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Comment Re:It's missing the full picture (Score 1) 199

Ok, so you are thinking you will lose less hydrogen than the equivalent charge of a battery? You sound like you don't know anything about the issues involved.


Power source > hydrogen > storage > fuel cell > battery

is better than

Power source > battery

in your mind? Somehow using power to crack hydrogen and store it, then run it through a fuel cell to charge a battery is infinitely more efficient than just charging the same damn battery?

Comment Re: It's missing the full picture (Score 1) 199

Do we somehow need to be to understand that H2 is not available free from any source?

H2 is produced currently by cracking natural gas (Methane), so it is a process which produces lots of CO2, and it is a process that would be better just put on the train. Wouldn't it be better to use the Methane to power the train directly? It has a higher energy content than the produced Hydrogen after all.

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