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Journal hansamurai's Journal: Introduction to the First Hour

A few weeks ago, I began a new video game review blog called, The First Hour. I'm generally not a fan of regular reviews, they're either too short, too long, or they ignore the questions I'm actually interested in: is this game actually worth playing? The goal of The First Hour is to review the first hour, and only the first hour of video games.

Over the past few years, I've found that my time available to video games has decreased quite a bit. This has forced me to be more careful about which games I actually play, as I don't really have the time to waste on a game that is truly awful, or even mediocre. I received the game God of War 2 as a gift in May, and about a month later, I finally had time to sit down and play it. As I was playing it, I was thinking about just how good the beginning of this game was. It threw me into the action right away, gave me just enough story to get started, and presented a solid hour's worth of fun. As I was falling asleep that night, I realized that this information was both interesting, and important to me.

I had tried starting blogs before, with little success. I had trouble finding topics to write about, and realized that no one would want to read about... nothing. But The First Hour presented me with a unique way to share my video game experiences, while informing gamers on which games have a great first hour (and thus maybe a great rest of the game).

For the last six weeks, I reviewed one game a week. In a standard review, I provide a little background on the game and any interesting trivia that I may dig up inside my head. As I'm playing, I write down basically all interesting (and equally uninteresting) things that are happening, and the blog is basically a minute by minute description of the first hour. At the end, I rate the game in the standard categories: Graphics, Gameplay, Story, and Fun Factor. I also note "Minutes to Action", essentially how long it takes for the game to take off.

The games I've reviewed so far are: God of War 2, Earthbound, Beyond Good and Evil, Indigo Prophecy, Half-Life 2, and Harvest Moon. If you're interested in an atypical review site, please check out The First Hour.
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Introduction to the First Hour

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