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Comment Re: Race to the bottom (Score 1) 511

Women respond better when you take their concerns seriously...

Some concerns are more concerning than others. If you've got a legitimate gripe about the way things are going in life, put your head on my shoulder and have a good cry; talk it out. Life gets crazy sometimes -- we all get that. But, if you're manufacturing short-circuited righteous indignation, as the OP was likely referring to, I think you need to be called out on your shit. No one should take anything like that seriously, other than as a serious indication that the concerned individual needs to rethink their purpose in life. Or, get help.

Comment Re:You don't want to hear my call (Score 1) 164

Interesting. I wasn't aware of this, but it totally makes sense. Too bad yawns aren't psychologically contagious to babies, as they are typically with adults. If you could trigger a baby's yawn, that would probably help.

[If you read this and yawned as a result, fist-bump to you]

Comment Re:You don't want to hear my call (Score 1) 164

...And, on the subject of babies, I should add this: I hate the sound of crying babies as much as any guy without crying babies of my own -- it's like sand paper on my nerves. But, anyone who refuses to show kindness, patience and humane respect to those who have crying babies on a plane is an asshole.

Comment Re:You don't want to hear my call (Score 5, Insightful) 164

So, you'd like the government to legislate good manners?

No, I don't want the government to do anything of the sort. I want the airlines to require good manners, just as movie theaters (those to enforce it, anyway) require you to stay off your phone during the movie. Babies are a different matter -- travel with babe-in-tow is arguably a life requirement from time to time. Bringing your precious little bundle to the movies, however, is not.

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