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Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

Global warming is practically caused 100% by burning fossile fuels.

And this is the level of critical thinking we skeptics have come to expect from global warming disciples such as yourself. Making a statement like this clearly illustrates your ignorance of the fact that the earth warmed and cooled long before fossil fuels were even discovered. No... but THIS global warming is caused ENTIRELY by humans. The sun has nothing to do with it. Ocean acidity has nothing to do with it. The other cyclical machinations of the planet... no effect. It's all humans burning oil.

Just so you know, not even the most ardent, militant, angry anthropogenic global warming evangelist claims that 100% of global warming is caused by humans. If you need proof, in your own words, "FOR FUCK SAKE GOOGLE IT YOURSELF."

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

Wow. All I've done is ask questions to a guy who made the bold statement that the burning of fossil fuels has lead the the largest displacement of humans. I asked him to back his statement up with some metrics. Not only have there been ZERO rough metrics provided, I've been called an idiot and a shill for simply asking. Certainly, if such a claim is true, there ought to be some stats available to back it up, right? I have not claimed or rejected ANYTHING myself. What I have done is piss some apparently zealous people off by asking simple questions.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

we have already migration streams due to global warming

Who? From where? You're saying people have moved due to global warming, yet you can't say from where or how many. And, as you've said, there's no way to even tell.

...Which is obviously caused by burning fossile fuels.

Oh, yes -- obviously. Yet, you can't even state a +/- percentage of the portion of global warming that is actually caused by the burning of fossil fuels. So, how is it obvious?

Comment Re:Desert (Score 1) 457

Today, children, we're going to be talking about arithmetic. I know... big word, right? A + B = C. If you know C (total climate change = 100%) and you know B (total climate change not caused by the burning of fossil fuels), then you know A, right? A = C - B.

So, do you still think I'm being *sniff* unfair?

Comment Re:Desert (Score 3, Interesting) 457

I beg to differ. Idiots like you have no place in this discussion.

Until you can learn to communicate in a post-elementary-school-playground manner, neither do you.

A) it does not matter if climate change is based 95% or 99.9% based on burning fossile fuels.

It certainly does if you're trying to ascertain whether fossil fuel burning has caused enough climate change to displace people, as the OP asserted.

Your hypothetical interview scenario is moot and useless. Calculation of population displacement due to climate change would never be based on interviews -- it would be linked directly to (habitable land mass before change) - (habitable land mass after change).

Protip: Use more logic and reason, and less emotion when composing your arguments.

Comment Re:Desert (Score 3, Insightful) 457

Climate change due to fossil fuel burning has displaced far more people and rendered far more land uninhabitable then a few reservoirs...

What percentage of climate change is due, solely, to fossil fuel burning? We all agree that the number is less than %100, but what is it?

How much area, in square kilometers or whatever area unit you wish to use, has been affected by climate change so that people have been displaced?

Until you can answer those two questions, you have no place in this discussion -- your assertion is little more than mere conjecture.

Submission + - LibreOffice 5.3 Officially Released

prisoninmate writes: The Document Foundation, a non-profit organization established to promote and advance the development of the open-source LibreOffice office suite, announced the general availability of LibreOffice 5.3. Probably the most important feature of LibreOffice 5.3 is its new user-friendly and flexible user interface concept called MUFFIN (My User Friendly & Flexible INterface), which many reported last year as a Microsoft Office-like Ribbon UI. In fact, the tasty new UI concept is a "personal" user interface capable of adapting to your needs and the device's screen you're currently using for editing LibreOffice documents.

While still experimental, MUFFIN is the big LibreOffice interface change that users requested for so long, providing a total of four different UI styles that will change depending on whether you're deploying the office suite on a laptop or desktop computer. These include the default look with toolbars, the Single Toolbar UI, the Sidebar UI with a Single Toolbar, and a new Notebook Bar UI. The LibreOffice Writer received a new "Go to Page" dialog so you can easily jump to another page of a lengthy document. Table Styles have been implemented as well with support for importing and exporting ODF table styles. New Arrows toolbox provides a bunch of drawing tools that were previously available only for LibreOffice Draw and Impress, borderless padding is now displayed by default, and you can now set the small capitals character property.

Comment Re: And here we go again... (Score 1) 659

But keep frothing about Benghazi, there's no surer dog whistle for a right-wing nutjob.

Keep downplaying Benghazi -- there's no clearer attribute for a Hillary apologist. Your blind devotion is typical. Indeed, this same devotion is seen on the right as well. But, when the facts simply do not support your almost religious devotion and everyone can see it, and then you engage in name calling in a feeble attempt to recover, you lose all credibility. Hillary and Obama fucked up on Benghazi. They dropped the ball before the siege. They were negligent/inept during the siege. They then lied to the family members of those who were killed. Then, they lied to the American public. Then, they lied about lying to both the family members and the public.

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