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Comment EASY (Score 5, Insightful) 310

Document your correspondences to your boss when you notify vital security issues. Make sure your e-mails are not only backed-up, but you get read receipts or something showing your boss opened the e-mail (and might have read it). Keep those receipts archived. When poop hits the fan, at least, you are protected.

Comment Prevention should be advocated instead.. (Score 1) 170

What would be better is an authoritative body charged with the mandate of inspecting Internet infrastructure and determining if they are vulnerable or not and provide them with solutions to fix their issues. Of course, someone has to pay for this, but still, I think it would make more sense. But that's just my opinion.

Comment Interesting (Score 1) 223

Wouldn't it be more efficient if the drones were in space, away from our atmosphere? And if one can harness power in such a way that it can be wirelessly transmitted, wouldn't that also be "in the wrong hands" a weapon of some rather next level form of mass destruction?

Comment Depends. (Score 1) 100

If the developer is the owner of the software and has provided warranty for the software and/or as a selling points, uses the accuracy and reliability of the software and, assuming this, that the users of the product are following all the rules and guidelines and the software fails.. then, there could be a point towards this. So, this becomes a question of what are you selling, how much are you willing to back it up and finally, if there are any disclaimers, are they easily understood? Nothing is infallible. Considering the platforms being used, etc.. It's hard to make anything fool proof, so, how much QA was done? and are people using the product as it is intended on the devices it is meant to work on? And let's talk a professional software with proper SDLC. That means there is QA, UAT, PROD, etc.. It's not just the developer. So, this can easily be a grayish area.

Comment The only way.. (Score 1) 1

.. we can know if there was life on Mars, is to explore the planet using actual humans with the proper tools. And then again, for the most part, while wanting to know if there "WAS" life on the planet is something that we would really like to know, the more pertinent question is "can we somehow make it habitable for us?" What is on the planet which could help us make it viable? Obviously, in science fiction there is a concept of "terraforming" which we do NOT actually have the technology for, but in the end, it comes down to this: Is there something we can use for fuel? is there energy to be worked with? is there raw matter we can manipulate? Is there water? Can we build radiation proof shelters? You know, those sort of questions...

Comment Not surprised. (Score 1) 1

Much about this world isn't fair. But the saying is "ignorance is bliss".
However, it is NOT sustainable to plead ignorance and to be complacent about such issues.
Considering the amount of technology, especially in the communication field it isn't possible for this type of information to remain hidden.
Which means that for those of us living well, we must shoulder this responsibility.
In a nutshell, common sense dictates that we should spread our standards of living everywhere and that somewhere along the way, we should recognize that the current economic models make no sense, the way the planet is government in such a fragmented manner is utter chaos and we really need as humans to come to grip with the stupid and irrelevant issues of racism and beliefs and we should work together as one.

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