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Comment Wrong Focus (Score 4, Interesting) 134

It is true that the Apollo program generate great innovations and jump started the US Tech sector. Which is why going to Mars is the wrong focus and a waste of time. And the reason is the very same reason people think it's a good idea to go.

Going to mars from a tech perspective, is an incremental affair. Sure, there will be new tech created, but it will be incrementally new. Better this, better that,more powerful, etc. But still the same thing

Today's equivalent of the Apollo program isn't incremental improvements and shooting people across the solar system in tin cans. The equivalent would be to build an actual Space Ship.

Features of a space ship vs a tin can

1. Nuclear Power Supply...hundreds of megawatts.
2. Non-chemical propulsion.
2. Magnetic shielding to protect against solar radiation.
3. Rotating living quarters for "artificial gravity".
4. Complete atmospheric and waste recycling.
5. Detachable vehicles for EVAs and descent vehicles.

Now THAT is a challenge that rises to the level of difficulty as Apollo and would spawn a like number of innovations for the rest of the world.

Hell, if you can make number 4 alone work reliably enough to go to mars, then imagine the benefits here on Earth.

Comment Re:Ignored Messages (Score 2) 209

My kid went to Mexico with her boyfriend and his family for the week.

On Friday, I received three text messages. One stating that the Data limit had been used up and that they were adding more. They second said the data charge was over $1000. The third said that the charge was about $3000 and they turned off the data. All in the span of 3 minutes.

They wanted me to pay them and I told they to go fuck themselves. It will be off my credit report next year.

AT&T, fucking you over like no others.

Submission + - Your Computer can sound like a Real Human (bloomberg.com)

sycodon writes: Google’s DeepMind unit, which is working to develop super-intelligent computers, has created a system for machine-generated speech that it says outperforms existing technology by 50 percent.

"...an artificial intelligence called WaveNet that can mimic human speech by learning how to form the individual sound waves a human voice creates..."

Which brings up a question. When computers are able to create human sounding voices, and maybe even reproduce actual human voice prints, should they, by law, be forced to include a specific "flaw" so that the listener will know it is a computer generated voice?

Comment John McCain (Score 2, Informative) 629

hmmm... sounds Familiar

Where have I read about this kind of thing before

In fact, even the big dogs in the press admit they've gone down this road before. Of course, they claim "it's different".

In the past, the media just went Full Stupid about McCain and his health issues.

I guess the difference is McCain released all his records and we knew what he faced health-wise. Will Hillary show the same courage?

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