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Comment Re:Probably Trump (Score 1) 180

I live in Maryland, how hard would it really be? No ID required to vote, minor authentication of the person done, they don't even have pictures tied to the voter registrations.

Of course I haven't, I am an honest person, but it isn't to say that in 17 states with no ID required to vote that it doesn't happen, and arguing about a lack of detection doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

Comment Re:Can't let the money fall into the wrong hands! (Score 1) 259

Anyone can file bankruptcy and keep operating, it is a benefit offered to people and corporations alike.

Many businesses file for bankruptcy, and trying to slam Trump for two out of hundreds of companies he has owned just shows your lack of knowledge of business.

Quit being that moron and educate yourself, not every company succeeds, and when you, for a business, buy businesses that are failing in order to make them profitable, occasionally you will not succeed at it.

I don't like any of the presidential candidates (there are currently 4, not 2), but slamming Trump for the occasional failures, while ignoring that Hillary didn't have any attempts makes you look like a partisan moron.

Comment Re:Probably Trump (Score 1) 180

The funniest thing was all the bellyaching by Democratic Party supporters, while many Democrat controlled states already had voter ID laws.

All but 17 states require ID to vote in some manner. I don't agree with those 17 even, as I know that in my state (Maryland) you have to provide information that matches to the voter registration, such as birth date, or address (can't remember exactly what they asked, but they did verify my identity), yet Maryland shows not requiring any ID to vote. I wonder how many states require ID to register to vote though, as it is probably all of them.

Comment Re:Probably Trump (Score 1) 180

How would we know if there was voter fraud if anyone can walk up and vote.

I know my dad isn't going to vote, so I go out to his polling place and vote as him for who I want to vote for. How would anyone even know I was not my father?

Also, in places like TX that institute voter ID laws, they attach free ID programs to the laws. Frankly, how anyone can survive without an ID, I cannot imagine though, as you need on to buy Ciggs, Alcohol, rent things, get state financial aid, even to cash a check. Frankly to survive in today's society, you need an ID.

Comment Re:Let's send out Independent Election Observers. (Score 1) 180

1 minor case as opposed to how many hundreds of polling places True The Vote showed up to, recording which black person voted, claiming to be security to check their ids and write down info? and how many "True The Vote" volunteers were investigates? Zero.

How many true the vote members were pointing weapons at people and shouting racist remarks?

Comment Re: No, this has nothing to do with Google. (Score 1) 465

Yes, I have contacted Google, and they were extremely helpful. There is even a help link (posted just above you) that talks about what to do if your Blogger page is missing.

Perhaps it would do to actually try and contact Google first before bitching anyways, as it is so easy for a DMCA to take out all your stuff, and Google is legally obligated to disable access on receipt of a DCMA notice.

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