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Comment Bill the Cat is back and high on Life (Score 1) 564

I busted out some old cassettes here in the last year. Big fun. I remember a friend who was a Communications and media major in college, and he had this radio engineer professor, and he made a tape with an example of AUDIO HUMMMMMMM. When I popped in those old cassettes, AUDIO HUM. It's kind of cool when the film shoots out of the Polaroid camera. It's just another generation's fascination with the artifacts of the past.

Comment Digital Killed the Radio Star (Score 1, Interesting) 303

I'm one of the minority of people who still like radio for music, news, and entertainment, but I don't think I'd spend $175 for a digital FM receiver. I bet Norwegians are switching over to AM,if they listen to radio at all anymore. Do you think they have crazed conservative personalities ranting about the fact they live in a Socialist welfare state there?

Submission + - John Glenn Dies (npr.org)

puddingebola writes: John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, has died. Glenn was the last surviving Mercury astronaut. From the article, "Glenn had been battling health issues since a stroke a few years ago. His death Thursday was confirmed by Hank Wilson, communications director of the John Glenn College of Public Affairs at the Ohio State University."

Comment Core M (Score 2) 61

Not sure about this line of processors to begin with. Do consumers really care about the thinness and lightness of their laptop that much? It may offer more possibilities to PC makers going forward in terms of the form of the devices they can imagine and create, but look at a new Macbook and a Macbook Air, Core M vs Core i5. You have a drop in performance for the Core M and the weight difference is shedding a mere 0.35 pounds. It seems to me once you hit 2.5 pounds and half an inch thick you are bumping up against a law of diminishing returns. Not sure how cost factors in however, and I have been wrong many times before.

Comment Anonymous Coward (Score 1, Interesting) 131

Hey, off topic perhaps, but has anyone notice that the number of Anonymous Coward postings on Slashdot taking pot shots at primarily open source projects seems to have dramatically increased? What's with all the snide comments of people who refuse to get an account? I've read one piece of useful analysis in 6 months on here posted under AC. The rest are just cracks.

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