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Submission + - Slashdot beta sucks 9

An anonymous reader writes: Maybe some of the slashdot team should start listening to its users, most of which hate the new user interface. Thanks for ruining something that wasn't broken.

Submission + - Should public schools be training the next generation of Apple addicts? (

v3rgEz writes: "Wellesley Public Schools in Massachusetts is considering making fifth-grade students buy or lease an iPad, as well as educational software to run on it. The claim is that the Apple products can ultimately cut costs, but there's a lot of unanswered questions, ranging from how often rowdy fifth graders will break the screens to whether e-textbooks actually deliver any cost savings (link: Does Apple really need the assistance in getting its products into the public’s hands?"

Submission + - Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Turns 10: What's N (

gManZboy writes: "Bill Gates fired off his famous Trustworthy Computing memo to Microsoft employees on Jan. 15, 2002, amid a series of high-profile attacks on Windows computers and browsers in the form of worms and viruses like Code Red and "Anna Kournikova."

The onslaught forced Gates to declare a security emergency within Microsoft, and halt production while the company's 8,500 software engineers sifted through millions of lines of source code to identify and fix vulnerabilities. The hiatus cost Microsoft $100 million.

Today, the stakes are much higher. 'TWC Next' will include a focus on cloud services such as Azure, the company says."

Comment Re:Time for dynamic torrent content ? (Score 1) 335

The problem for freenet/gnunet/tor etc is that they achieve their anonymity by inefficiency (organiesed bunch of proxies).

Distributed dynamic content would be more efficient than distributed anonymous dynamic content.

The music and movie cartels could still go after compyright infringers, but they would have to go after the little bloke, which is a tactic they they have already tried and given up on.


A Cyber-Attack On an American City 461

Bruce Perens writes "Just after midnight on Thursday, April 9, unidentified attackers climbed down four manholes in the Northern California city of Morgan Hill and cut eight fiber cables in what appears to have been an organized attack on the electronic infrastructure of an American city. Its implications, though startling, have gone almost un-reported. So I decided to change that."

Submission + - Aerosols Responsible for Warming Arctic?

32771 writes: Researchers have found that the arctic climate might be to a degree dependent on aerosols besides the usual culprit the greenhouse gasses. The following article explains i.e., that to achieve a quick reduction of arctic temperatures, it might be better to reduce aerosol output first since they are much shorter lived than CO2 but have a similarly strong effect on temperatures as CO2.

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