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Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 651

I guess my bottom line position is that I want every tool possible, including any and all online behavior, available to the investigators who are vetting people from countries rife with radical islam.

I understand that. I tend to value the Bill Of Rights and the things that it explicitly provides, and I note that it is not restricted to American citizens. It is much more difficult to try to get your rights back than it is to keep them in the first place. The fourth has been in decline for at least the past 16 years and at some point we need to stop the decline and strengthen it again. Saying that it's OK to put aside our rights when it involves security, or radical whatever, is leading down a path that is difficult to stop.

Comment Re:Just one market force - Fracking (Score 1) 200

What I've noticed with Trump is that people hear what they want to hear, and they react appropriately.

I think he makes that pretty easy. Take a few examples from his latest press conference:

We've begun preparing to repeal and replace Obamacare. Obamacare is a disaster, folks. It's a disaster. I know you can say, oh, Obamacare. I mean, they fill up our alleys with people that you wonder how they get there, but they are not the Republican people that our representatives are representing.


It's all fake news. It's all fake news. The nice thing is, I see it starting to turn, where people are now looking at the illegal -- I think it's very important -- the illegal, giving out classified information. It was -- and let me just tell you, it was given out like so much.

I bet 5 different people could read those and come up with 5 different things that he means.

Comment Re:Just one market force - Fracking (Score 2) 200

Yeah, I did read what you wrote, you wrote this:

No-one said they would be coal jobs

That's an alt-fact, SuperKendall, Trump did promise to bring back coal jobs. But, just like Trump himself, if the facts on the ground start to look different the easiest way out is to just claim that you never said that, right?

And to boot, you seem to have an absolutely terrible grasp of geography....

I would question how that statement has anything at all to do with whether or not Trump promised to bring back coal jobs, but I'm sure you'd like to move the goal posts and distract from the fact that your statement is factually incorrect.

So it goes these days, impossible to have rational debate when the left area only about talking points regardless of facts.

I like that alt-statement, because I responded with a bunch of quotes from Trump and Trump supporters. Apparently those are left talking points in your alt-world.

Comment Re:Just one market force - Fracking (Score 5, Informative) 200

No-one said they would be coal jobs

The only argument you could possibly have for that statement to be true is to argue that Trump's speaking style is so vague as to be meaningless. He did say this:

"We're gonna open the mines"

And this:

"Let me tell you: the miners in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, which was so great to me last week and Ohio and all over, they’re going to start to work again, believe me. You’re going to be proud again to be miners."

He told the miners to get ready to "work their ass off". He made several statements like those after Clinton said that, if she were elected, a lot of coal miners would be out of jobs. Naturally, Trump sensed a weakness and attacked. And people responded to him with statements like this:

One of [West Virginia's] delegates, donning a coal miner's hat, used the state's time to complain about how President Obama has wrecked the state's economy: "It has been devastating what has happened all across Appalachia and this country," the delegate said. "Tens of thousands of coal miners have lost their jobs over the last seven-and-a-half years under this administration - it's time we change course with a man named Donald J. Trump."

And this:

"I did vote for Donald Trump," Moeller says. "It's really hard to even say that because I so dislike his rhetoric. But I voted for him on one singular issue, and that was coal."

And this:

"I voted for Trump - I mean, a coal miner would be stupid not to," Hathaway says.

And this:

"He is a whacko; he's never going to stop being a whacko," Hathaway says. "But I mean, the things he did say - the good stuff - was good for the coal mining community. But we'll see what happens."

And this:

“I have said to Mr. Trump on a couple of occasions, 'Please temper your commitment to my coal miners and your expectations of bringing the coal industry back.' It cannot be brought back to what it was,” said Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy Corp., the nation's largest coal producer. “The destruction is permanent,” said Mr. Murray, a Trump supporter.

So, SuperKendall, why do you think all of those people would say things like that if Trump never promised to bring back the coal industry? Do a search for "Donald Trump coal jobs" and go and look at all of the articles going back to last May. Notice him standing on stage with a sign saying "Trump Digs Coal". He's got the CEO of the largest coal producer telling him to temper his promises to bring the coal industry back.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 651

People spend much of their time these days on social media.

Some people do.

FB alone has 1,860,000,000 users. That is a pretty big chunk of the modernized world population.

That's about a quarter of the world.

They don't have to be active on social media

So why make it a requirement then? Isn't this just security theater, where it's only the illusion of security. If the San Bernardino shooter knew that her account was going to be inspected, wouldn't she have prepared for that?

Comment Re:Why yes, let's ban them (Score 1) 899

You are trying to justify
That's exactly what you've been doing
That's what you're implying

See? You don't need me at all, you can think up the argument that you want to refute, and then refute it. Just make a statement about what I'm trying to justify, or what I'm implying, and then regardless of whether or not you're right just go ahead and refute it. Have fun.

Comment Re:WTF? (Score 1) 651

Refusal to provide at least some social media would probably be viewed as failure to comply and result in a rejection of the applicant.

Which is stupid, because now you're adding a new arbitrary requirement to come to the US. Now if people want to come to the US they need to be active on social media. That's a stupid requirement.

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