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Comment Wow, sounds awesome (Score 0) 69

Meanwhile, I'm still rocking a GeForce 7950GTX. Yeah, the newest game I've played is Portal. 1. I'm sure I'll get back to gaming some day -- the Bio Shock games look amazing to me (and I'm sure there are even newer, better games than those). But, right now in life, it just hasn't seemed as important or interesting as it used to.

Comment Hotter sun (Score 0, Flamebait) 620

A hotter sun means we get more bang for our CO2 buck.

Wait! What the fuck did he just say? Rewind that.

A hotter sun means we get more bang for our CO2 buck.

You mean to say the sun is hotter and, as a result, is having an effect? You know, contrary to the bullshit all the AGW evangelistas have been spewing these many years? Ok, gotcha.

Comment Re:It's become derogatory? (Score 1) 416

The check mark is not intended as an endorsement

But, the removal of the check is effectively and apparently a removal of endorsement. That much is clear. So, you'll forgive those of us who, while we see the distinction that mere semantics would allow for, will naturally come to the conclusion that the check mark is a de facto endorsement.

Comment Re:A mystery (Score 1) 115

Interesting that you mentioned the Juke, because I think it's the only car Nissan makes that isn't ugly. I really like it, minus the CVT. But, starting at the bottom, the Versa is one of the ugliest cars on the road. The Altima and Maxima are both bland -- just like the Accord. Their sports cars are nice, but I guess I just don't pay much attention to that niche. But, the Pathfinder --- this one actually irritates me a bit. It used to be THE BEST looking SUV on the market, and now it looks like a minivan. And, the Xterra... yup, it's still an Xterra, waiting for a redesign so it doesn't look exactly the same as it did almost twenty years ago.

Overall, I think Nissan has really dropped the ball in the last 5 - 10 years with their styling.

Comment Re:A mystery (Score 0) 115

They are far less reliable than "Japanese" cars, and probably "American" cars

I'm sure there are lots of differing sources of opinions online, but this site lists VW just after all of the Japanese brands: So, there's a reason to choose VW over American -- build quality.

Why choose VW over the Japanese offerings? Because the Japanese are always about two years behind everyone else when it comes to incorporating new technology in their vehicles. And, they're boring. Just look at the Camry and Accord -- how boring and bland can you get?

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