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Comment Re:Mandate reporting when antibiotics are prescrib (Score 1) 75

I acquired a MRSA soft tissue infection several years ago while in my local hospital. It wasn't pleasant. Now that I'm on the "MRSA list", though, I always get a single room when I'm hospitalized, and that's pretty sweet.

That's really interesting. I have a friend who recently told me that he contracted such an infection when he was injured once, and now he's at a high risk of getting infected again anytime his skin is breached. He just scraped his knee falling off a skateboard and ended up having to go in to the clinic for IV antibiotics. Seems he's colonized with the stuff. I never realized that's something that could happen.

Comment Re:Sorry. Do you not have this???? (Score 1) 75

First, this isn't the United States we're talking about. This is the State of California, proposing legislation for its own state jurisdiction.

Second, the United States has a thing you may have heard of called the Centers for Disease Control. The CDC does in fact have a list of notifiable diseases, which you can see here. Vancomycin-resistant infections are on that list, vancomycin being one of the "last resort" antibiotics used to treat severe, resistant staphylococcus aureus and clostridium difficile infections.

So it would appear that the California State Senator just wants to tighten up the requirements even further and ensure that the information is made available to the State of California.

What a horrible thing.

Comment Re:meh, totally predictable plot lines (Score 1) 74

Team movies have mostly failed until recently, which is why the success of the X-Men and the Avengers was such a surprise to everyone.

The success of movies based on some of the most popular young-adult fantasy properties in the world was a surprise ... to everyone?

And where were you for Seven Samurai, the Magnificent Seven, the Italian Job, Heat, the entire Fast & Furious series, Power Rangers, all the Star Wars movies, Reservoir Dogs, just about any movie set in any real-life war, Team America and all the movies it was parodying, Ocean's 11 and pretty much any other heist movie ever made, etc etc ...

Comment Re:More then the movie made... (Score 4, Interesting) 54

Not really. Adam Sandler movies are basically massive scams where he makes huge profits by selling advertising into the movie, then writes up giant paychecks for himself and all his cronies. No matter how shitty his movies are, the Adam Sandler business is basically self-sustaining.

Comment Re:Better be ready to be beat up when layed off wo (Score 2) 524

The whole idea of "Basic Income" is a drive to the lowest common denominator and eventually it will fail as nobody does anything, and no income is being taxed to pay for the people who aren't doing anything.

Confusing. What is it about finding oneself at the lowest common denominator that you feel discourages ambition?

Comment Re:The survey between the commercials. (Score 1) 136

Score isn't everything. Sometimes there are especially good plays. Other times, the way in which the final score was reached plays a factor -- if there was a last-minute turnaround, for example.

To me, the same rules apply as with spoilers for movies. Personally, I really don't care about spoilers. If the "surprise twist" sounds really dumb, I guess I'll save some money. If it sounds good, I'll see the movie even though I know how it will end, because there's more to the experience of watching it than just the summary.

Comment Re:Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 2, Insightful) 1054

I hope the 1st Amendment wins.

The 1st Amendment will win. No matter whether Twitter shuts down his account or not, Donald Trump will still be free to say whatever he wants.

He doesn't have the right to come over to my place and paint it in yard-high letters on my garage door, though.

Comment Re: Finally, the gloves will come off! (Score 1) 1054

I mean, a private company doesn't have to respect anyone's civil rights, amiright?

To which civil rights are you referring? The ruling you bring up, in which a bakery was ordered to produce cakes for gay weddings if asked, was based on an Oregon State law (not Federal) that prohibited businesses from discriminating based on sexual orientation. Depending on New York State law, with which I'm not familiar, Donald Trump's restaurants may have the same requirement.

Comment Re:No, just no (Score 1) 560

Look at the history of heroin. Learn how it came to be in the first place. Without prohibition of safer drugs that came before it, there would be no heroin.

As I responded to your earlier comment to this effect, anyone who looks into the history of heroin and how it was synthesized will find it does not support your claim.

Comment Re:Recreational drug use versus harm to others (Score 1) 560

Problem is that people that abuse drugs are rarely able to avoid hurting others.

That unsupportable, puritanical supposition is so barking mad as to be legitimately bizarre. You sound like you don't have much experience with life, let alone drugs.

Thousands of people use and abuse what you would probably call the "really heavy drugs" -- cocaine and heroin -- for many years without ever hurting anybody but themselves (and sometimes not even that). If you're going to pivot now and start talking about all the psychological harm they do to their families and loved ones, then we might as well start crying for all the starving children in Africa.

Comment Re: Here come the science deniers (Score 1) 560

Won't find a jury willing to convict a user, anywhere, not even 'bumfuck' Kansas.

Huh. Tell that to all the people serving sentences for marijuana possession. In the first nine months of 2016, the NYPD alone arrested 14,000 people for possessing marijuana. That's a whole lot of wasted man-hours if nobody ever goes to jail.

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