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Comment Re:I though every one was going paperless (Score 1) 203

Thanks for the reply, this is actually good to know in case I have to deal with that in the future.

For my side business, I usually ship using 6"x9" manila envelopes, so a 4x6 sticker fits on that just fine. But my next project is to see if I can just use a laser printer with the paper path going straight through to print directly on the envelope, bypassing the sticker altogether.

Comment Re:Top 40 this week vs decades (Score 1) 276

I agree with the sentiment, to a point, but honestly, I really hate classic rock stations. Yes, that 30-year period is chock-full of great music, but these stupid stations manage to ruin it by playing the same small handful of songs over and over and over. It ignores so much more great music from that time, while making us sick to death of those excellent songs by overplaying them so much.

Comment Re:I though every one was going paperless (Score 1) 203

What in the fuck are you yapping about? Has the Apple cult driven you completely insane?

I never said anything about paperless anything; we're talking about printing here.

And WTF are you talking about with aluminum? Aluminum isn't environmentally-unfriendly, especially not in the minute quantities it might be used in thermal paper. It's certainly a lot better than using a bunch of plastic packing tape to tape labels to packages.

Comment Re:Questions to Hillary's fans (Score 1, Insightful) 95

"pregnancy is an inconvenience"

Last I looked, pregnancy was a natural aspect of humanity. I suppose it's an inconvenience if you think people exist solely to earn you money, and those who can't (however temporarily) should be punished for it.

Why wouldn't you believe that? If she did get stuck in Kenya late into her pregnancy and was forced to give birth there, the announcements could've been considered a perfectly innocent "white lie" (no racist pun intended) to ease repatriating the newborn child back into the US.

Birth certificate is from Hawaii, so that little bullshit line is out too. But anything to paste him as an EVIL KENYAN MUSLIN USURPER right?

There we go again. It is just unbelievable, that the kind of argument, which Hans Christian Andersen utterly destroyed back in 19th century, is still in use by Democrats today. Only a total moron or virulent racist would think, the Emperor is naked.

An argument repeatedly discredited put forth on conspiratorial grounds with zero evidence and lots of pre-existing vitriol doesn't deserve consideration.

A presidential contender — vying for arguably the highest post on the planet — is always under a microscope with hundreds of people, both well-paid and volunteers, looking for every possible flaw. For example, Washington Post alone has 20 reporters dedicated to digging up dirt on Trump this year. Are they White-hating racists, or is it a legitimate scrutiny of a major party's nominee?

The GOP actions against Obama are pretty much only for a handful of reasons: he's black, and he's a Democrat. I'm sure they went over his past with a fine-tooth comb when he first ran for President, and I imagine that they came up empty handed, so ultimately they had to resort to contrived scandals to attack him and Hillary with.

Both produced birth certificates upon request, rendering their circumstances rather different from Obama's, who kept stalling for 3 years...

He ignored the cries for 3 years because the claims were bullshit that had NEVER been leveled against a previous candidate. He released it to shut them up and, predictably, the conspiracy theorists just moved the goalposts.

You should just accept that Trump is an incompetent, disgusting excuse for a human being who gets a pass because he has money and has been on TV for a long time. And since they only see the TV personality, they generally don't know the con-man who has screwed people over for decades.

Comment Re:Whole thing, not "at all" (Score 1) 95

I said they may well have left it on but were not really watching... I explained that that had to be the case because of the poll results.

So you're literally jumping to conclusions you can't support, but insist they must be the case because that supports your desired world view of Trump winning despite spending 90 minutes looking like an incompetent jackass.

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