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Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 348

It also took 20% of the world's oil production offline for nearly a decade, which profits other oil companies, especially with the guaranteed market for military fuel. And there was a _hope_, ill-founded, that a wave of strong anti-Muslim-leadership politics would sweep the region.

Yeah, but that hope was not based in the History of the mideast and reality as it exists there. That was just another inconvenient bit of wishful thinking that was useful in settling that particular family feud. It's a place where one can go from esteemed ally to the "American Devil" overnight, depending on the convenience of the parties involved.

So we were surprised that after we sort of installed a democracy, they all went back to what they were doing before, which is enjoying the hell out of killing each other.

Comment Re:To be clear for those not familiar with concept (Score 1) 348

Did that answer your question, or do you require a more detailed explanation?

You answered my question, but you didn't give me the answer you thought you did. Do you know the exact amount of Lithium that is going to be used in the first commercial fusion power generating station? Have you worked with Lithium?

You need to understand that when using words like "essentially free", you are saying that it is a trivial matter. You won't understand that however. You are going to say that you were not talking about the handling and containment, just the purchase price, which you have predetermined to be "essentially free"... There is no part of generating power with these genies in a bottle that is trivial, and just between us chachalacas, pronouncing a vital component as essentially free before the first watt of commercial power has been generated is hubris on a grand level.

I wouldn't hire you as part of the process, I can tell you that. If you came in looking for a job in this matter, and told me that a critical part of the whole endeavor was essentially free, I'd determine you weren't suitable for the task. And I'd be right.

Comment Re:To be clear for those not familiar with concept (Score 1) 348

Do you mean thermal efficiency? I pegged it at somewhat less than 50%, like most power plants:

$ units You have: 1g / (7 g/mol / avogadro ) * 17.5 MeV You want: kWh * 67003.703

Since a typical household electricity use is about 9000 kWh/year, at 35% efficiency, that would be several years worth.

If you mean transmutation efficiency, it doesn't matter. You keep recycling the lithium until it converts. As I pointed out, the overall cost of that process could be high, but the cost of the raw lithium is insignificant.

But not 0. My entire thrust was that people were saying Lithium is "essentially free". Tell me exactly how much Li is going to be used in the first commercial fusion power generation plant, and tell me that it is "essentially free". Looking forward to your precise figures.

This "essentially" attitude is why a lot of people don't trust nuc power. Remember, nuclear electricity generation is "too cheap to meter", as told to us by Lewis Strauss, no less an authority than the Chairman of the US AEC. Sorry muchacho, there is no particular part of the process that is insignificant, not the cost, not the composition, not the housing, not anything. Well maybe the flowers planted around the power plant. Then again, we might want to specify some hyper accumulators for phytoremidiation if there was an accident, so as to get a head start on the cleanup.

Comment Re:Top 3 promising fusion concepts: (Score 1) 348

That old paradigm is called 'economy of scale' and it works very well in most industries.

And quite a strategic nightmare when applied to power generation in the modern age. Tell me, if say I was a country that you were fighting. Would you prefer that I had only a couple electric generating facilities, or thousands of them.

For me, I would hope any country I was fighting would have exactly one big economy of scale power generation plant. I would utilize 1 each daisycutter or cruise missile, and my enemy is now my bitch. This is a strategic observation not shared by many, but it is not incorrect.

Comment Re:Reality.... (Score 1) 70

Considering the FBI still believes in and uses "lie detectors" invented by the guy who wrote "Wonder Woman" ( I am not shitting you, look it up) I wouldn't read too much into the FBI taking this stuff seriously.

Smart people know something is up

That's how they want you to think of them, especially around budget time. Being scammed by a comic book writer for decades points to them being something other than that.

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