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Submission + - What can I do about book pirates?

peterwayner writes: "Six of the top ten links on a Google search for one of my books points to a pirate site when I type in "wayner data compression textbook". Others search strings actually locate pages that are selling legit copies including digital editions for the Kindle. I've started looking around for suggestions. Any thoughts from the Slashdot crowd? The free copies aren't boosting sales for my books. Do I (1) get another job, (2) sue people, or (3) invent some magic spell? Is society going to be able to support people who synthesize knowledge or will we need to rely on the Wikipedia for everything? I'm open to suggestions."

Submission + - Datel Release Wiimote Controller With More Feature (dcemu.co.uk)

wraggster writes: "Datel have today released the first 3rd Party Wiimote controller for the Nintendo Wii with a few added extras, from the description:

The brand new Wii Wildfire FX controller incl. Rapid Fire Button now replaces the Rapid Response — Wireless controller with vibration effect and built-in loudspeaker — Suitable for Wii, Wii Nunchuk and other controllers for the Wii Remote (100 percent compatible) — Turbo rapid fire function (selectable by means of the A-B-1 and 2 buttons) — 3-axis sensor — Comfortable grip — Corrugation for the fingers on the complete grip zone — Full 4-channel support"

The Internet

Submission + - Who Has the Most Web Servers? (datacenterknowledge.com)

1sockchuck writes: "Rackspace said this week that it is managing more than 50,000 web servers, raising the question: who else has that many? Of companies that publicly discuss their server counts, there are only a handful that are near or above the 50,000 server mark, including 1&1 Internet, The Planet and Akamai as well as Rackspace. The larger totals are found among companies that don't discuss how many servers they're running. The leading suspects: Google, Microsoft, Amazon and eBay."
The Almighty Buck

GoDaddy VP Caught Bidding Against Customers 222

An anonymous reader writes "A GoDaddy Vice President has been caught bidding against customers in their own domain name auctions. The employee Adam Dicker isn't just any GoDaddy employee; he's head of the GoDaddy subsidiary that controls the auctions. Dicker won some of the domains he bid for, and pushed up the bid price on auctions he didn't win. The conflict of interest is unethical, but could this practice also be illegal? Said a representative for a competitor, 'Even if controlled, that practice has bad news written all over it.' This comes hot on the heels of news that despite earlier promises to ICANN to end their 60-Day ban on transfers, GoDaddy quietly circumvented it by forcing customers to agree to the ban anyway. ICANN doesn't appear to be investigating or asking follow-up questions about this. What can be done to force ICANN to police the registrars for which it is responsible?"

Submission + - Red Hat and Novell sued for patent infringement

twistedcubic writes: Red Hat and Novell have been sued for patent infringement in Texas by IP Innovation, LLC. and Technology Licensing Corporation. On October 9, IP Innovation filed suit claiming Red Hat and Novell violated U.S. patents 5072412, 5533183, and 5394521. The patents were originally assigned to Xerox Corporation. A cursory look suggests the patents involve virtual workspaces and sticky windows with different properties in each virtual workspace. Groklaw has the scoop.

Linux beats Windows to Intel iMac 537

Ctrl+Alt+De1337 writes "The Mactel-Linux folks have now successfully booted Linux on a 17" Core Duo iMac. They used the elilo bootloader, a modified kernel, and a hacked vesafb to boot from a USB drive. No GUI pictures for now, just white text on a black background. The distro of choice was Gentoo, and instructions and patches are promised this weekend."

Google Stands Ground on Google.cn 331

nmccart writes "Google gave testimony on Friday to the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on International Relations. They discussed their decision to build google.cn in China. Elliot Schrage, the vice president for global communications and public affairs at Google describes how these China-based servers fit in to Google's mantra of 'Don't be evil.' Google hopes to use this as an opportunity to help bring global censorship into the spotlight of American politics. Will it work?"

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