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Comment Re:You mentioned police, so... (Score 1) 611

Not just sarcasm, thinking and saying are two different things and saying and doing are also two very different things. I guarantee you've said something today you won't do and thought many things today you won't even say let alone do.

That is part of why speech is protected. I very much dislike both Trump and Hillary and I've said more than a few times that someone should just shoot them and the world would be a better place. That isn't sarcasm it is just exasperation, I would never REALLY condone violence and wouldn't support someone who did. Every day friends and colleagues say "I hate that x" and "I could kill x" and none of them actually mean it. It isn't that sometimes you don't mean extreme and inappropriate statements it's that 99.999% of the time an extreme statement is made the person doesn't mean it.

He doesn't need a defense. We are all two faced when it comes to work and home. He can be a racist bigoted prick in his head, if it doesn't translate into inappropriate comments and actions at work it is nobody's business. If he has complaints against him at work, his facebook could be brought out to corroborate and show consistency between the two for what that is worth but no, you don't initiate real action because of something someone said on facebook.

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Online Wii games stopped working just a few years after they were released... why?

Two reasons. First, Wii online multiplayer matchmaking was through GameSpy, and GameSpy went out of business a little over a year after the Wii U was released. Second, GameSpy's library was linked statically into each Wii game, and Nintendo neglected to include a patching mechanism for disc games in IOS, the operating system of the Wii. Nor could it issue an update to IOS to allow this because of the Wii's anemic (0.5 GB) internal storage. (The same lack of space is why downloadable "channels" (applications) were limited to about 40 MB.) So even if it wanted to issue a patch to allow use of third-party game servers, it had no official means to do so.

I even miss the little world weather thing. I'd often pop in to just twirl the globe for a moment... it couldn't possibly cost anything significant to run the freakin' weather server, could it?

Yes. Licensing current conditions and forecasts from a commercial service with worldwide coverage costs money. Some national government agencies, such as the National Weather Service in the United States, provide without charge, but those are specific to each country, and integrating all countries' weather information also costs engineering time=money.

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Online gaming is a cancer and blight upon the world, anyway. Proper multiplayer is splitscreen or LAN.

After you've graduated and your classmates have moved away, good luck finding partners for "Proper multiplayer" in your home town. How is that usually done, especially for people like me who don't drink alcohol and whose coworkers are non-gamers?

Comment Re:Dammit Nintendo (Score 1) 269

Anyone still on cable can get their DVR through the cable company.

True, cable and satellite offer whole-house DVR. But a lot of people using antenna+Netflix aren't willing to upgrade to cable or satellite TV just to be able to record episodes that are on antenna but not Netflix, nor are they willing to pay $600 over the life of a TiVo DVR for the required service.

Not that it's Nintendo's responsibility to provide DVR functionality or anything.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 135

Do you have any idea what conditions are like under occupation? Here's a hint: go ask the Palestinians what occupation is like.

Not every occupier runs a Naziesque genocidal regime. Why don't you look at the American occupation of Iraq instead? We instituted curfews, and desegregated populations that were living next to one another in relative peace, causing them to come into conflict and fomenting terrorism. That's pretty close to what American occupation of America is like, except instead of desegregating a segregated populace, our laws seek to segregate it further by demonizing and subsequently ghettoizing some races.

Comment Re:Copseye (Score 1) 135

Alas, our police aren't as benevolent as those Niven depicts. Ours would take umbrage at rocks being thrown at their copseye-equivalents.

Are you kidding? Ours takes umbrage if you cross the street in the "wrong" place (even with no cars coming) or burn a spliff in the top of a tree where nobody can smell it. There's not going to be any benevolent anarchy. Just a boot stomping a human face if it doesn't assemble those doodads correctly, forever.

Comment Re: autism is preferable? (Score 1) 611

Not so fast. If I, in a developed country with good health care, had a child to be vaccinated with the MMR, I would realise that getting the measles is not by far as bad as making him autistic by trying to prevent him from getting the measles. I would never be able to forgive myself if such thing happened.

So you could forgive yourself if they got neural damage from measles, and acted as a vector to give it to other children making you a total shitbag of a parent, but not if they became autistic?

In the USA nowadays 1 in 25 children becomes autistic

Who told you that? It's 1 in 68.

and I'm sure that even if everybody got the measles, only 1 in 1,000 or so would be severely damaged by it.

Measles causes the most vaccine-preventable deaths of any disease. You're a colossal dumbass.

Comment Even IPv6 completely fails to address this (Score 0) 254

So we're going to have to handle it at the routing level. We're going to need a web of trust routing system and when some provider goes full retard and fails to block malicious traffic originating from their network, their peers null-route and refuse to carry their traffic until they fix it.

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 1) 74

Some of the land was taken by force, other land was simply unoccupied.

There was no land which was simply unoccupied. Some of it was very sparsely populated, but the natives had over ten thousand years to figure out what the population densities should look like.

Are you trying to get at something?

It's the government's land, because they took it by force! But wait, it's wrong to take land by force. So... give your land back to the natives and fuck off.

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 1) 74

as owners of the land that the pipeline runs over, the government is naturally the institution demanding safety. What makes government "evil" is that it usually acquires property by force, gives it away to powerful special interests, and does a piss poor job managing and preserving it.

That is, if this land (and the Indian territory) actually was private property and managed as private property, then there would be nothing to riot and protest about.

Wait, is it evil to acquire property by force, or not? Because... how do you think the government got the land this nation is based upon?

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