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Comment Re:Sheep. (Score 1) 61

Where do you come up with 2/3 of device sales being iPhones? How do those "devices" compare to the "1 billion active devices"? Did the numbers come out at the same time? Does "devices" mean the same thing in both stats? How are "active" devices determined?

Further, your assumption that 2/3 of the devices must be iPhones is erroneous. People keep iPods and iPads far longer than iPhones, many people still replace their iPhones annually.

The simplest math we have is 1 billion sold over 6 generations or so, and plummeting market share in recent years. iPhone historical sales are front loaded since Android has taken over, so the majority of iPhones are older models. Given the lifespan of a cell phone in western markets (where Apple has the bulk of their sales), it stands to reason that the vast majority have been sent out to pasture in some form or another.

Comment Cut my service by 2/3 yesterday (Score 1) 46

From 197 (not even near a full package) to $70 with tax.

That's $50 for 25mb plus 10 for basic cable & hbo plus 10 for taxes.

It's a one year deal with a contract that runs 1 year (I was very specific- no 1 year deals with 2 year contracts).

Can't tell the difference.

That's about 1500 per year. That's a ski trip. maybe 2 with buds. Or it's a new car every decade.

Comment Re:Fuck you Motorola/Lenovo (Score 1) 152

So I shouldn't be mad at Lenovo, because even though they are guilty of blatantly false advertising, I shouldn't've believed it in the first place?

What kind of victim-blaming shit logic is that?

While we might debate about victim blaming, it's no secret that updates on most all android products simply don't happen. So it fits in the "Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof" category.

Comment I used to hate the theater (Score 1) 256

I used to hate watching movies in the theater.
First, the movie would be invariably out of focus - but the advert projector they play before the movie would be in perfect focus.
Secondly, the seating sucked - but that has improved in recent years. It isn't as comfy as home, but at least now I get more legroom than an airline seat.
Third, the sound systems used to totally suck. Now, they've gotten much, much better. I still much prefer my own sound system but theater sound is actually quite good now.
Lastly... the sticky floors and all the trash left behind by the fucking slobs who sat there previously. WTF, people! Clean up after yourselves - if not out of concern for others, but to prove that you don't completely lack all sense of class and self-respect.

Comment Re:Watch the video - he does NOT like Russia! (Score 1) 721

It's called "dog whistle" politics by some. Put out a message to extremists and when questioned by others not as extreme insist you didn't really mean it, but insist in such a way that it can look like a lie. Some "smooth political operators" even manage to put conflicting messages out and convince different extremists that the other message doesn't matter.

Trump is just another "carpetbagger" right out of 19th century politics, only without a bunch of cronies going around beating people up.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 721

It's not ridiculous for Ukraine to worry about Russia, but it is a bit for the USA to worry about Russia any more than the background concern and attention that has been paid since the fall of the Berlin wall. It's at the "keep the dog from next door from digging under the fence" level of worry, not a "they are arming our enemies" level of worry.

Romney was trying out a cold war scare campaign - very bad move. That's a lot more than just worrying about Russia.

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