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Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 2) 107

Touch screens in cars are the dumbest fucking idea that has ever been. There is no tactile feedback, so you have to take your eyes off the road to use the fucking thing. Every time.

I have no idea how they are legal, other than the stupid message that comes up every time you start the car that basically says "don't use this unless you are pulled over and parked." Which nobody does.

BMW spent over a decade to get their iDrive (now ConnectedDrive) system to be what it is today, and it's probably the best-of-breed. Big screen for showing information, and a knob / bump controller / touchpad thing on the center console that you can use with one hand to do practically everything, with your eyes still on the road. And it has shortcut buttons for the most accessed functions, which you can find by feel alone.

It's the way it should be, so that you aren't fiddle-fucking around with a touchscreen instead of paying attention to that idiot in a huge bro-truck that isn't checking his blind spot, and entering your lane.

Comment Re:Industry should not allow patents in standards (Score 1) 40

Because if they don't, then they don't get a standard. Nobody is going to go through the R&D spend without some guarantee of licensing revenues.

Standards bodies deal with this by requiring the patent holder to agree to Fair, Reasonable, And Non-Discriminatory licensing (FRAND) to get it included in the standard, or they can go pound it. Meaning, you get to charge $0.25 per radio, and everyone that makes a device based on that standard pays the same. Fair, Reasonable, and without discrimination. Not this bullshit where all manufacturers except that one who has patents we want access to, but those patents aren't included in any FRAND standard so we will try to fuck them into a cross-licensing agreement instead of the agreed upon FRAND price, like we've seen of late.

In fact, that's probably what this FTC lawsuit is about!

Comment Re:The US can only do this by Phasing out CDMA. (Score 1) 40

To be fair, he said "carriers", not handset makers.

LTE isn't everywhere, no matter what the carrier marketing says. If you buy a Verizon phone, it has to be able to talk CDMA2000. If you buy AT&T / Sprint / T-mobile, it has to be able to talk GSM. Some handset manufacturers have gone dual-radio to get around this shit, in addition to the idea that a Verizon smartphone shouldn't be a useless lump in other countries not named the United States.

We just saw in another story that AT&T is switching off their UMTS service that the original iPhone used - how long until CDMA goes away and Verizon can recycle that spectrum?

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score -1) 628

If i see somebody who looks like a female to me and I don't know anything else about that pwrson I will refer to that person as a she. If I see somebody who looks like a male and I don't know anything else about that person, that to me is a he.

A biological famous male I will refer to as a he regardless of what he wants or believes to be, that is just a fact. I an not forcing him to talk to me, I am not interested in talking to him, this is my right to thinkbas I do and I am not hurting anybody by it. Manning is a he to me regardless if anything else.

Comment Re:Leaf off the air too (Score 2) 107

They add these features because there are indeed customers who are swayed by them. So who is dumber, the auto maker or the auto customer? And believe me, there are customers out there right now thinking "2G was a dumb choice, but at least 4G won't go obsolete in 15 years."

Of course you should expect *some* years out of the service at least. I bought a new phone once and a few months later they started transitioning to GSM and connectivity on it started getting worse and worse. All the while I would get mail about bringing in my phone to get a new simcard except that when I did they would say my new phone was too old to get the new simcard. And the phone was not just an older model still on sale, it was a reasonably current model.

Comment Re:Not sure what to think.... (Score 1) 628

That's what sex means in a medical context, though: your equipment. Your doctor is on the short list of people who have a need to care about that, because it's one of the rare places where anatomy matters.

I'm fairly far right on a lot of matters (and just spent a few ammo boxes hunting the elusive wild skeet this weekend). I'm socially liberal in the classic sense, though, in that I don't care what people do if it doesn't affect me. Want to smoke pot? Marry your gay partner? Go by a gender different from your biological sex (or even something totally different)? I couldn't care less. That's between you and your loved ones.

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