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Comment Completely ineffective (Score 3, Interesting) 85

Naturally, their tactics have been completely ineffective at stopping the reporting. I have to wonder if they were hoping for the Streisand Effect, where angry gamers would share the PS4 Slim photos to get 'revenge' on Sony. People don't seem to care very much about this iteration of the Playstation, and why should we?

Comment A lost account (Score 1) 9

I had to recover my Apple ID recently. All I needed was the recovery address and my date of birth.

You're a little vague on the ID theft allegation, but the harassment can be stopped by blocking mail from that source. I don't think Apple has any obligation to help you with this. Allowing unverified people to disable accounts, would be a more serious problem than the occasional lost account.

One place where I can sympathize with you is the ridiculous password requirements that Apple has. They are definitely creating a much higher percentage of forgotten passwords than other secure services I know of.

Comment Re:That's the problem with Wintel architecture (Score 1) 7

"Well, that's certainly much more eloquent than my title."

I, too, thought you may have underutilized your vocabulary with that headline. Let's not forget to blame Microsoft for an irredeemable OS release that nobody would want to stick with. You took a bit of a risk buying anything with Vista on it.

Comment Re:hole in the market (Score 1) 5

The used game market is risky as more games include downloadable content, which can only download once. I try to avoid those games that lock significant portions of the release online, but I wouldn't bet on the publishers settling on best way to attack the used game market.

As for DVD/BD trading, can it be done for much less than renting? Would it be subject to gaming the system by trading for value and eventually eBaying the popular titles?

http://www.cheapassgamer.com/ has a person-2-person trade system, but I've never used it. They're pretty aware of value, so it might be hard to trade old for new.

Comment Re:Sorry, the second is worthy of -1 (Score 1) 6

Those are both troll posts. The second also attacks the poster indirectly. I'm sure they don't condone child molestation just because they identify with a church that negligently allows it to happen, fails to punish the perpetrators, and then tries to cover it up. I also thought the speculation about what the church would do about heresy today, if it had the power, was incorrect and didn't support your point anyway.

You must have been grumpy that day.

Comment Re:In Soviet Russia (Score 1) 265

> "Linux is free if your time is worthless"

Why try to make that Linux specific? It's more like, all desktop computers require maintenance. In my experience, Windows computers need more of it. Presumably, the IT guy would not be calling you when he hit a Windows bug he couldn't handle? Well, then the situation is clear, and requires no Linux bashing to justify. He only wanted Windows, and was willing to pay for the licenses. Done.

Comment Conspiracy? No just bad software... (Score 1) 7

I enjoy reading your stuff, so I hope you won't descend into conspiracy theories. These are the editors we've got, so let try to work within that framework.

BTW, I don't think Apple does much tinkering with the Windows drivers for bootcamp unless it's a showstopper. They mostly just collect them for you and provide it on the CD. After all, they gave you a perfectly fine OS you could use with their computer if you wanted to. ;)

I came too late to donate mod points on the last JE, so I gave you a +1 on this one, although I kind of disagree, because I don't object to the discussion. Did Apple write their own ACPI driver? If not, the supplier is responsible for making it work in both OSes, even if Apple's implementation is not fully compliant.

Actually, I've been meaning to start migrating to OS X from Linux on my MacBook, but I haven't gotten around to it. I hear some of the apps are nice, and suspend works in Linux, but waking up restarts my gnome desktop, which sort of defeats the whole purpose.

Comment Re:you lost me at hello (Score 1) 555

The problem is that, unlike mathematics, the law is not applied independent of anything else- especially not in cases where it is patently absurd to do so.

I don't think the law has a problem with the patently absurd, if it appeal to the person(s) judging the law. Take the 10th amendment. It's absurd to say that it means nothing, but it that is how it is interpreted. How about "breaking and entering" for opening an unlocked door? Why go to the trouble of fixing the law to include what you want, when the judge can just make new law from the bench?

Comment Re:Its not rocket surgery... (Score 1) 865

If that works for you, then great, but...

Calories are king. It has been shown that how many calories you eat is much more important than what kind of calories you eat, for losing weight. This matches what is obvious for most people before they encounter a fad diet book that explains it has the best, trademarked way of losing weight.

The additional diet techniques can be used once you have the basics down, but too many people think that eating grapefruits, high protein, low carbs, etc. is going to work when calories aren't being reduced first.

Eat less and exercise more?? Who knew?

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