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Comment Re:Thunderbird too (Score 4, Informative) 112

Thunderbird is not dead at all, it's just been relegated to community maintenance mode (like SeaMonkey has always been). There was a lot of press blather about how that amounted to the "death" of Thunderbird, meanwhile its users are happily downloading security updates with the occasional new feature, and continuing to use a relatively stable program. Considering what they're doing to Firefox, I think this is a good thing.

Comment Re:No point encrypting if you're the only one... (Score 1) 108

And yet, as I point out, Apple has done it with iMessage. A lot of sites encrypt their traffic with SSL.

Both of these are surely compromised by the NSA by now. Certainly SSL is.

I think the real problem is one of standards.

That is a really good point. The move to closed systems is a disease that is killing the internet.

Comment Re:No point encrypting if you're the only one... (Score 2) 108

This argument hasn't changed in twenty years, in spite of massive improvements in ease of use. Apparently, it's impossible to make it "easy enough" for the average user. I think this means ease of use actually has very little to do with the problem. The problem is with the average user's priorities. People value convenience more highly than privacy, and as long as people don't change those values, encryption will never take on. Typically people will only change their priorities under threat of dire and immediate consequences for them personally. Everyone will lock their door so they don't get burglarised. But email privacy is too abstract and invisible still. It's going to take some huge cases of identity theft, with real monetary loss, to get people to change â" and then people will probably sooner abandon email than use email encryption. Finally, the kind of convenience that you propose necessarily will render the whole thing insecure. Letting strangers (like Google) manage your private keys defeats the whole purpose.

Comment Re:Microsoft Opened Themselves Up for Lawsuits (Score 2) 345

Oh and don't forget which OS it was that gave us heartbleed. Was it Windows? No no no no, was it OSX? No no nooo no, was it Linux? yeah yeah yeah yeah!

How does this utter shit get modded up to +4? Heartbleed is an OpenSSL bug. It's got jack to do with Linux (or any other OS). That is just the worst in the parent message. Everything else is misleading as well.

Submission + - /. Beta comments don't work, users upset. ( 4

magic maverick writes: Since the new /. Beta came to light, many /. users and commentators have tried it out. However, they are almost universally condemning the new commenting system. It simply isn't as good as the so called Classic system. Some users, however, haven't a bad thing to say. Mainly because they haven't had a chance to even use the new system. It simply doesn't load. One user, Magic Maverick , who lives in a third-world country with crappy Internet, had this to say:

I come to /. for the comments, but with the new Beta, I can't even see anything! It just says:

''Shazbot! We ran into some trouble getting the comments. Try again... na-nu, na-nu!

It seems like the "developers" need to take some advice from people who actually know what they are doing. I'm happy to help explain what graceful degradation means if they like...

Submission + - Dice Holdings, Inc, deleting unflattering stories from Slashdot firehose 4

An anonymous reader writes: Stories submitted to the Slashdot firehose that take a negative view on the site's redesign are being deleted. 4 hours ago, it was full of anti-beta posts. Now they are gone. That's right. A forum that usually leaves V14GRA spam in place for posterity is deleting user content.

Submission + - Slashdot goes kerplunk 4

An anonymous reader writes: dice abandons slashdot classic look forcing long-time users to abandon slashdot.

Submission + - Slashdot BETA Discussion ( 60

mugnyte writes: With Slashdot's recent restyled "BETA" slowly rolled to most users, there's been a lot of griping about the changes. This is nothing new, as past style changes have had similar effects. However, this pass there are significant usability changes: A narrower read pane, limited moderation filtering, and several color/size/font adjustments. BETA implies not yet complete, so taking that cue — please list your specific, detailed opinoins, one per comment, and let's use the best part of slashdot (the moderation system) to raise the attention to these. Change can be jarring, but let's focus on the true usability differences with the new style.

Comment Re:Floppy disks? (Score 1) 232

Another good reason I found on a relevant mailing list thread is that testing on a large variety of architectures often exposes bugs that remain under the radar otherwise (but may still come to bite users as security holes). That large variety is only available by supporting legacy architectures.

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