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Comment Re:London Too (Score 1) 565

I'm in an outer London suburb - and a fairly wealthy one at that ("leafy Tory suburbia" pretty much nails this place). Back at the start of December, a huge number of Deliveroo drivers started congregating on the market street every evening, and then drifting off to a nearby park as the night goes on. It's not quite become a permanent encampment yet, but it's well on its way. From what I've observed, very few of these guys have more than a few words of English. It doesn't really feel like a healthy situation for anybody.

There's only one local takeaway that I use and it's an old-fashioned one that still employs its own driver. For all I know, he's horribly downtrodden and oppressed, but at least he's not part of that slightly creepy pale-green army.

Comment Re:Agrument in favor of modularity (Score 1) 87

I was always on that boat, until I got an S7. Water resistant, and the battery gets me 5+ hrs with heavy use. I swapped the S4 batteries out once a day, even with constant charging. I'm pretty happy with water resistance and the glued in battery. That plus wireless "drop and charge" charging, and I'm a happy customer. YMMV, of course.

Comment Re:Coast Starlight (Score 1, Insightful) 408

Why not start upgrading the track to run at 150 mph in segments and speed up the trip?

Because Amtrak is a corporate welfare basket case that will never come close to justifying itself economically. We have aircraft now. Passenger rail is for short-distance commuting, and it's barely cost effective at that.

If done correctly, high speed rail could work on the west coast.

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