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Comment Linux OS tuned for Intel hardware on emulated hdwr (Score 2) 24

Are not Cloud VM's isolating and emulating hardware so to what end is running Intel's hardware tuned Linux on MS Azure of any benefit?

Directly on the iron might seem interesting but then I wonder what's the difference compared to say Gentoo.

Microsoft and Intel have lots of money so we get a press release I guess.


Comment If you mean those using PC's for browsing/email (Score 1) 501

The only ones leaving the PC market are those who didn't use it for anything but web browsing and email and even email is mostly now a browser task.

Given that, it does mean that households will no longer be an easy place for the kids to learn some of these other tools which require local CPU/RAM/storage to run but how widespread is that even. Lots of middle and high school kids have their own laptops from what I've seen.

The business sector will continue with desktops and laptops but in some cases might go with lower end models with many tasks operating from their own cloud apps. Not a complete elimination or even close IMO.

What I do see is more schools using Chromebooks and more interest and usage of Linux.

So yes, Bill Gates' idea of many Windows PCs in homes is fading quickly. And good riddance to that IMO
Also, wow to how many Mac laptops I'm seeing in the geek community. Just wow.

Comment Haven't we seen this before? (Score 3, Insightful) 106

It was a Microsoft program called WISE and licensed to Bristol, Insignia, MainSoft and Locus( https://goo.gl/nrk4ML ). It allowed these vendors to build libraries for UNIX which let Win32 sources be built on UNIX systems. Lots of UNIX app developers porting UNIX apps to Windows since they could sell their apps for both Windows and UNIX. Only one problem, Microsoft pulled the rug out from under them all( save one ) and left all those UNIX software vendors with no path for their UNIX customers but moving to Microsoft Windows. They more than quadrupled the WISE program cost and only one of the vendors could afford to pay it. The one vendor who could still pay the licensing fee was also the one vendor Microsoft hired to port Internet Explorer to Sun Solaris.

So unless every single bit of this ChakraCore stuff is open source and under a BSD or MIT license(ie loose) then stay away, far far away. IMO


Comment Re:No nerds in Slashdot crowd any more... :( (Score 1) 54

Sure seems that way doesn't it. FYI, I recently built an AlexaPi using an old rPi B+, a old logitech USB webcam for the mic and headphones. Getting started with it asking about weather, appointment/calendar events, etc. Will start building todo's and see about getting music working. The browser version is pretty cool as it lets me do the same when at the computer. And also used AlexaPi to reorder a few things. I hear the Dot and Echo have such good noise cancelling and voice pickup it can recognize commands from across the room.

Now if I can get Max Headroom into my rPi and working and sync'ed to Alexa's voice then the AlexaPi would make it to the living room.


Comment not sure it can be called a "business" (Score 1) 113

They tried and failed badly to create a smart phone business and therefore could not stop Android from growing into a powerful platform. With Android apps being able to run on the inexpensive laptop devices known as Chromebooks... Well let's just say the phrase, "Houston, we have a problem" is an understatement for Microsoft.

With less than 10% market share I was always wondering why they even got any press time with Windows Phone and now with under 1% one has to wonder how many millions do they want to be spending to keep the brand alive.


Comment Doom/2 for OS/2 (Score 1) 351

Back in the day, 1994ish, you had to run PC games in DOS to run well. But IBM had OS/2, the source code for DOS and Windows and they were doing amazing things on the PC. Great multimedia things like sync'ed video/sound and in multiple windows. Sounds crazy now but it was a big deal on the machines back in 1994. They were ramping up OS/2 Warp for consumers and hired someone to create Doom/2 for OS/2. There were two Comdex conferences, one in Spring and one in Fall. At the Spring Comdex IBM and Id showed Doom/2 and it was all the buzz. There were copies leaked off ftp sites and it was pretty cool playing Doom on the desktop with other apps. They showcased this at Spring Comdex and by Fall Comdex Microsoft had created something for the Windows beta codename Chicago because they couldn't allow OS/2 to get mind share. Chicago was to become Windows 95 was still vaporware. It was the beginning of Microsoft's venture into the gaming industry.

I found a link referencing it here: http://www.os2ezine.com/v2n7/doom.htm

The OS/2 multimedia system was pretty good back in the day and top notch on PC hardware. That is until I saw BeOS. Boy, it so sucked that Microsoft got away for so long doing illegal crap like locking vendors into installing only their OS or having to pay them even if Windows and/or DOS were not installed. BeOS shut down because they could not get any hardware vendors to install it on computers. Palm then bought BeOS and totally wasted any opportunities to use BeOS in ways which leveraged its capabilities.


Comment Re:But the Mach5 did this over 40 years ago! (Score 1) 65

That would be for progressive decay or other gradual failures and indeed tough to catch but what about vehicles stuck on tracks, wash outs or even that coyote behind the rock with an ACME magneto blasting detonator or worst. But then again they don't have automatic braking and still use humans because it's too expensive so no doubt any of what I described would be decades away from consideration.


Comment Re:does it really matter how she got drunk (Score 1) 259

so how does one go 20 or 30, or more, years with this and not know something is wrong? The testing the husband asked to have done stated that she would get wobbly at .30-.40 levels and when she was stopped and tested she blew a .40.

So it surprises me someone could go that long in life and not know or wonder or have checked what is going on. How did her husband and family not ask why she'd be "wobbly" after drinking so little or possibly not at all? I guess she/they can claim ignorance and that's enough to get you off the hook.

Now they( the DMV ) should know that she needs to have her drivers license pulled until she proves she's cured because not only does she get drunk after eating but she and those around her at too clueless to even know she's impaired.

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