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Journal Journal: AdSense for shilling

I hear a lot on /. about how many users are Apple Zealots or Microsoft Shills.

My question is simple: how do I monetize this?

That is, if I decide to be a shill, how do I get paid? Can I get an AdSense tag for my .sig file?

Or is there another way to sell this labor?

I'll gladly shill for products, or even countries, for money. Everyone else seems to be doing this, directly (get paid) or indirectly (loyalty, a buddy, employment, etc).

I guess I'd like it to not conflict with my loyalties. For example, if I'm an Apple shill and the latest Macintosh ends up being a silver-plated 0.5" turd, then I've got to find some euphemism to use. "The new Macbook XXXXL is... uh... a different kind of computing experience."

But it seems to me this is the future of our society. Advertising on everything; everyone a shill for something. I just want to be able to sock that shill money in my kids' college account.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Happy Halloween

Formulae ueteres exorsismorum et excommunicationum
Strigas et fictos lupos credere

Daemon pellem lupinam
In trunco quodam cauae
Arboris occultandum

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween

Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam
Metamorphoses lycanthropie
Possunt inquam

Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween
Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween


Journal Journal: Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age, by Guillaume Faye

Sometime 400 years ago, as our civilization prospered, the decision was made to modernize. This came about through a belief in the equality of all human beings and a drive toward external mechanisms, namely technology and political control systems. Guillaume Faye, the seasoned rising star of the New Right movement in Europe, explores our correction of this mistake in his landmark book Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age.

Archeofuturism: European Visions of the Post-Catastrophic Age, by Guillaume Faye (review and purchase link)


Journal Journal: WARBEAST interview

Formed by members of Rigor Mortis, Gammacide and Demonseed, the band formerly known as the Texas Metal Alliance is now WARBEAST and they're making waves with their old-school thrash metal attack. Signed to Housecore Records, WARBEAST is now touring the independent nation of Texas in preparation for world domination!

WARBEAST interview

The Matrix

Journal Journal: Interview with esoteric philosopher Vijay Prozak

For many people, metal serves as a starting point into something deeper: that is a starting point for exploring philosophy as well as hidden meanings and patterns within society and the universe. Not everyone pursues this line of thought whenever they become interested in metal music; unfortunately, those that don't are happy to drink beer, smoke pot and party --- they never aspire to great things in life. Those that do look for deeper meaning will find Prozak's website thought provoking and (most likely) controversial.

Interview with esoteric philosopher Vijay Prozak


Journal Journal: The old underground returns

To all weekenders, hipsters, novelty seekers, scenesters, and assorted parasites of the underground - we, the purveyors and fans of metal pre-1990 are taking back our music from you scum. It was never yours, you don't understand it, and we don't need your permission, approval, or support to continue. You idiots have done nothing but bastardize and trivialize it for almost a decade and we are sick of it.


Journal Journal: Battle of the Black Metal movies

"Until the Light Takes Us is a documentary of the early 1990s black metal scene in Norway. Featuring interviews with Varg Vikernes, Fenriz of Darkthrone and other foundational members of the early black metal community, it is a documentary meant to appreciate black metal the way it should always have been: as an artistic movement against the modern world, gravitating toward mythic imagination through intense music, murder and fire."

Until the Light Takes Us homepage

This is coming out right before the mainstream media unleashes their latest assault on the genre:

"Jackson Rathbone, the teen heartthrob from 'Twilight,' has reportedly agreed to play Varg Vikernes (a.k.a. Count Grishnackh) -- the former BURZUM mastermind who is currently serving a Norwegian prison term for the August 1993 murder of MAYHEM guitarist Oystein Aarseth (a.k.a. Euronymous) and setting fire to three churches -- in the upcoming movie 'Lords Of Chaos.'

Based on Michael Moynihan and Didrik Soderlind's book of the same name, the film depicts true events and revolves around the black metal sub-culture that spawned a wave of murders and church arsons across Norway in the early 1990s."

