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Comment Re:Great, can we get keyboard naviation from Netfl (Score 1) 134


WAF is a very heavy considering in my HTPC. Putting all my movies, music, and photos on KODI has a high WAF, however having to go to the Wii or use a clunky touchpad for Netflix is very low on her tolerance list. She will generally switch to the Wii so she doesn't have to deal with the stupid browser launcher and touchpad.

Comment Re:Great, can we get keyboard naviation from Netfl (Score 1) 134

ICON = Idiots Can Operate Now
GUI = Goober User Interface
I use WIndows because I don't know how to use a computer.

All things I said in the 90's.

My real reason for wanting to be able to use my keyboard is I built a Kodi system and put all of my media on it. I really don't want to have to switch back to the Wii so my wife and kids can use Netflix, which they can't live without, and Amazon Prime video, which I have.

That and I have ">this as a control. I can make it work with the crappy little touchpad and have done so, but it breaks the feel of the whole system.

Comment Great, can we get keyboard naviation from Netflix? (Score 1) 134

There's one thing really holding my HTPC back from sheer awesomeness.

The fact I can't navigate Netflix with a keyboard. Sure there's some rough scrolling and what have you, but it sucks. I want full screen arrow navigation. I know a webpage CAN do it, but why it won't do it is beyond me. The fact it CAN be done on commercial boxes with dedicated apps just annoys me so. I've tried to get copies of the apps meant for Blu-ray players, I even tried installing Dolphin to see if I could get the Wii version to work. No good.

Friggin arrow keys! How hard could that be?

Comment Re:Well, I'm in the clear. (Score 1) 115

I have a toddler that LOVES to push the panic button on the Ford's remote. Nah, about the only thing I'm really missing is opening the trunk without going to the drivers side door first, or opening the rear passenger door to shove the toddler into his seat first. Guess with time they decided you only need one keyhole on the outside of the car.

Comment Re:Microsoft Office Plugin / DirectX suport (Score 2) 204

I've pulled this on a users behalf before. They both loved and hated it, and in reality it was an I.T. guy doing a work-around for what a user should do on their own. I've also converted videos to WMV. Same story, and THOSE videos won't work if they send the Power Point to a Mac user.

I just want some sort of plugin I can deploy with the KBOX that will launch it as though it were native, or better yet have VLC automatically report itself as the opener of those files like Quicktime did. (I looked it up, apparently 2013+ this isn't an issue).

Comment Microsoft Office Plugin / DirectX suport (Score 4, Interesting) 204

I hate to ask for this because overall I'm anti-Microsoft, but I'm a systems administrator at a company and I can't seem to teach my users much of anything, any time I do they have turnover and it's lost. It would be great if there were some way to make VLC the player that worked with Power Point. For some gawd-aweful reason Microsoft thinks you need an Apple product to playback h.264 video in a Power Point presentation and we don't allow that anymore since it's pwned.

I just want to thank you for an awesome product. I use it as a baby monitor with an IP cam at home (no MS products there). I use it on my phone to play podcasts in my car, I love the ability to increase playback speed (that's a little "non-sticky" of a setting). I

Comment Re: 32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 993

I didn't mean they "ran it" from an admin perspective (I'm an I.T. guy at an advertising agency - I know a bit about polling), I meant they attacked it with sock-puppets and seized control of the results the same way anonymous does (when they don't outright hack it). I think I was pretty clear in my first post on the subject that PR teams were manipulating from the outside)

Hillary isn't like past Democrats - since she Ron Paul'ed Bernie lots of Democrats went elsewhere, just like Ron Paul supporters did. Most of the polls on TV and elsewhere are manipulated as well.

There's more than one way to manipulate a poll, and more than one reason to do so. I don't buy a large lead from Hillary anywhere except in area's where 1% ers dominate. Tech circles are too libertine for Hillary, my whole tech department is Libertarians, my previous job I was the lone libertarian (understandable at a federal facility) but the shop was only about a 60-40 split, which I find to be accurate in most tech places where the management isn't intentionally hiring only people of their persuasion.

Comment Re: 32% would vote clinton (Score 0) 993

Due to the shear number of votes and A/C post I don't think Slashdotters voted Clinton. Since at least 08 the Democrat candidates have had massive PR teams to sway polls and online discussion using sock puppets. They even hired actors on Craigslist to fill seats at the DNC after the massive Bernie supporter walk out and delegate lock out.

Nope this poll and discussion is under command and control from a hired PR firm.

BTW - the by the book response to my post is to mention tinfoil and conspiracy theories to discredit me. Now that I hung a lantern on it it's either double down or ignore. I haven't figured out the whole playbook yet, this is a pretty big lantern, they may actually refer me to a heavy hitter specialist. If that happens lack of a real argument usually turns into ad hominem and accusations of support for the Klan or whatever boogie man they choose.

Can you tell I've tangled with these playbook assholes before?

You can tell when you have a hired one, they will never concede any point, will always act like they control the "rules" of the discussion and when defeated in rational arguments will do a final double down on accusations of ignorance and leave.

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