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Comment Re:Never Fails (Score 1) 130

Uber complies with state and federal laws. Local laws usually are silent on Uber until the Cab industry lobbies for changes.

See Austin TX. Urber was here, working quite well, people loved it. Taxi companies got one of their stooges on the city council to start passing regulations, Uber left.

THAT'S your fucking Precious Government.

Comment Never Fails (Score 0) 130

Someone comes up with an idea that's pretty good, is designed for people to work part time to pick up some cash, minimal regulations, etc. and it's a pretty good thing for everyone all around.

Then some loser decided to do it wrong, wants free shit and the government steps in an gives it to him.

Now an innovative company, built for part time workers, is turned into just another cab company with full time employees.

Comment Not Ready for Prime Time (Score 4, Insightful) 123

They can build something that can fly itself and take you from point A to point B.

What they can't do and what will take years and years is the infrastructure. Remember the Jetsons? Ya...they were following "roads".

The rules and regulations to manage millions of aircraft flying pilotlessly from point A to point B hasn't even been dreamed of yet, never mind rationally though out.

Comment All Bullshit (Score 1) 191

An essential element of any poker game is reading your opponent and making them misread you or not read you at all.

Using a computer to play reduces the game to its ultimate component of chance.

How do you bluff a computer that's not reading your face?

This is pretty much the same as setting up a robotic arm to throw three point basketball shots without having to worry about a human trying to take away the ball of block the shot.

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