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Comment Re:Typical Republican tatic: LIE (Score 2, Interesting) 822

Hillary is not a Republican. She's Democrat. I don't know what you're thinking.

"I was under sniper fire in Bosnia."
"None of the emails on my server were classified."
"Americans were killed and dragged through the streets of Benghazi because of a youtube video."

Just a few off the top of my head, without googling. There are many, many more. But, of course, you already know this. Lying comes naturally to Hillary. Lucky for her, she's got delusional shills like you that are willing to play damage control.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 522

No, I'm telling him to substantiate the claims he makes. If he doesn't, his claims are invalid and he may as well not even make them. There's a difference between disagreement with speech and saying GTFO, and legislated policy against speech which results in imprisonment.

Comment Re:The U.S. ain't perfect, but... (Score 1) 522

DMCA: Copyright law (as crappy as the DMCA is) has little to do with freedom of speech. Are you somehow equating P2P file sharing of copyrighted material as speech? Something else?

Patriot act: Yeah, another crappy situation. But, you're gonna have to explain what this has to do with free speech.

Hate Speech: Is there an actual law that restricts hate speech? If so, you win. But, as far as I know, only SJWs enforce hate speech restriction.

incitement, defamation laws, Obscenity laws, fighting words excemption, regulated airwaves, Texas, a few examples, the list is a lot lot longer

You're right -- many of these are ridiculous. But, the onus is on you to show how the US is more restrictive than "just about any other western country on earth". I don't see it.

Comment Re:Paranoia amongst the minority. (Score 1) 180

Jumping to conspiracy concepts is a bit much. ... you are probably a ms hater that wouldn't even pay them for office

Yep. Given Microsoft's history, any and all conspiracy theories are well founded. They're assholes.

they don't give a rodents donkey what you do with it.

*cough* I've not nothing. I'm done.

Comment Re:Londonistan (Score 1) 165

but you're saying the Brexit was more than economical issues then?

Anyone who thinks the motivation was solely economic is dreadfully un-newsed. Absolutely -- the popularity of the Brexit stems largely from the same issues that have propelled Trump to the forefront: Hillary represents globalism and the same kind of inorganic, forced culture change (or abandonment) that Obama advocated before the UN yesterday. Trump, however, is riding the wave of preservation of national sovereignty.

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