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Comment Re:" it was even a Boeing aircraft" (Score 1) 139

There was no Titanium metal used in the body of the aircraft. Titanium was an extremely rare metal used in supersonic aircraft, as the 727 was not supersonic, there is no chance that the tie picked up titanium shards from the aircraft. You can make up all kinds of sources that are impossible, it doesn't make them suddenly possible.

Comment Re:If they're smart... (Score 1) 197

A few states? A few states? What crack are you smoking?

Hillary decidedly took 4 states. That is a few states. She won 21 "states" (including DC which isn't a state, but is treated as one for the election). Out of the 51 "states", he won a plurality of the states.

On the rest of your post, things are bad, those decreased unemployed are mostly underemployed. Also, salaries have stayed stable, and not increased with inflation for the past 8 years (at least), this means we are all making less than we were before the recession. If you think this is a true recovery, you must work on Wall Street.

Comment Re:Trump is worse in every way (Score 2) 197

As AC points out, just her email scandal showed how very corrupt she is. The Freedom of Information Act was designed to prevent corruption, and provide the American people with a view into the performance of their government. By running her private email server, she was able to prevent future FoIA requests from being delivered for information about what she did. What is more corrupt than bypassing a law passed by your own party to combat corruption?

Comment Re:If they're smart... (Score 1) 197

Actually? He ran a fraudulent ponzi-scheme style 'university' until the court decided he couldn't legally call it that.

Read up on what a ponzi scheme is some time, his university is nowhere close to that. What does this have to do with the office of the POTUS?

He cheated HUNDREDS TO THOUSANDS of small business contractors out of their earned due.


He gave neo-nazis a political platform when he saw the GOP needed new eunuch enforcers.

Lie. Trump has never supported neo-nazis.

He publicly attacked cripples, minorities, women, gold star families, veterans, reporters, officials, scientists, teachers.

As if Hillary was any better?

He literally undermined the US POTUS office by de-requiring tax disclosures and other basic shit for the office.

It was never required. It was an optional thing, and never really provided the information you think it would. Trump's tax return is likely very complicated, and wouldn't show you his real earnings which are stored in the companies he owns. You would probably be surprised at how little he puts down that he makes, but if you think of it from the standpoint of his company owning all his property, it makes sense. Since the IRS has audited him many years in a row, don't you think that if there was an issue they would have found it? Do you think that citizen sleuths are going to find his misreported billions when the best auditors that the IRS employs don't see them?

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 2) 1427

I think many people who supported Hillary for some reason had a blind spot to all her faults. It is like they just couldn't see how corrupt she is and how many laws she likely broke with that stupid email server. They just don't see her as a bad thing all around. Just running the email server was her way of avoiding the Freedom of Information Act, a law that was put in place to fight corruption. She still has yet to fulfill her requirements under the Records Act and deliver her official records to the National Archives. She claims that the other people she emailed with have copies, but the problem is, she didn't only email people in the State Department, but also foreign governments. We will probably never be able to successfully find out all the crap she pulled while in office.

Heck, there was a time that the Democrats cared about accountability, it was after all a D law.

Comment Re:News for Nazis (Score 1) 1427

So, two wrongs make a right and we should prove ourselves to be just as immature as the other political party? Prove that the DNC is better than that, and you will have more possibility of winning the next election, probe that you are just as bad, and lose yet again.

If it was wrong for the RNC to not work with Obama, how can it be right to not work with Trump?

Comment Re: News for Nazis (Score 0) 1427

What race did he spout off about? Was it black people, white people or asians?

Learn the meaning of words, and you don't look so foolish. Also, you should actually watch the videos where he actually fails to say anything about any race, religion or ethnicity.

Oh, and the main problem that many of us had (and I didn't vote for Trump or Hillary), is that Hillary did many things just as bad as Trump, yet you support her instead. Hillary is racist, she denigrated black people in her previous campaign. Hillary was trying to start wars with Russia over Syria, and likely was part of supplying arms to the insurgents in Syria. As far as mocking a disabled person, how do you feel about Hillary's anti homosexual platform, or her husband's don't ask don't tell? How do you feel about Hillary harassing and silencing the victims of her husband's sexual harassment and rape?

You can look down on people for disagreeing with you, but you are the only one trying to claim that one is worse than the other. All four of the top candidates were awful, this election sucked, as the good choices were filtered out in the primaries.

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