background check. The law was challenged and upheld by a federal judge. This means that before you even get the chance to talk to person from abroad you will have to divulge all kinds of very sensitive personal information. And all this ostensibly to protect the foreign women from abuse by potential American spouses. Never mind that according to this study the rate of such abuse is only 1/7th the rate of domestic abuse by Americans vs other Americans."

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