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Comment Re: Long range space probes? (Score 1) 155

So, if they can find a use for what would otherwise be waste products (that need to be treated like radioactive waste), it will reduce the costs of an operation that is happening anyways.

Not sure how that makes the material somehow extremely rare or expensive though. I am sure the reactor management companies are very happy to be able to get rid of the waste.

Comment Re: What an empty life (Score 1) 734

Not the eye witness testimony the Justice department released. The only person who was on Brown's side in his testimony had just robbed a store with him.

As far as Brown trying to steal the gun, there is evidence of it, so we don't have to take the police officer's word for it; fingerprints on the gun, and blood inside the car on a bullet hole, as well as gunshot residue on Brown's hands. Also, Brown charging Wilson has evidence for it in the angles of the gunshot wounds. I have never heard Brown was 148 ft away though, as that would be some seriously good shooting on the officer's part. All of the spent casings are feet away. When someone assaults a police officer, you expect them to just let the person walk away and not try to arrest them? 7 witnesses corraborated the police officer's story, 3 disagreed with him. Totally a clear cut case of the police officer lying. All three of the disagreeing witnesses were proven false by multiple conflicting stories and the evidence, I am sure they are totally work listening to though.

Comment Re:I don't mean to sound like a downer (Score 1) 126

She did no such thing. A few hundred people did this, and she partly wrote a small part of it and partly managed the rest.

I would hope that you would be gracious enough to realize when you make a mistake, but I somehow doubt it. K.S. actually came out and said she led (part of) the project. How is he not giving her credit for that?

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