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Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 24

Of course. No one ever likes to do the long-term math.

I'm contending with a group wanting to move our main server facility and ISP connection to an offsite hosting location and to just make us one of the links on the private WAN like any other facility, even though we have the generator and environmental already paid-for. They were really gung-ho until a final tally on the costs came back from the provider and somehow some price doubled or was otherwise misinterpreted from the initial talks, and it appears that these plans are being reconsidered. I'm hopeful since it's much easier to walk down to the server farm to fix a broken device and if I missed a tool I can walk back to my office to get it, as opposed to having to drive across town and hope that I grabbed everything that I needed.

Comment Re:Robot Arms (Not the Hotel) Take Men's Jobs (Score 1) 24

I thought it was for penis grabbing, at least that's what I saw on this long-running documentary about the initial formation of the Universe that's been on TV every week.

The science on this documentary is very weak, they seem to go for several episodes between discussing actual science and even then they only hint at it.

Comment Re:So many questions (Score 1) 24

Well, this is a photocopier that I'm talking about so obviously the quality of the OCR is not going to be as good as it could be in a dedicated machine, but what we get out of scanning documents that were entirely printed is arguably shit. When we process inventory to move it from place to place we have to do asset tracking paperwork and that means logging the asset tag as issued by the property control department, the serial number as issued by the manufacturer of the device, a description of the item, and status info, plus source facility, source room or location, destination facility, destination room or location, who moved it, when they moved it, who signed to release it, when they signed, who signed to receive, and when they received it.

The scanned PDFs of these forms are convenient for perusing them by-date to find out what was moved when, but they're not useful for actually searching for any of the data that I just described because even plain Arial font doesn't scan well. We get "8" interpreted as "g", "1" interpreted as "I", "0" and "O", and vice-versa, etc. We get spaces or discontinuous text despite the characters being run up against each other as words. This is from first-gen paperwork, manually aligned on the scanner glass on the Canon copier, with the highest resolution black and white chosen. It's worse when we use the input hopper that can do multi-page scanning as the pages end up ever so slightly rotated and the discontinuous words are much worse and the interpretation errors spread to characters that shouldn't be misinterpreted.

Comment Re:No, thank you (Score 1) 24

It depends on if you can retrieve your content and store it locally and stop paying a per-month charge.

The idea that someone can do the grunt work cheaply appeals. As GP said though, the idea that it's stored on someone else's server very much does not appeal.

There also may be problems with a failure to have the actual original in some cases. I could see that being an issue in contracts if there's a dispute, the other party can produce a paper copy that appears entirely genuine but all you have is an electronic copy, and if for some reason the two don't match, you might have to argue that your electronically scanned and then reproduced copy is just as authentic as the real thing.

With the 15 year rule for some things it might just make more sense to push to go as close to paperless as possible from here forward, and to require electronic scanning of those documents that cannot be paperless from here forward, and with the existing records to just do what one has always done, which is to warehouse them until they've reached their legitimate destruction dates. After all, if one can't go 100% paperless because of things like contracts anyway, then there may still be a need for some document warehousing not matter what.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 76

The real reason not to tax income of anybody for any purpose of-course is the moral one: slavery should not be authorized even for government to engage in.

Economically speaking it is also the worst thing that can be done, you get less of what you tax, so if you tax income you get less income because production is more expensive.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 166

no, *I never moved the goal posts*, my position never changed, it is the same for the last 20+ years, the government uses collectivism ideology to oppress the producers, the business owners, the earners to subsidise the lazy, the incompetent, the jealous. AFAIC the *only* oppression that matters and needs to be abolished is the oppression where the oppressor has the so called 'legal authority' to oppress an individual, all these other ideas that the employer has more power than the employee are garbage, always were garbage, always will be garbage, all used to create the system of oppression I am talking about.

Comment Re:Support the Union (Score 1) 166

What I mean by that is that insurance should be used as insurance and not as 'care management package'. *Maybe* there is space for a product like that in a free market but we don't know about it, do we? We are not allowed to have free market.

My point is that health care should be done similarly to car care, when you need gas you don't use insurance to buy it because insurance does not exist for gas. You use insurance when your car gets into an accident and then it has to be a big enough level of damage for you to get insurance because of a large deductible. This is important to prevent overuse of insurance for basic maintenance.

Becoming a beggar becomes a possibility in the *current* USA system that is nowhere near being a free market. It used to be that USA had the free market including in health care and health insurance, people paid doctors out of pocket, it wasn't an issue. It was possible to buy insurance for a few bucks a month that would cover extremely expensive things like cancers, heart surgeries, large traumas etc.

People started becoming beggars when socialism destroyed free market in the USA.

Comment Re:Stupid analogy (Score 1) 266

If it's any consolation I think I could still install a supported sound card through the MCI control panel in Windows 3.1. I had to do that with my Sound Blaster Discover CD 16 kit, along with the MKE-Panasonic TSR for CD drive access.

Come to think of it, my CD drive had more capacity than my hard disk drive did at the time.

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