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Comment Re:Bandiwidth is *free* fallacy.. (Score 1) 85

Once sufficient bandwidth is in place, it costs an ISP nothing if you're downloading at 1 MB/s or 1 GB/s.

That's not exactly true. The equipment is still using power regardless of whether or not it's transmitting anything. They could charge people flat rates based on rough estimates of how many users it would take sending "normal" (however that gets estimated) data to fill the equipment. If 1,000 users could each transmit at 1mbps through their equipment before it reaches capacity, then they could charge each user 1/500th of the cost of the electricity that equipment uses, for example. They would make a profit when a lot of people are using their network, but would lose a little if it's well below capacity. In reality they want to charge many times that, though. It seems like it's almost to the point where any individual user could pay for all of the power for the equipment they're using.

I remember back when cell phone companies charged a price per text message, the calculations were done to show that it cost more to send 1MB of SMS data than it did to get the same amount of data from the Hubble telescope. ISPs and cell carriers will always want to charge as much as people are willing to pay, I don't think any of them tries to come up with a pricing scheme were people only pay for what they're actually using (as in, what it costs the carrier) plus a little extra for profit.

Comment Re:How many of those... (Score 1) 127

I use PaintShop Pro 8.1 all the time. Bought it in 2003. It's 32 bit. And runs flawlessly on Windows 10. Why upgrade the program if it works great, and does what I need? Just because the OS supports 64 bit doesn't mean it cannot support 32 bit as well. Thankfully Microsoft understands the power of backwards compatibility...

Comment Re:This simply means we're succeeding. (Score 1) 152

I hope you are never in an accident and need an air ambulance to get to a hospital before you expire. But then I'm sure you'll make an exception in such cases only because I point that out.

Also, you claim that air travel is justifiable if AGW is false? Okay then, I claim that AGW is false. Therefore I am not restricted from air travel.

Oh, that's not how it works you say? Well then I'll stop flying when all those Gulfstream liberals stop flying. They will stop flying about the same time pigs start.

Comment Re:A simple reality check (Score 1) 599

The El Nino, La Nina cycle was observed by a guy who gave it a name over a century ago

A guy who happened to be one of several scientists studying climate.
A few years later, not much more than a century ago now, other climate scientists joined explorers to the arctic and antarctic to fill in some of the major gaps in climate science at the time. A child in school could have told you these things.

You really know very little about this topic don't you?

Comment Re:Pretty cool (Score 1) 121

In California, it's almost $50 a month for a 380W server. I switched to an old 14W netbook with an SSD and a 4TB drive hanging off the USB 2 port, which acts as a file server just as well. It can't transcode, but I store everything in MP4 anyway. I turned off the Wifi and Bluetooth radios and saved another 4W.

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