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Comment Re:If it ain't broke... (Score 5, Insightful) 336

You seem to be equating this laundry list of things running at the same time with "need". Frankly, I'm not convinced that present-day "need" gets any more accomplished than was performed by what we had ten years ago in most businesses with the "needs" from then.

I don't measure productivity in the number of bits pushed or number of programs used. I measure it in how useful those bits were and how much was usefully accomplished by those programs. You're simply justifying bloat.

Comment Inferiority complex (Score 5, Insightful) 214

Microsoft seems to have this strange idea that their name carries as much weight as Apple's in the public eye. People go to the Apple Store because Apple knows their products inside-out and in the eyes of their customers, the products sell themselves.

Microsoft, on the other hand, has users that use their products because they think they have to, and has no way to match Apple's ability to offer the entire current Apple world under one small roof.

If Microsoft wants to be the company that people are excited to see what their new product will be, they've got a long way to go towards repairing their image. They'll have to become an innovative company that brings new things to the table. And no, I don't mean support for new things that someone announced something just like it months or years ago.

Submission + - If you're OK with revelations of NSA snooping, you're part of the problem ( 1

IUNewsTalk writes: If you're not surprised that the NSA was found to have been data mining millions of Verizon phone records, congratulations--you're a sentient being. None of us should be surprised. Every last one of us, however, should still be outraged.

If you find yourself shifting blame to congress, you're part of the problem.

If you find yourself posting about how the 'baggers should have been outraged when they found out about Bush's NSA spying, you've lowered yourself to the point where you're competing with near-primates.

If you're busy posting about Glen Greenwald's ego, or contending that he's lying, you're avoiding the inevitable, and you're a part of the problem.

If you're doing everything you can to berate those who are angry at this news, you're craven.

Submission + - Why Chinese hacking is only part of U.S. security problem (

An anonymous reader writes: 'Cyber espionage, crime, and warfare are possible only because of poor application or system design, implementation, and/or configuration,' argues U.S. Air Force cyber security researcher. 'It is technological vulnerabilities that create the ability for actors to exploit the information system and gain illicit access to sensitive national security secrets, as the previous examples highlight. Yet software and hardware developers are not regulated in the same way as, say, the auto or pharmaceutical industries.'

'The truth is that we should no longer accept a patch/configuration management culture that promotes a laissez-faire approach to cyber security.'

Submission + - IT Departments May Not Exist in 5 Years (

Lucas123 writes: As consumerization of IT and self-service trends becomes part and parcel of everyone's work in the enterprise, the corporate data center may be left behind and IT departments may be given over to business units as consultants and integrators. "The business itself will be the IT department. [Technologists] will simply be the enabler," said Brandon Porco, chief technologist & solutions architect at Northrop Grumman. Porco was part of a four-person panel of technologists who participated at a town hall-style meeting at the CITE Conference and Expo in San Francisco this week. The panel was united on the topic of the future of IT shops. Others said they are not sure how to address a growing generation gap between young and veteran workers, each of whom are comfortable with different technologies. Nathan McBride, vice president of IT & chief cloud architect at AMAG Pharmaceuticals, said he's often forced to deal with older IT workers coming on board who expect his company to support traditional email like Outlook when it uses Google Apps."

According to Linus, Linux Is "Bloated" 639

mjasay writes "Linus Torvalds, founder of the Linux kernel, made a somewhat surprising comment at LinuxCon in Portland, Ore., on Monday: 'Linux is bloated.' While the open-source community has long pointed the finger at Microsoft's Windows as bloated, it appears that with success has come added heft, heft that makes Linux 'huge and scary now,' according to Torvalds." TuxRadar provides a small capsule of his remarks as well, as does The Register.

Comment Re:What? (Score 1) 438

The early precursers to trousers were separate items - one per leg. So you would have a 'pair of hose' ... which gradually evolved into a pair of breeches, and a pair of trousers (or pants).
Technically, that means each 'leg' of your underpants counts as separate, it's only convenience that has them being joined up.
A brassiere on the other hand is a much more recent item of clothing - but it evolved from a single piece 'chest wrap' that held both breasts in place - there was never a separate item, one for each breast - and so it never became a 'pair' of anything.

Comment sensationalism, again (Score 1) 431

"For most people, taking a shower is not dangerous, but if you are immune compromised, such as the elderly or pregnant, it could be,"

He then says to not use plastic shower heads. But they are all plastic if you have the detachable hose kind useful for washing your hair or your children. Now while the effects sound scary in the wikipedia entry, is this killing healthy children? Parents are so paranoid, and they don't need a bunch of misinformation or half-truths to cause them to panic and either replace all their showerheads or quit letting their older kids take showers.

The article is light on information and facts, and high on scary words.

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