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Comment Political correctness = tyranny (Score 1) 355

The point is to use the quest for equality to justify penalizing anyone who rises above "equal," thus ensuring that all favors get handed out by the state or its ideological fanatic supporters.

This resembles... Communism? National Socialism? Totalitarianism? ...something where the agenda of control has replaced trying to achieve anything. We could have had a moon base by now, instead we will all be equal comrades under the People's Reich.

Comment PC covers what we are afraid might be TRUE (Score 1) 360

People will not let you criticize the Emperor (democracy, multiculturalism, welfare, consumerism) because to do so is to suggest that all of us are wasting our time on a civilization that is heading toward collapse.

#GamerGate, #metalgate and many other scandals show us that anything related to inequality, whether racial or sexual or sexual preference, causes government and media to immediately explode and go after you, as will lots of Useful Idiots (UIs... sorry, SJWs) out there who want to crucify you.

All because they are afraid the criticism might be true and, if it is, the stakes are MUCH higher than anyone has thought.

Submission + - #metalgate SJWs prove their real purpose: censorship (

hessian writes: Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) comprise the driving force behind the incursion into metal against which #metalgate is a reaction. Metalheads do not want to be told what to think by a self-appointed cabal determining what is “true” based on their ideological agenda. It does not matter which agenda that is, only that it swallows up truth and metal equally and uses them as means toward its real goal, which is power and control.

Submission + - #GamerGate, #MetalGate, And The Campaign Against Creativity (

hessian writes: It is clear that the social justice warriors are campaigning against the social outcasts rather than the misogyny, homophobia, racism, or general prejudice they claim to be fighting against. In the wake of their attacks on the gaming world, and on the cusp of their attacks against the metal world, one must wonder what is next. AnimeGate? ComicBookGate? LARPGate?

Submission + - 2600 offers to distribute "The Interview" for Sony (

hessian writes: By freely offering the film online, millions of people will get to see it and decide for themselves if it has any redeeming qualities whatsoever — as opposed to nobody seeing it and the studios writing it off as a total loss. Theaters would be free from panic as our servers would become the target of any future vague threats (and we believe Hollywood will be most impressed with how resilient peer-to-peer distribution can be in the face of attacks). Most importantly, we would be defying intimidation, something the motion picture industry doesn't quite have a handle on, which is surprising considering how much they've relied upon it in the past.


hessian writes: SJWs are a divisive and destructive force in the world today. Masquerading under the guise of social justice they seek a position of victimhood and aim to label everything that stands against them as prejudice. Their modus operandi is to use shaming language to close down the conversation leaving them free to assert their dominance.

Submission + - How SJW's Picked The Wrong Fight With #MetalGate (

hessian writes: You may have noticed #MetalGate trending pretty hard on Twitter and being reposted by popular GamerGate personalities, and that is in no small thanks to David Draiman, frontman for the band that pretty much introduced me to metal, Disturbed.

Comment The web is shrinking (Score 4, Insightful) 396

Problem with the web: too many websites with too much content, not one answer that can be given consistently to similar questions:

Solution: standardize the web, with Wikipedia, Google Knol, etc. and squeeze out those smaller websites so they stop mucking up the corporate profits.

When the sheep get warm and comfy enough, yank anyone who doesn't dish out for SSL, and make it so that it costs a thousand dollars a year to reasonably publish on the web, instead of the pennies it did a few years ago.

Then, you have total dominion and total control. For much profit!

Submission + - What Is #Metalgate? (

hessian writes: Unlike #Gamergate, this is not something with a new sex scandal or coverup revealed. Rather, it represents the consequences of leftist invasion over an extended period of time. Leftists in the last several years have been trying hard to infuse metal with social issues instead of just enjoying the angst. The above video discusses this at length. The Washington Post wrote in 2006,

Submission + - #metalgate explodes as SJWs attack heavy metal (

hessian writes: It is easy to see however why someone might want to — as writers have in the past — call heavy metal conservative. Metal avoids “social issues” and other internal questions of a society and instead looks at the health of a society as a whole, or in other words, how sane it is. We see a world gone insane through a refusal to pay attention to reality. The methods of that are beyond an artistic genre and should be injected into it, but since 2006 at least trying to reform metal has been a pet project of SJWs.

Comment We need more open file storage (Score 4, Insightful) 302

I appreciate the reasons for the war on piracy, but TPB was more than a pirate nexus: it was a great place to links to downloads via bittorrent that everyone could get to.

The internet needs to return to its wild west days of open file storage. True, lots of people are going to pirate, but that's technologically inevitable. The anti-piracy people are destroying necessary stuff along with what they fear.

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