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Comment Re:Drone collisions... (Score 1) 52

Yeah, that's pretty much how I interpreted it as well.

(The bipe pilot turned on his smoke to "increase his visibility to the R/C airplane operators". Uh-huh -- *he was showing off*, and got too close.)

That said, the FAA's decision was pretty clear -- the collision was the fault of the pilot of the model aircraft. I guess that's the only possible answer given their rules -- showing off is permitted, but hovering where a manned aircraft decides to be is not, permission or not.

Comment Re: Taste Score (Score 1) 67

Liver tastes like something that spent a lifetime filtering out crap for a reason, kidneys taste like they've been marinated in piss, etc).

Organ meats contain the highest nutritional value, actually.

These statements are not mutually exclusive. Organ meats have a high chance of contamination from environmental sources because of their function. If clean, they are highly desirable. If not, you should leave them to the sled dogs. They have shorter lifespans, and are less likely to suffer the effects of bioaccumulation.

Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 314

Done it on a few cars, Civic, Mustang. The worst are A arms. Two bushings, in line.

Yes, that sounds like a massive PITA. I have no experience with such things. I actually let someone change my Dana 50 ball joints, the same guy doing the alignment on my F250. On my 240SX, all the suspension links were just simple stamped steel items with one thing on each end, maybe a bolt attachment in the middle (e.g. radius rod to the front suspension arm.) The bushing in the radius rod is about the size of a subframe bushing on a german luxo barge, i.e. massive. So that's going to basically last forever. On my A8, it's all cast Aluminum members, and it's all multilink so they are all simple except the main one on the bottom to which the goodies attach. So there are just no situations like that. On the other hand, there's also not a complete kit of poly bushings available for either end of the car. There's only one poly bush shy in the front, but I think there's only one bush available for the rear. On the 240SX at least you could go full-poly, except maybe the subframe where people tended to go Aluminum anyway. And I lost track of the number of Integras I blew off due to handling differences, so meh to Honda :) I went full poly front and full spherical rear, though... And kept rubber subframe bushes for street comfort.

Comment Re:The sharing of table scraps economy not viable? (Score 1) 314

I love my polyurethane. But they aren't for everyone and they don't last forever. Life is actually shorter than stock,

What? Shorter than stock? That's goofy. That outright shouldn't be happening. Did you forget to grease the bores before installing the inserts?

the ride is much better IMHO. Some people like mush...different bores and strokes for different folks. In a cab, some people would claim the car's ride was 'harsh'.

You can design the bushing for different characteristics. Right now all the offerings are solid bushings designed as ultra-durable replacements for the OE bushing, but if you design the car to use poly bushes from the beginning, you can design as much squish into them as you like.

Bushings are a bitch of a job, even with a hydraulic press. You'll need some steel stock, a band saw and welder to make a custom drift before you are done.

I use a miter saw with a grinding wheel to chop metal stock. It has kind of a wide kerf but it's not really a practical problem. You can use sockets to push poly bushings (they come in a variety of sizes and have a nice rounded edge which won't chew the bushing) and I have a pretty comprehensive set all the way from the itsy bitsy ones up through 3/4" so that provides for installation of most bushings. I also have the HF 4x4 ball joint kit, which can be used in a pinch, if clamped into a vise. My vise is mounted on a pedestal made from a Chevy astro axle shaft and brake drum. And I do have a hydraulic press. The only poly bushes I ever pressed in, though, were big ones from whiteline for the radius rod on the 240SX S13 front suspension. Maybe those were easy.

Comment Re:Yet another Tech CEO confusing AI with Johnny-5 (Score 1) 93

For a class of person that feels that they are more in tune with technology than the rest of humanity, they seem woefully ignorant of "Artificial Intelligence".

Personally, I suspect that anybody who thinks they can accurately predict what AI is going to look like 20 to 50 years from now (and especially on the longer end) probably isn't as "in tune with technology" as they think they are.

All in all, as I see it ... that quote suggests to me that Reed Hastings is on the better part of the Dunning-Kruger curve here -- he knows how quickly this stuff is changing and how quickly it could change in the future and so isn't going to make any specific predictions for what might happen 20-50 years from now, and instead makes a joke about it.

Comment Re:You're doing it extremely wrong (Score 3) 519

You do realize that 160K is before taxes, right. You can easily pay 35% of that between Fed, state and local taxes, include company provided healthcare insurance that can easily bring it to 40%. Drop that 124K for OTHER expenses down to 60K. Depending on what the other expenses are, you can easily spend 5K for utilities, 5K for having a car, and another 8% in sales taxes. Now you are easily down to 46K and you have not eaten or clothed yourself yet.

You can probably save enough to get 15K in savings. That is not a lot if you have kids and want to send them to college, and retiring, please!

Comment You could do better than that ... (Score 1) 273

Rather than having a PIN that erases everything, just make one that unlocks a totally different filesystem.

You've got 32 GB of space on your phone, so dedicate 8 GB of that to an alternate system (and make sure the phone doesn't say 32 GB on the outside) and when you give it the alternate PIN you log into the alternate setup that has no access whatsoever to the main setup. You can even install apps and stuff in this alternate setup, so it looks real but it only has the things you've deemed to be OK.

This wouldn't fool the FBI using forensic software on your phone, but it would stop the border patrol guy who wants to poke around your phone, as long as such things don't become common knowledge and he starts checking sizes vs. published specs and such.

You could even set up multiple PINs -- PIN #1 gives the main phone, #2 gives alternate setup #1, #3 gives alternate setup #2, #4 erases everything if entered three times in a row ...

Comment OTT VOD is getting expensive too (Score 1) 122

People don't care. They're sick of commercials and $200/mo cable bills.

Broadband Internet + Netflix + Hulu + HBO Now + Amazon Prime + CBS All Access + Sling (for ESPN) can add up fairly quickly as well, and Hulu and CBS All Access still show commercials to subscribers who don't pay the commercial-free surcharge.

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