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Comment Re:Ugandans should set up wish lists (Score 1) 102

Look, every small town in the US has a Friends of the Library that collects and recycles used book. We could relieve them of their unsold inventory, load them into C5 Cargo planes and air drop them into every little village. When the book sellers complain, back a dump truck up and bury them in free books to sell.

The price would drop. Our land fills would thank us.

Comment Re:Sad reporte' on my country's lack of balls (Score 2) 120

Bitching about it in the press us hardly something to praise. To paraphrase Stalin, "how many divisions does the press have?"

You get beat, you go back and clean up your act, plug the holes, and thank your lucky stars you didn't have to learn that lesson in wartime.

Comment Re:wtf is this article (Score 2) 264

Apparently it's some apologism for Windows 10, but an unbelievably poor one.

Look, anything from Ed Bott will always be along those lines. Ed Bott doesn't actually exist. His computer is has a direct link from Microsoft's PR department which submits all his stories. Oh, sure there is this guy who shows up at the office once in a while. But his salary is mysteriously paid via an obscure credit to ZDNet bank account, he's long ago forgotten his real name, he plays Microsoft Solitaire all day, then drives home to an empty house, watches MSNBC all evening and gets up and does it all again tomorrow. One of these days he will be reprogrammed, but today is not that day, and so the story remains the same from Ed, decade after fawning decade.

Comment Re:Why not capture with wireshark and analyze? (Score 0) 264

Sure, traffic is probably encrypted, but since your system is encrypting it, surely there's a way to discover the keys and find out exactly what data is being sent.

I personally don't have either the time nor the kernel hacking skills to pull it off, but I'm sure somebody could.

Son, take a few minutes to learn how encryption actually works so you don't embarrass yourself on the internet, mkay?

Comment Re:During or immediately after the attack (Score 1) 147

Searching to see if there are more terrorists engaged in a coordinated attack? Seems like a reasonable and responsible thing to do.

I, and at least 12,000 others was listening on police band (over the internet from 3 states away), and was able to watch on TV while listening to the scanner traffic, both apparently delayed by nearly the same amount.

On the scanner, several police units reported being "slow rolled by a car full of long beards". There were several different incidents of this with words to the same effect, "watching us closely", "seem way too interested", etc.
They even passed these car descriptions and plate numbers to others to be followed, but that was before the two terrorists were engaged in a rolling fire fight, and killed, and everybody seemed to focus on that.

So its clear the police believed at the time there were others (long beards) surveilling them. And it wouldn't be out of the ordinary for that to happen. Even the Paris attacker had returned to the scene to watch.

Ok, so the radio plane was flying around 2:30 PM (14:30) local time, very soon after the event. An attack is still in progress, for all they know. Can't think of a single reason to complain about this, other than that you know they practice and train for it SOMEWHERE.

Comment Too many tasks (Score 4, Funny) 325

Gaming in the living room? Dual boot? Tv?

This computer will never be ready to dd what you want. By the time you dual boot into linux someone will want to watch Netflix. Turn down that stupid gam, we are trying to watch TV over here. Dad, I need the computer for homework.
Honey what happened to my recipes and what does Ubuntu mean?

It wont work. Its a fools errand. She who must be obeyed will put her foot down. Buy her some nice-ish computer and sneak the gamer in later.

Comment Re:Translated (Score 5, Informative) 451

Even if you lock them up hard (which is easy to do when on glare ice) the traction control system still detects that the wheels have stopped.
Some systems used initertial sensors, but it was found that drivers will steer during a skid, and this fact can be used by the computer that it is in a 4 wheel skid.

Modern electronic stability control systems are an evolution of the ABS concept. Here, a minimum of two additional sensors are added to help the system work: these are a steering wheel angle sensor, and a gyroscopic sensor. The theory of operation is simple: when the gyroscopic sensor detects that the direction taken by the car does not coincide with what the steering wheel sensor reports, the ESC software will brake the necessary individual wheel(s) (up to three with the most sophisticated systems), so that the vehicle goes the way the driver intends.

Comment Re:Translated (Score 5, Insightful) 451

You mean that automakers are allowing the police to stop people's vehicles at any time for any reason, remotely.

Oh come off it.

This technology is already in lots and lots of cars, its being advertised heavily by at least a half dozen car companies, from Subaru all the way up to Mercedes.
When have you ever seen police stop anybody electronically?

The technology has been proven for years in options packages or standard equipment on higher priced cars, and these days on mid priced cars.
I've had it since 2012, and it has never once false alarmed and applied brakes inappropriately. It can detect and warn me of slower traffic AHEAD of the car in front of me, even when the car ahead has not yet realized it is approaching a crash.

I'm embarrassed to admit It has braked the car at least a couple times for me when I was distracted.

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