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Comment New senses? (Score 2) 134

Elliot Freeman, a cognitive neuroscientist at City University and the study's lead author, said: "A lot of us go around having senses that we do not even recognise."

It seems to me more like a short circuit between regions of the brain than a different sense. I wouldn't like to hear things that aren't there just because I'm seeing things. It's well known that there are substantial interactions between different regions of the brain, which is why for example we turn down the stereo while trying to find an address.

Comment Re:MaBell (Score 1) 82

Look at the heads of AT&T back in the 80s, names of companies, names of executives spin-offs, and where the money went: AT&T was never broken up, it was just broken into a few pieces that easily colluded behind closed doors to ensure they would get back together eventually, after the people in office had left/given up/died.

Comment Re:WTF (Score 1) 82

This should be modded up up up.
Why? Think about it: Once they have the technology to animate and create extremely realistic-looking scenes, the owners can then create and distribute their own fake news at will; they will own everything from creation to delivery with no one to get in the way of pushing whatever agenda is bought by the highest bidder.
You think people are divided into camps now? Just you wait until they wall off services and get people "on their network"

Comment Re:Some places are impossible. (Score 1) 53

Sounds like an awesome idea.

In the presence of a working public transportation system that actually met the needs of inhabitants, it might be. But we have that in maybe one or two cities in the USA, and actually, if you took the cars away the systems couldn't handle the load. Toll roads are harmful to business and individuals alike. We make use of the road network free to enable commerce and free travel.

I am an outspoken proponent of PRT and of ordinary rail for longer distances, but barring their existence, I'm extremely opposed to placing more restrictions on people's ability to travel. What year is it? Let's figure out how to let people travel efficiently.

Comment Re:Just what we need (Score 1) 119

For every (likely made up) story you have about how your father's uncle's brother's first cousin's roommate had a union job and it was full of lazy people

I had a student job with a community college while I went there only about a decade ago, while I uh, pivoted. And what I saw in the IT department was tragic. The primary system upon which the school depended was a HP-SUX quad Alpha, because that's what their software runs on. Then they replaced it with some ridiculously expensive many-way itanic box because that's what the vendor told them to do. On the old system, I got paid to implement ssh tunneling (with putty, naturally) to stop them from sending SSNs and other private student information across internet links in cleartext, because the sysadmin they were paying to do this stuff couldn't figure it out. Then I got paid to figure out how to implement ipsec on the new machine because the guy whose job that is couldn't manage that either. I was hoping to slide into that job but that guy bought a second Harley, and he had to stick around to pay for it. Or more to the point, so that the students and taxpayer could pay for it. He certainly didn't earn the money. My boss was quite competent, that was nice. My two coworkers were also competent, but lazy. I wound up doing job after job that they were supposed to do, because they didn't bother. One of them had severe short-timer's syndrome for the entire two-year span we were both there, with a countdown clock to retirement. He was a pro at stretching jobs out and making them take forever. He probably should have had a 75% pay cut.

Meanwhile, administrators have a different union from educators. This results in administrators and their favored assistants being paid dramatically more than the educators... you know, education? The point of the whole place?

I don't know if unions are as toxic in other industries as they are in education, but they're definitely a massive part of the problem with education today.

Comment Re:Progressive (Score 1) 796

You should watch the Netflix series about the 80s. For every awesome thing reagan did, he did a dozen bad ones and they point every one of them out.

I am left of left around this sideshow but look, that doesn't invalidate his point any more than his citations invalidate yours. Can't we just agree that Obama was a shit president, and that Reagan was also a shit president, and move on?

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 796

The fact is that there are some people here who sit some distance along the autism spectrum, probably more than a few people with Asperger's, who are neurologically wired to view the world in very narrow and rigid ways. They need to define gender in the simplest form possible, it's just the way their brains work.

They don't have to have any condition to feel that way except stupidity, which makes simple things seem complex, and which also leads to oversimplication of complex things.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 796

A genetically defective evolutionary dead end.

I would argue that nature has been "trying" to make us hermaphrodites, and we've been resisting that by refusing to mate with them, or sometimes killing them when we find them. That person may be more highly evolved than you are. Doesn't it seem like a defect and drawback to have people have just one sex? It takes approximately 10,000 individuals to provide enough genetic diversity to maintain the species, because sex is a factor. How inefficient!

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1, Interesting) 796

There's no known relationship between transgenderism, and delusions or psychoses.

But there is a correlation between attitudes on gender roles, and gender dysphoria. In places where the line is blurred and people aren't throwing rocks at men for wearing a dress or at women for wearing pants, more people live the lifestyle "of" the other gender without sexual reassignment. This strongly suggests that for at least some percentage of individuals, the desire to change their gender is a sort of sickness created by society's behavior towards them. Compare a natural-born full hermaphrodite; they have everything, and all possibilities in theory, but we overwhelmingly assign whichever sex appears more dominant at birth for cultural reasons. Why can't they be permitted to be themselves?

To my mind, it is a delusion, if a relatively harmless one. What do I care if people want to change their gender? If I'm not fucking them, it's irrelevant. If I fuck one by mistake, then I should consider my dating habits in one way or another. Once you can wave a magic wand and reassign your gender properly and without complications or risk, then I'll be willing to believe otherwise. But which thing do I believe: that it's reasonable to be happy with who you are, or that it's reasonable to take a knife to parts you just don't like? I've been taught the first thing since birth, and so far I've never had any reason to doubt it. Elective and cosmetic surgery goes wrong all the time, and often produces less-than-desirable results.

On the third hand, nothing justifies treating other people like crap because you don't agree with their decisions. With that said, if you want to be called she even though your original equipment doesn't match the description, or even your current equipment, stop expecting me to use the prefix "cis". I'm not going to call myself cis-anything. By every dictionary definition I am a natural-born human male. I don't need to call myself anything-gendered because I am typical of the species, at least in that way. Of course, my equipment is unusually large, but it's the standard type. ;)

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