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Comment Re:Shocking! (Score 2, Informative) 216

From some of the other (albeit suggestive) replies to this.

That's what user mode in Opera is for. It makes any hidden text or fine print clearly visible in a normal font. I am sure there is a Firefox addon or setting that does something similar, but it is very hard if not impossible to make fine print stay hard to read with any decent web browser.

An excellent suggestion for those who are already using Opera (an excellent browser, don't get me wrong. I adore Opera on my Blackberry and Wii.), but not something you need to switch away from Firefox/Iceweasel/Kin to achieve, or even install an add-on/extension for.

Edit (menu bar) -> Preferences (menu item) -> Content (tab) -> Fonts & Colors (group) -> Advanced (button) -> Minimum Font Size (dropdown list). The default is "None", set it to 10, 12, 14, or whatever is comfortable for your level of vision on your particular display. Kudos to the Mozilla folks for managing to hide that incredibly useful preference so well, but at least you only need to set it once! No additional add-on, extension, hack, greasemonkey script, usercontent CSS entry, etc. is needed.

For those stuck with or who insist on using MSIE, Tools (menu) -> Internet Options (menu item) -> Accessibility (button), then either tick "Ignore font sizes specified on webpages" (which is easy, but is way too global for many people's tastes), or tick "Format documents using my style sheet" and make a simple CSS file that has !important rules for minimum font size. Nope, not user-friendly in the least, but you can at least accomplish it without making your bad situation even worse.

I'm sure there are ways to accomplish this in Safari, etc. without too much effort as well, but you will have to ask Uncle Google for the particulars.

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