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Comment Re:we've been stuck at 4 core for too long (Score 1) 212

As far as I'm concerned they never left the game, only lost popularity. I'm running a pile-driver core chip on my stuff at home and it doesn't get saturated on my day to day stuff and is quite speedy on my heavy duty stuff as well. I'm not by modern definition a gamer so I'm not pushing it as hard as I can with Windows on the latest AAA titles, but I do use Linux and 3D games - my limitations seem to revolve around my out of date GeForce 750 Ti.

I just built a pile-driver core machine for work, it's being used for video editing - the editor originally wanted a Mac but we talked him into a custom Windows machine instead since Adobe actually caters to the Windows side more considering their war with Apple. He's exceedingly happy - in fact he's asked us to remove his older Mac from his desk he likes the Windows/AMD combo we built him so well.

I'm still a fan of the AMD/Nvida combo, from the old ATI Rage IIc almost always having issues in laptops in the late 90's, to my first Radeon literally smoking after playing Alice for about an hour and half, to the conference room machine where I now work having to run on an older version of the Radeon driver if I want sound over HDMI to work I've never been able to bring myself around to liking ATI/Radeon/AMD graphics with the exception of saying they did great in the Wii and GameCube.

Comment Re:In next weeks news get your nails done at Autoz (Score 1) 42

I think it's a great idea.

I always thought businesses that have customers in waiting should have secondary services to soak a few extra bucks off of them and to make their time less wasted. When I was in League City they built a Carwash and Grill. The idea was to eat steak and drink while you were getting a car wash, what I considered genius, but they never actually opened the grill while I still lived there, just the bar. So drive there, get drunk drive home. I had an issue with this, but went there anyways for one beer and then soda.

I always thought tire shops and what have you should have at minimum WiFi in the lobby. Most don't and usually have a TV pinned on something horrible. I think mixing up barber shops with lube and tire shops would be a great idea

If I were opening up a coffee shop (which I've considered) I would absolutely target spaces next door to tire, lube, brake, carwash, and any other place I could think of that would have people pinned in place without their vehicles. I tend to walk somewhere to eat when waiting for anything like that and will pick a place that has something within a reasonable/safe walking distance.

Comment Re:Great, another AppData directory bomb (Score 1) 87

DropBox is banned in our organization for this and other reasons. Turns out it's more insecure than it gets credit for, Slashdot has covered that a few times and I know people who've personally been able to prove data was leaking from there. I no longer have anything in my personal Dropbox account.

Comment Re:and... no Linux client (Score 1) 87

Unless you use Java, HTML5 or some other cross platform framework.

Or make an all-dependencies included package, which can be done on Linux just like it's done on Mac OS. The NIX package manager is supposed to address this sort of thing.

When you get into the Linux world as long as your software is written properly there's a lot less supporting that has to be done, the users tend to be more advanced or are working under someone who is. As long as the stuff isn't written poorly or focused on one distro only (really - why do companies release RPM's to appease Linux people? RedHat? Really?) it should be smooth sailing.

Comment Re:Great, another AppData directory bomb (Score 1) 87

Just when I thought it couldn't get much worse:

I logged into the machine with the same domain admin account I used to run the installer. I went to Add/Remove programs - I got a message that I didn't have the rights to uninstall it. I am an administrator of both the local machine and the domain.

I browsed into the AppData directory (which I don't expect the average user who has admin to their own stuff to understand) I found an uninstaller and I ran it. That worked. I then manually deleted the directories that were left.

This has a ways to go before I accept it as good corporate software. It's most certainly not a good software citizen.

Comment Re:Great, another AppData directory bomb (Score 1) 87

There's no reasonable excuse not to support Linux on something like this.

Release two versions - first and up front release a Nix style package, which for all intents and purposes can be compared to a Mac .dmg file with all dependencies included. Or more accurately an APK for a desktop since they already support a version of Linux by having an Android version. With a Mac, Android, and iOS version out there already the work is done - can you say easy port?

Then for the braver types and for the distro makers release a tar.gz file with the crap in it. It doesn't matter if you release the source code or not, though of course I would prefer they did. If you make a straight up binary version someone is going to make an RPM of it and someone else is going to make a .deb - consider the work done. The nice thing about the open-source community, they'll do the work for you for free if you don't actively stop them. Look at the way nVidia drivers are handled and the way Oracle Java has distro side packages that are dedicated to downloading and installing the binaries in a way that is both easy and compliant with overbearing restrictions.

Comment Re:Great, another AppData directory bomb (Score 5, Informative) 87

So, I downloaded the client.

I logged in as my test domain user - his name is Norm L. User. I right-clicked the installer exe - no there wasn't an MSI even in this day and age - and chose "Run as Administrator" which is exactly what I'm going to have to do for one off user installs.

Without asking it installed directly into my administrator accounts AppData directory.

STRIKE 3!!!!

This program is crap from a corporate perspective.

Comment Re:Great, another AppData directory bomb (Score 1) 87

Looks like there isn't a test meeting to join. Pretty much all the other guys have a test meeting. I want to see if I have to do an install of anything just to join, which is the most important thing to me. My company works with many others, we have standardized on a product, but that doesn't mean I don't have to consider every other product out there since we work with so many other companies and they all want to do their own thing. You've probably gathered GoTo Meeting with its absolute demand to run in a randomized AppData directory folder and the zero backwards compatibility between versions is a thorn in my side.

I don't know if there's a strike from a joining perspective or not since there is no obvious test meeting.

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