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Comment Cognitive Dissonance (Score -1) 412

Is it me, or does it seem like those who argument so adamantly against the concept of a supreme being are perfectly happy to entertain the idea that we are part of a stimulation?

Are not simulations created by some intelligent being? Someone who can change the simulation on a whim?

How is that not a "supreme being" with respect to our existence if we are in a simulation?

There is some real cognitive dissonance going on here.

Comment John Deere Isn't The Only Manufacturer of Tractors (Score 1) 497

Best thing you could do is sell it, then buy a different brand.

Most tools used in farming can be attached to any tractor. if you have something that requires a J.D. tractor, well, you bought into their ecosystem, your problem.

For that matter, they haven't been doing this kind of shit for all that long. Buy an older one and refurbish it.

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