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Comment Epic Games what the Mega-Fuck? (Score 5, Insightful) 361

"Tim Sweeney, co-founder of Epic Games, the studio behind the Gears of War and Unreal franchises has once again lashed out at the Redmond-based company. "

I've been an Unreal fan since the original Unreal Tournament.


Unreal stared out Linux friendly. I got GOTY working with Linux, I got the original Unreal working with some patches, 2003 was Linux compatible from the start as was 2004, then Microsoft made some maps for 2004. Unreal 2 wasn't Linux compatible, UT3 was GOING to be Linux compatible, I even bought my copy under the belief a patch/installer would happen, and it never did (you owe me a refund fucker). To top it off all the OLD Unreal games that came out as Linux compatible are only available for WIndows on Steam and other game distribution networks. I have a Mac OSX version of 2004 and it still works on modern OSX, but you don't even offer Mac versions on those networks, just WIndows.


Your company, of all the companies around, have one of the best track records of working with cross platform compatibility until UT2004, then you pull the plug and even shit all over your old games by making them Microsoft only to newcomers despite the fact you're pissed at Microsoft?

It's like walking into a dark alley, have some guy try to mug you with his fist and saying "Right oh, that will never do, if you wanna mug someone you gotta have a weapon, here take this knife so you can rob me propper!" You're a living Monty Python skit, saying one thing and doing another.

Comment I live in Houston, fourth most populace US City (Score 1) 104

major space flight, technology, and oil and gas hub and we're not even on the roadmap for future deployment according to the pictures in that article.

I have a hard time thinking of Google Fiber as a serious business if they're ignoring us.

Now if they were ignoring us but they were intentionally targeting places like Jal NM, Pecos TX, Nome AK, Vale OR I would consider them serious. SInce they're just cherry picking mid-sized to large cities that already have reasonably good infrastructure - likely loads of dark-fiber - but ignoring large cities and bergs I can't take them seriously.

Also I know plenty of people in Austin that can't get Google fiber because "they're only near the capital, downtown, and college". Hard to take them seriously.

Comment I prefer an external power supply, (Score 1) 108

or some sort of take at a hybrid internal/external like Nintendo pulled with the 64.

Since, with the exception of the X-Box One or course, the power supply was one of the most likely things to fail (somewhere behind optical drives) making that an external device just makes sense.

Comment The day wasn't the best choice. (Score 3, Interesting) 129

How do most people get paid?

Every other week is common, at one point in history I had a roommate where we both got paid every-other week, and we were on opposite schedules, it was great when it came to keeping the kitchen stocked and shared expenses paid. Under this setup most people get paid towards the end of the week, but it could really be at any time.

The other option is 1st and 15th, probably a little less common. In this case the time during the week is sort of randomish but if one of those dates falls on a weekend you often get paid early, meaning Friday - late in the week. I guess you could have a place pay you late, but I don't think that would pass the legal test.

Most people have to pay rent and big expenses at the beginning of the month.

When was Prime Day? On a Tuesday (near the beginning of a week), on the 12th. Basically Prime Day was held right before most people get paid and the twice a month folks are nearing the end of the really expensive half of the month. Brilliant! I'll bet they would have sold loads more if they would have made it the 16th.

Comment Amazon is inferior to Netflix (Score 1) 72

I know this as a user of both.

Netflix deals with my bandwidth fluctuations much better and has more/better content. I don't dismiss Amazon outright, there's some really good stuff there as well, it's just harder to browse for and it's much more difficult to play back on a living room device that isn't Android based.

Which has more staying power?

Amazon - for reasons completely unrelated to their video streaming.

My Amazon Prime account paid for itself inside of a few months on shipping bicycle parts alone. I've gotten some great Prime only deals from time to time, I have music streaming in addition to my video streaming and I've got the Kindle lending library.

I couldn't see canceling my Prime regardless of how good or bad their streaming service is, and I find it interesting that enough people got it just for mixed free/rental/buy streaming service that compares closest to Google Play.

Comment Re:Lets be frank (Score 1) 801

Yes you have said enough.


Just like every other online forum the left wingers are the most vocal and "authoritative" in their voice (pretending like being noisy is support) which gives the illusion of dominance. I've found most middle of the road types and even the opposition is just tired of left-wing shrieking and ignore it in the hopes it will go away. Overall Slashdot has one of the most even mixes I've ever seen. The previous owners were obvious pro NWO shills, but the new guys have backed off of that a bit, it's not quite "classic Slashdot" all over again, but it's much improved. As for the participants it's one of the most even mixes I've ever seen - even not meaning left/right mix, but as I've seen pointed out there's a fairly high count of "Libertarian Aspies" participating, and I've seen comments from outright proud fascist. Nope, Slashdot is one of the most even mixing grounds I've seen,

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