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Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 622

Yeah... I used to write PHP more often ~5+ years ago. The only time I miss the easiness of is in when doing the simplest things. I still use PHP for such things once in a while. But In every other way I find Python to be better and that verbosity you're talking about winds up insignificant.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 622

I still don't know what you're talking about. It still doesn't have anything to do with implementing the FastCGI. protocol in every script that you write. start_response() is WSGI which can be run completely without FastCGI. If you don't want to say "start_response('200 OK', [('Content-Type', 'text/plain')])" all the time then don't write your web app in WSGI. Use some higher level frame work like django or something.

Comment Re:Of course. (Score 1) 1174

I don't quite understand why so many USians are so wound up about pat-downs. They are standard practice around the world in any environment where certain items must be excluded from a physical space.

No they aren't. All I ever had to do to get in to a court building or police station was go through a metal detector.

Comment Re:Go figure (Score 1) 346

I know I went off on like 6 tangents here, but you seemed curious about the experience itself

Yeah, thanks for the info.

And for God's sake don't start out with more than 1-2 hits or 2-4 friends.

Is that only if you want to do the whole introspection thing and try to get something out of it? You mentioned at first you only used it as a party drug and nothing extraordinary happened the first time. I'm guessing the only place I'd be likely to find it at first would be at a music fest or concert or something like that. Not as controlled of an environment as you're recommending.

Comment Re:Points 4. and 5... (Score 1) 227

It does nothing (yes, nothing) to enhance security

It may enhance your luck. Sometimes exploits are found and there's some time between the discovery of the vulnerability and you fixing your system. In that time it could be that the only attack that will be attempted on your system will be an untargeted one by someone who's just quickly sweeping the whole internet on the standard port for as many machines to root as quickly as possible.

Comment Re:Points 4. and 5... (Score 1) 227

Serious question to all: Do people still use the default port for SSH anymore? I never have, as once we went from telnet to ssh (over a decade ago...) we just always used a non-standard port. Makes my logs a lot easier to read.

Yes, I run it on the default port, as does everyone else I personally know. How does running it on a non-standard port make your logs easier to read?

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