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Submission + - Open source game being resold on Mac Store ( 1

hansamurai writes: Lugaru HD, developed by Wolfire and part of the first Humble Indie Bundle, had its souce code released and GPL'd last year as part of the promotion. Earlier this year, Wolfire released the game via the Mac Store under "Lugaru HD". Another company, iCoder, has compiled the Lugaru HD source and also released the game on the Mac Store under simply "Lugaru". While the source code itself was GPL'd, all the art assets remain under Wolfire's copyright. iCoder is refusing to take their release down and Apple is non-responsive.
Emulation (Games)

Submission + - DOSBox available on the Apple App Store (

hansamurai writes: "iDOS, a DOS emulator based on the open source gem DOSBox, has been approved and released on the Apple App Store. Being a fully featured emulator, users have already successfully installed Windows 3.0 on it along with a slew of classic titles such as Duke Nukem, Commander Keen, Gabriel Knight, Leisure Suit Larry, and most of the Ultima titles. There is speculation on whether or not Apple actually meant to approve the app as they have usually quickly dismissed any applications that emulated other software. So if you're looking for your portable DOS fix, get iDOS while it's hot for only 99 cents."

Submission + - Turing test built into a spy video game on its way (

hansamurai writes: "An independent game developer is developing SpyParty, a two player spy simulation that is essentially a Turing test in the form of a video game. One player controls a guest at a dinner party and the other controls a sniper conveniently positioned outside the party's large window. The player at the party is among a group of A.I. controlled characters and must blend in with them and perform various tasks as inconspicuously has possible. The sniper is looking for the tell-tale sign that one of those characters is not like the other and has one shot to take them out. SpyParty was shown at the Game Developer's Conference, but is supposedly two years away according to developer Chris Hecker, a former Maxis developer who led the development of many procedural generated portions of Spore."

Second Life Hype vs. Anti-Hype 67

The new GigaGamez site, part of the OM network, has a look today at the hype fight over Second Life. It's the new darling of media companies, but is increasingly attracting negative feedback by people who know a thing or two about the industry. James Wagner Au tries to sort out who is saying what, and provide a little context for the discussion. From the article: "Can they really build a fully streamed world comprised of tens of thousands of servers? That's way above my paygrade, but I'll guess that task fits under the rubric of Fricking Hard. Can they fix a profoundly unfriendly user interface and thoroughly disorienting first hour user experience, which are aggressively, almost intentionally unwelcoming to the vast majority of interested users? Both shortcomings are at the heart of Second Life's poor retention rates, but neither have significantly changed in the three years since its commercial release. You have to wonder, whatever their stated intentions, if Linden's tech-centric corporate culture simply puts their improvement at a low priority."

Co-Pilots May Sim Instead of Fly To Train 68

CyberLord Seven writes "The Washington Post has up an article on a proposed new standard that would allow co-pilots, and co-pilots only, to gain most of their flight experience through flight simulators rather than through actual flight on smaller planes." From the article: "The move is designed to allow foreign airlines, especially those in Asia and the Middle East that face shortages of pilots, to more quickly train and hire flight crews. The United States isn't expected to adopt the new rules anytime soon, but international pilots trained under the new standards will be allowed to fly into and out of the country. The change is generating some controversy. Safety experts and pilot groups question whether simulators -- which have long been hailed as an important training tool -- are good enough to replace critical early flight experience." It should be pointed out this isn't just Microsoft Flight Simulator they are playing. These are motion-controlled capsules that simulate the realities of an aircraft's movement.

The Unfriendly Side of German Game Development 176

As hysterical as American media and politicians can get over 'violent' videogames, the folks making games in Germany have it a whole lot worse. Tim Partlett (a developer at Crytek) shared his experience with the Quarter to Three forums, describing what it's like to be raided for making a videogame. He describes what it's like to be hated for your job, and laments the attitude of the nation towards his chosen line of work. From the article: "At the time of the (2002 Erfurt school) shooting, we were already in development of Far Cry ... We were just across the state border from Erfurt in northern Bavaria. Tensions in the region were high ... In 2004 the Bavarian authorities sent in the state troopers... When the small tech team appeared to inspect our computers, they were accompanied by over one hundred flak-jacketed riot police, all armed with Heckler and Koch sub-machine guns. It was a total overreaction... They arrived first thing in the morning, and kicked down our doors. They even raided the nearby private residences ... I was caught just outside the office ... We were all shepherded into our Mo-Cap room, and there we were forced to remain until questioned, prevented from leaving by dozens of armed guards."

Oblivion Takes Top Honor At Spike VGAs 52

Last night was the taping for the 2006 Spike TV Videogame awards, and Bethesda Softworks' Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion took best game. Gamespot reports on the rest of the pack, which saw the Critic's Choice going to Twilight Princess, and Epic's Gears of War pulling down several top honors. For a blow-by-blow, Joystiq's event liveblogging post might interest you. It sounds ... pretty awful. From that article: "9:25: 50 Cent intros the 'Best Human Female in a Video Game' in a sort of slurred 'here's my drink' English. We'll have what he's having. It's unsure if he even knows what he's talking about."

Best Gaming Video Cards for the Money 208

Tom's Hardware has decided to take a step back with their latest video card review. Instead of wowing their audience with in-depth benchmarks they head right for what someone reading a review really wants, an opinion of the best bang for the buck. From the article: "So if you don't have the time to research the benchmarks, or if you don't feel confident enough in your ability to make the right decision, fear not. We offer a simple list of the best gaming cards on offer for the money."

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