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Comment Re:Subject (Score 2) 212

It is a dumb idea. Just because someone lives in a poor country doesn't mean they are poor. Just because someone lives in a rich country doesn't mean they are rich. It would be more reasonable to consider the income of each person individually, and instead of doing it for a superfluous item like software, it is much more important to do it for critical items like food. I hereby propose that everyone should be required to bring a notarized copy of their tax returns to the grocery store, so Safeway knows how much to charge for the milk.

Comment Re:Stick with iOS (Score 1) 162

The trouble is that, while that's a good question; it applies all to readily to using custom ROMs or using stock ones.

Should you trust some random dude on the internet who totally got AOSP+CM tweaks working on a newer kernel by aggregating blobs from 4 different devices? No, probably not. He may well be acting in good faith; but you have zero assurance of that; or much reason to trust that he hasn't made some potentially serious error in the process of making it work.

Should you trust your handset vendor/(and telco, if it's a phone that they've had a hand in)/Google? No, very probably not. The vendors do seem to care slightly more about bugs that might cause customer support calls or returns; and a lot less about security patches or providing vaguely recent versions of anything; but aside from those somewhat different technical priorities they aren't markedly more trustworthy than some random person on the XDA forums.

Comment Re:As someone with a masters in this -exact field- (Score 4, Informative) 198

Bjarne Stroustrup, Doug Lea, Knuth, etc... still make feel like a moron on a almost daily basis....

If someone makes you feel like a moron when they explain something, then maybe they are not as smart as you think they are. If you are a true master, you should be able to explain concepts in a way that even a child can understand. Richard Feynman was famous for this. So was Albert Einstein. Of course you can go too far, and simplify too much, so the children only think they understand. Donald Trump is a good example of that.

Comment Re:Why not an x86 board? (Score 1) 109

They don't appear to have abandoned the product line; but it's been ages since I've seen a VIA x86 in the wild. HP used to build thin clients around them, after Transmeta died horribly; and prior to Atoms they showed up reasonably frequently on embedded boards(slow; but markedly cheaper than a Pentium M and markedly smaller and cooler than P4); but they don't seem to have done well recently. They were always pretty slow, and ran pretty warm unless clocked quite low, plus their GPU offering is a descendant of the old S3 'Chrome' designs which is...not good...when it comes to software support.

Between Atoms and the AMD G-series SoCs, it was a bit of a slaughter.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 1) 312

It probably helps that the techniques for neutralizing locks and cameras, while typically not legal if used during a burglary, aren't all that interesting to a potential jury; while the techniques for neutralizing dogs are either rather unreliable or deeply unsympathetic. Some dogs will roll right over for a charm offensive and a treat; but you can't rely on that; and if you kill a dog you've probably made yourself less popular than at least half of the actual murders on the docket, which isn't a good plan for a relatively petty property crime.

Comment Re:Gay people (Score 1) 321

I have literally never been propositioned by a gay man in all the time I've lived in and visited the Bay Area

Perhaps you have and you didn't realize it. If you are in SF, and a man asks you "Have you got the time?", you likely replied by looking at your watch or phone and telling him the time. But the reply he is really hoping for is "Yes, I do have time!"

Comment Re:Deliberately missing the forest for the trees (Score 4, Insightful) 321

Is the economy worse in SF than it is in NYC or Chicago?

No. The problem is exactly the opposite. The economy is booming, driving up demand for housing, and thus prices. A couple living in SF may spend half their income to rent a studio apt. There is no way to afford a place big enough to raise a kid, especially if they want to drop down to one income. So they hop on BART and head out to the suburbs.

The real problem is the stagnation of the housing supply. 95% of all building permits in SF were denied last year, and very few builders even bothered to apply. People that own property in the city see new construction as a threat to their sky high property values, and even renters tend to be knee-jerk anti-growth BANANAs. The people that want to live in SF but can't afford to, don't get a vote.

Comment Re:Deliberately missing the forest for the trees (Score 5, Informative) 321

stop immigration which is stealing our jobs.

This is the Lump of Labor Fallacy. Immigrants increase the supply of labor, but they also increase the demand for goods and services, and generally do so disproportionately thus reducing unemployment. This is not just economic theory. When Poland joined the EU, nearly every country threw up barriers to Polish laborers. The exceptions were Britain and Sweden. Can you guess which two countries had the greatest reduction in unemployment over the next few years?

If you walk down a street in San Francisco, you will see more brown faces than white, and hear chatter in several languages. It has one of the highest immigrant populations of any major city in America, and one of the lowest unemployment rates.

The notion that immigration causes unemployment is one of those things that is "simple, obvious, and wrong". It is a real shame that the Democrats didn't stand up to Trump on this issue (and many others) and speak the truth. Instead, they just tried to go "stupid-lite" and lost, because you can't out-stupid the Donald.

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