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Comment Insufficient Data (Score 0) 339

Any true "moral dilemma" would have to include information about all the parties involved.

Neither the Government nor the Tech has the right to make a moral decision for someone nor do they have enough information to do so.

Should a Nobel Winning Physicist be sacrificed in order to save a car load of Gang Bangers on their way to a Drive By Shooting?

What if that Hypothetical Crowd was a bunch on NeoNazis?

Morality is a Human thing and can't be programmed.

Comment How Many? (Score 4, Interesting) 159

How many news stories by the supposedly professional news gatherers are festooned with copies of tweets by some random joe? Many stories are 80-90% Twitter comments.


Social Media hasn't taken over the News Media, the News Medaia is freely giving itself over to Social Media.

Comment Pointless and Useless Speculation (Score 3, Insightful) 559

Even if there were advanced civilizations on only 1% of all the planets, that would still be millions or more.

To believe there are no other advanced civilizations out there, that they are somehow obligated to come pay us a visit, or that they blew themselves up, is pretty fucking arrogant of us.

When you move into a new neighborhood and the neighbors don't come to visit you, that doesn't mean they don't exist

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