Lords of Chaos movie

Somehow, a fictionalized, dramatized, Hollywood-ized version of the Lords of Chaos book is about the last thing I'd want to ever see.

It would be great if someone treated black metal as a form of art, because those early bands are so transcendently beautiful and violent that they're like stepping outside of modern society into a reality from ancient times -- or the future.

User Journal

Journal Journal: Blaspherian interview

Blaspherian comes from Houston, Texas, and makes old school death metal with its own voice. Their music does not sound like any known band but is clearly influenced by the old school of booming, primitive, dark, introspective and alienated metal. Formed in 2004, Blaspherian arose from the collaboration of Wes Infernal -- formerly of Infernal Dominion and Imprecation -- and Desekrator, but rapidly branched out to include Matt Mayhem on drums and Apollyon on vocals and bass.

Interview: Blaspherian

Review: Blaspherian - Allegiance to the Will of Damnation

Full track MP3: Blaspherian "Enthroned in Blasphemous Triumph"

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Journal Journal: Net's oldest metal site opens classical forum

Metal Hall: Classical Forum

The net's oldest metal site has created a forum for classical music only.

As many of you know, classical and metal are similar through their use of narrative composition, where riffs fit together to form motifs and communicate change in experience.

This is why there is significant overlap between metal and classical fans, and why both musics have a stormy, powerful yet sensitive approach.

We are looking forward to connecting more of these fans with each other and more music they'll like, even if to outsiders it appears radically different.

For more information:

* Classical Music for Metal Fans
* What makes heavy metal heavy?

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Journal Journal: Classical music for metal fans 4

I went from being a metalhead who had a couple classical albums to a classical and metal listener. The two musics are really similar: like metal, classical strings together a series of riffs to tell a story.

My favorite composers are:

  • Franz Schubert
  • Ottorino Respighi
  • Gustav Faure
  • Anton Bruckner
  • Camille Saint-Saens
  • Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Robert Schumann

All of these dudes are extremely "metal": stormy, powerful, dark and lawless music.

Some of my transition was inspired by the Talk Classical metal forum and "Classical Music for Metal Fans".

Anyone else listen to classical?

User Journal

Journal Journal: AVERSE SEFIRA tour Central America

This August, Averse Sefira will make their first ever appearances in Central America:

Friday, August 14 - La Bode - Ruta 2 3-47 4 Grados Norte Zona 4, Ciudad Guatemala, Guatemala

Saturday, August 15 - Museo de Antropologia e Historia - 3 Av. y 4 calle San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Sunday, August 16 - Bar Buhoos - San Salvador, El Salvador

User Journal

Journal Journal: The new metal classics

The guys have put together a list of the most influential current bands and albums, with mp3s. The idea is not to list bands of the week, but the "new classics" that are defining the genre right now. You can listen to the MP3s from your browser.

User Journal

Journal Journal: We want the traditional order

I may have unleashed a massive storm of bloviation with my post, We Want the Traditional Order .

Yet it's true -- the appeal of both Tolkien and science is that they verify what we know to be true, a meta-form of common sense. Read your Herodotus. Read Plato. Think critically. Suddenly, you see we're asking all the wrong questions.

Society is not about the individual. It's about social order. It's not about judging others, or by sleight of hand, not-juding them. It's about social order. It's about putting people in the right place so they can function well and feel a sense of reward in belonging to the collective, because guess what, civilizations are by definition collectives.

People are afraid of their own obscurity so they make up lies to hide the plain old truth that very few of us are important, and those that are important -- a handful -- only are if our species survives.

I find it amazing that some people think this society is on its way to anything but ruin. Yes, we've got all this technology, but we're falling apart within and people are encouraged to be neurotic -- by each other.

While all the idiots out there are busy blaming government, religion, etc. for human problems, the simplest and most scientific answer is that we need to look into mass psychology -- it's probably where the error lies.

I have, and read a fair amount of history, enough to see that the situation in reality is never discussed in our society. That enough is proof of its delusional nature.

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