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Comment Uber punishes drivers not using Uberpool (Score 1) 63

In an effort to extract more money from its drivers, the Uber cab company has been pushing them to use Uberpool where riders traveling to similar destinations are grouped together in the same vehicle.

This sounds great in theory, the Uber cab driver can carry more riders, but the downsides are several. First, the cab driver has to go out of their way to pick up the second (or third) rider, this leads to the second issue where the rider "experience" is degraded because the other riders might be undesirable in one way or another or their trip delayed because of picking up the other riders. This can lead to lower ratings for the cab driver, not to mention the cab driver gets fewer tips this way.

However, if an Uber cab driver refuses to accept rides using Uberpool they are penalized by the Uber cab company via "timeouts". The company prevents the cab driver from obtaining any other rides for up to 15 minutes.

As one researcher into how the Uber cab company operates via this method said, "You're saying to someone -- you're your own boss, but also go into the penalty box because you didn't behave in the way that we suggested you should."

Comment Re:The RX470 makes me want to try AMD again (Score 1) 42

The problem was their damned Nforce boards, a ton of really nice C2Qs and Phenom I quads came with Nforce and it will NEVER EVER WORK with anything newer than Windows 7. Sure you can tweak the .ini to get the GPU to work....WTF good is that gonna do when you have no networking and no sound?

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 430

Hyperbole or not, it appears to offer nothing but hassle to end users, which probably means it's getting unpopular.

Virtually all US credit cards are chip and signature, offering little in improved security. It's slow. Most card readers have a slot but haven't had that feature activated (honestly, the only store around here that allows chip vs swipe is Wal-Mart. Publix, as one major example, doesn't) leading to confusion. The card readers themselves seem to be bug ridden, with some freaking out if you don't insert the card at the exact moment they expect it. Wal-Mart's even, until recently, made a noise like a submarine klaxon when the payment was accepted - someone and completely unnecessarily embarrassing.

Add to that the delays, and you have the least popular technology since GMX.

Comment No shit (Score 1) 430

Also with regards to pin/signature I've yet to see a card and retail terminal that doesn't support both. It is just up to the bank to decide which it likes best and it asks for that. So if you come from Canadaland and use your card, it'll ask you for a PIN, and the American behind you will get a signature. However that American signature card works just fine on the PIN only automated terminals in the UK so long as you've set up a PIN on it. Heck you can see both as an American in Target if you like. Target has upgraded to chip readers now. If you have one of their store credit cards, they'll issue you a chip ONLY card, no mag stripe. It will use a PIN, not a signature. However take out your Visa and stick it in the same machine, and it'll use signature. It is up to what the bank requests as default.

You can argue about if it is a good idea to use signature, but it is absolutely no problem from an implementation standpoint. The terminals do both. When I was in the UK this month, everything happily took my US card and just spit out a signature form, excepting automated kiosks (for the subway and shit) which happily used the PIN I'd set. This was all handled on the design of the system years ago.

With regards to speed I will say that it is a tiny bit slower, even with good equipment, and this is something that the hardware makers are aware of and are working on but it is seriously trivial. On a quality, hardwired, terminal you get a swipe through in maybe 1-3 seconds, a chip seems to take maybe 5-10. Oh no, a few extra seconds, what ever will I do! It isn't like you are waiting for a minute or something. The things that take a long time with chip are usually ones that take a long time (just less of a long time) with swipe, namely wireless ones that have to establish a connection like vending machines.

Comment Re:Nope (Score 1) 430

"most of those are direct debit cards which is a whole other beast than the US credit cards"

Quite often Direct Debit cards in the US are also tied to a credit account, and as such, when you swipe/insert chip, you're given the option of selecting credit or debit (and the retailer usually asks you this as well.) One card instead of many.

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 2) 430

Not saying chip and pin is perfect, but I really don't get why this is such a big "disaster".

Editor is obviously using hyperbole. I just got a replacement card with a chip from my credit union. I went grocery shopping, and 2 of the stores had me swipe, the 3rd had me insert the card. It did take significantly longer, and you need to remove it at a specific time in the process or else the transaction will fail. That store also has Apple Pay, so I think I'll just use that at that particular store in the future. Other stores have told me that the chip reader on their unit doesn't work.

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