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Comment Re:Set up correct secondary DNS servers (Score 1) 203

Wouldn't it be subject to the same weaknesses of cryptocurrencies -- namely that an enormous amount of energy has to go into otherwise useless computation, that anyone with sufficient computing power can assert that they have the correct blockchain, and that the blockchain quickly becomes large and unwieldy?

Comment Re:Set up correct secondary DNS servers (Score 1) 203

If the source address is spoofed (they were) then it's not legit traffic. If you are getting thousands of requests a second for a service like DNS, from a particular IP that is not known to be an edge router for an ISP, then it's not legit traffic.

It really shouldn't be that hard to analyze.

Comment Re:6.8 Billion (Score 1) 340

Inflation covers some of it - all goods do not change prices at the same rate. For example, in 1975 there was a significant amount of steel that would have been locally produced and cheap. Between then and now, the steel prices have changed dramatically, and by far more than inflation. New laws and new standards have been put in place that affect pricing outside of the standard inflationary index.

Comment Re:Product placement (Score 1) 193

At the risk of stating the obvious... an application should never, ever be able to bring down the OS. If it can, it's a flaw in the OS.

But in this case, do we really know what's going on? I've heard conflicting explanations. Just because a player says "we have to reboot" doesn't necessarily mean the OS isn't responding - they probably don't know how to kill an unresponsive app (how would you get to the task manager in tablet mode anyway, if that's still how it works?), so rebooting could just be a quick-and-dirty solution.

Comment Re:Product placement (Score 4, Interesting) 193

Too bad most of the broadcasters covering the games refer to them as iPads.

I was watching the playoff game where the Surfaces weren't responding... the television crew correctly referred to them as "Microsoft Surface" multiple times while discussing the problems.

In the end, it doesn't really matter if this is an innate problem with the Surface, or if it's a problem with the supporting network infrastructure. Microsoft obviously pictured this as a huge PR opportunity, so they should've considered the possible issues and taken steps to deal with them ahead of time. Certainly stadium wifi congestion has been a known issue for quite a while - why didn't Microsoft think about it?

Comment Re:Product placement (Score 2, Interesting) 193

Therefore, no one cares what the end users and support staff think about it.

To the contrary, such a resounding failure shows that at least in some cases, end users' opinions do matter. I personally don't give a flying intercourse about National (ie, USian) Football (ie, handegg) League, nor of any other football (real or american) league, but plenty of people Microsoft would want to market Surface to do care.

Comment Re:If we're following protocol (Score 1) 331

On top of it, Trump is "going around" the traditional media. He's not relying upon them to carry his water, to be "his kingmaker". He's not spending hundreds of millions of dollars with them. Trump is cutting of a source of revenue - and he's making them irrelevant. If he wins, the old approach of "hundreds of millions in ad buys is needed to win" and "you must suck up/play ball with all the traditional media stars" goes away. They lose their power AND revenue. THAT'S a threat.

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