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Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 180

You mean where I replied directly to his post? Somehow now I am trolling to reply to what you say APK?

Not lying, as I have proven myself numerous times, not trolling, as you can see by my moderation, and not offtopic as I was responding to the topic your brought up.

However, you following me around all over the place and posting as a third party is offtopic trolling, so keep it up APK.

Comment Re:Who gives a shit (Score 1) 180

Aww, poor APK, wants me to out myself so he can stalk me in real life. Still not going to happen, you enjoy harassing me here enough as is.

Love how you posted in that first link and tried to sign it as from me. No, I don't even know what the Keystone center is, and doing a little research, it is far off base.

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