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Video game/DVD trading suggestions?

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  • The Pirate Bay seems to be rather popular :P

    Otherwise I don't know any services in the US. I recently signed up to LoveFilm here in the UK, it allows rental of physical movies and games, and unlimited streaming, for a flat rate each month. Don't know if there's a direct alternative in the US, but you could have a look at stuff like netflix and gamefly.com . It's not trading exactly, but the pricing for this stuff is pretty good if you get through a lot of games and movies each month.

    Stupidly I signed up to

    • I have Netflix, they don't rent games though. What I really want is to get rid of the games I have so that someone else can play them, and get something else that I haven't played yet. I can go to Gamestop but they give you chicken scratch even for a tradein.

  • I think there's a significant retail opportunity for a business that more aggressively deals in used games and DVDs, but the main players in that market are the same people who make their money from new stock, so they've always treated the secondary market like a redheaded stepchild.

    There's an even bigger opportunity for a website that would connect people with used games and DVDs, but I think there are enough fears about the industry coming after them that they're reluctant.

    After all, who really knows what

    • The used game market is risky as more games include downloadable content, which can only download once. I try to avoid those games that lock significant portions of the release online, but I wouldn't bet on the publishers settling on best way to attack the used game market.

      As for DVD/BD trading, can it be done for much less than renting? Would it be subject to gaming the system by trading for value and eventually eBaying the popular titles?

      http://www.cheapassgamer.com/ [cheapassgamer.com] has a person-2-person trade system, bu

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