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Comment Anonymous Coward (Score 1, Interesting) 131

Hey, off topic perhaps, but has anyone notice that the number of Anonymous Coward postings on Slashdot taking pot shots at primarily open source projects seems to have dramatically increased? What's with all the snide comments of people who refuse to get an account? I've read one piece of useful analysis in 6 months on here posted under AC. The rest are just cracks.

Comment FM Radio (Score 1) 595

Goes in the same category as refusing to enable FM Radio on phones. Well established standard that provides value to the consumer, and helps people on low budget plans and phones who don't want to spend more. In the case of headphones, they'll argue wireless headphones are the better technology and one people will adopt, but some people don't have the money to spend on new headphones. In the case of Radio, they'll argue everything is shifting to the internet, but people who can't afford more data on their plan can save and still get information and music off conventional radio.

Comment Introducing my new app (Score 1) 278

Introducing my new app, App Boom Over. App Boom over is an app available on Android and iOS that informs you about new useless apps that are available to download. Never stop downloading new useless apps you don't need with App Boom Over. Set App Boom Over to automatic, and App Boom Over finds new useless apps for information you don't need and could easily obtain by typing into the browser such as the temperature outside, the day of the week, time, how many apps you've downloaded, and...

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