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Comment Re:But but but! (Score 1) 188

SpaceX is really working on the "space pickup truck" idea.

Is this going to be driven by space rednecks with astro-mullets carrying their space shotguns?

Sorry, but that's the image I get from the idea of a space "pickup". Realistically it's going to be more like a space van or lorry.

Space X et al. are really just trying to use current technology, I'm hoping something like Reaction Engine's Skylon gets off the ground. If we want to make space travel economical, we're going to need something better than chemical rockets.

Comment Re:Then why just 8 countries? (Score 1) 269

Keep thinking that Bannon et al are stupid. You may not like them - but that doesn't make them stupid.

Bannon et al. are idiots.

However the people that voted for them and continue to support their idiotic ideas are the ones who are really stupid.

The tide is turning against so-called "populist" politics precisely because people are seeing how much damage is caused when the stupid put idiots into power. Hanson lost in Western Australia, Wilders in the Netherlands lost, Le Pen in France is next.

The rest of the world should really thank you for being the shining example of what not to do.

However pretending to yourself that your political opposition is stupid; now that says something about you.

You need to look up the definition of irony.

Comment Re: Then why just 8 countries? (Score 1) 269

I believe the issue is the quality of the security screening in these countries.

Sorry, but you'd be wrong.

Several of those countries are engaged in active Civil wars, like Turkey so security is turned up to 11. Dubai (UAE) is at European levels because they hire Europeans to manage it.

But the real problem with that argument is that you could fly to a large number of places in Eastern Europe not in the ban and find incredibly lax security. This is why I use Sofia as my example. Bulgaria is the country directly to the north of Turkey and they aren't exactly known for their Protestant work ethic and incorruptibility. What is stopping Akmal the tablet bomber from flying from Ankara to London by way of Sofia? It's probably wont even cost any more than an ESB-LHR ticket. Hell, he probably wont have any trouble getting through somewhere like Frankfurt.

This why I cant buy it as a credible threat. Why are laptops from Germany or Bulgaria safe when they aren't from Turkey.

Also you don't even need to fly from Turkey, you can get a bus to Sofia if you really wanted.

Comment Re:Whatever they feel like (Score 1) 198

Then let them quit. OP has over a thousand devels and giving everyone admin access and the ability to select their own tools will turn into a nightmare. There will be a thousand different environments. One person quits, gets sick or goes on vacation and his cow-orkers will have to reverse engineer all of his shit to keep production running. Nobody in a shop that size is that good.

If you want free reign to select your own tools, work for yourself in your basement.

or surreptitiously, as necessary.

You're fired.

Comment Extreme temperatures (Score 2) 112

To quote the paper :

"the dipoles can be rapidly aligned at 100&#176;C by an ac applied electric field and frozen into alignment at 25&#176;C < Tg. "

Has consideration been given (experimentation as well) within the laboratory environment to the behavior of the glass substrate within extreme naturally occurring temperatures. While, my personal property values increase proportionately with the effectiveness of global warming and hope at some point to own luxury resort beach front property here in Oslo, Norway, it's not uncommon to operate an EV within sub -20C temperatures and with -50C temperatures further north.

Current Li based cells suffer badly within these climates. In addition, in the past working together with Lee (Elias) Stefanakos Ph.D. from USF, we experienced in Florida certain behaviors in higher unregulated temperatures (with regards to lead-acid cells.. circa 1993) behavioral degradation of chemical electrolytes at +37C (if I recall correctly).

How does your and Maria's solid-state substrate behave within extreme temperatures. While I certainly am no material's scientist, I am curious whether there are behavioral symptoms displayed when performing under such naturally occurring extremes.

In addition, fluid electrolytes can often "self-repair" under these circumstances as a result of "reflowing". If these negative behaviors are apparent in within the solid electrolyte, are the damages sustained (structural fractures for example) or does the substrate display typical expansion and contraction under naturally occurring conditions?

For a bonus :) If the substrate reaches 100C again, what appears to be the behavior? Does it depend on a rapid decrease or "flash freeze" to 25C to stabilize the structure? Will it render the cell absolutely useless? Will it simply continue "business as usual"?

Comment Re:Burn it up??? WTF?? (Score 1) 188

I do also like one of the previous ideas about shuttling it over to the moon. I just question how much energy it would need to overcome earths gravity and break free from it's orbit. It is a bit massive.

Well, it's already moving at about 70% of escape velocity. With something like an ion engine and plenty of time, I don't see any reason the remaining delta-vee couldn't be added.

Comment Professional Engineering (Score 2) 154

Where are the various state licensing boards when people or companies offer their services without the requisite PE license? It's time to plug the "industrial exemption" loophole and see to it that those who offer themselves as 'engineers' actually meet some minimal educational and professional standards.

Comment It's just not fair ... (Score 1) 276

... say the traditional studios.

We spent all that time and money monopolizing the production and distribution channels. We paid good money to lawmakers (or occasionally left a horse's head in their bed) to get legislation written to protect these shady business practices. And now some upstart finds a way to bypass us. And without even giving us a piece of da action. I mean its all ones and zeros floating around in the ether. There isn't even a warehouse or movie theater to burn down.

Comment Re: Not everyone is happy... (Score 1) 105

Copyright licensing is ONLY assignable in writing.

Copyright is only assignable in writing. The law doesn't require that copyright licenses be formal, written documents. Courts have upheld verbal and even implied licenses. This is a very good thing for open source, actually, since hardly any projects get written licenses from contributors. The mere act of sending a pull request (or sending a patch to a mailing list, or...) is taken as an implied license of the author's contribution, under the license or licenses that the project is using.

Also, good luck getting approval from all 400 - after 20 years some are going to be dead.

That only matters if the heirs object. In this case it's hard to see why they would. The only rational (and I use the word loosely) motivation I can see is a deep-seated dislike of the GPL, since the only real effect of this license change will be to make it completely clear that GPL programs can link OpenSSL.

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