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Comment Re:You're either with us or you're a Russian! (Score 1) 135

The Clinton campaign /is/ criticizing Trump on the racism thing.

There are a few problems with that:

1. The people who are voting for him don't care. "He's racist? Yes? And? I'm racist too. Why *wouldn't* I want to vote for him?"

2. People with memories longer than a gnat's remember the whole "superpredators" bullshit. Calling Trump a racist is a bit kettle/pot.

3. The Clintons haven't been exactly minority friendly except when it's politically expedient. LGBTQI rights? Only in the past few years.

"You can't shake the Devil's hand and say you're only kidding" TMBG "Your Racist Friend"

The only one really qualified to call out Trump on racism and "othering" was given the finger by the DNC.

Trump is a bigot. He wears it on his sleeve. Hillary's bigotry is more covert. Hillary is only marginally better, and that's not saying much.


Comment Re:No one likes (Score 1) 565

Gotta love getting modded down "troll" for posting an actual, hard, fact that simply cannot be disputed! But with the modern SJW-mindset, anything that offends anyone is automatically wrong, regardless of the factual nature of the statement. I assume we'll soon have issues about claiming 1+1 = 2 or 3 x 3 = 9...

Comment Re: No one likes (Score 1) 565

I dunno, arming specific sides, giving money (billions - illegally, mind you) to the guys causing instability, coordinating attacks on foreign leaders, drawing lines in the sand - all those seem to fan the flames of war and aggression. Don't do that kind of thing and I bet the middle east would be a lot less volatile.

Comment Obama is right (Score 0) 135

He needs to tread a careful line - as sitting president, waiting for the results of the FBI investigation is the right thing to do.

I've railed against Trump here on more than one occasion. I think he'll be a disaster as president. But what the Democrats are REALLY upset about here is Hillary and her people are doing their damnedest to lose this election. There are numerous things to dislike about Clinton, and she seems hellbent on repeatedly bringing those things to the fore.

Comment Re: Do we have to let the winner out of the arena? (Score 1) 49

The difference is, Google actually turns a net profit on big revenues. Uber's losses are larger than it's revenues (meaning they are burning 100% of revenue - AND still consuming additional investment funds). Google's value is inflated IMHO, but there is real value there. Uber's value is 100% speculative.

Comment Re:No one likes (Score 0) 565

The middle east issues go back to Carter and beyond. Iraq was boosted to counter Iran. Iraq got a bit too big for their britches under HW Bush and our involvement shifted. Those policies continued under Bill Clinton with no fly zones. G Bush then shifted towards regime change, further escalating us against Iraq.

Just a quick clarification: The Iraq Liberation Act was signed by President Clinton, in 1998. The official US policy of deposing Saddam Hussein started then.

Comment Re:No one likes (Score 0) 565

Hillary! voted for the Iraq/Afghanistan wars. She was acting Secretary of State for the Arab Spring, the deposition/overthrow of Ghaddafi in Libya. She drew that line in the sand between Assad and ISIS and got that rolling along nicely. She blamed a non-existent video for the attack and murder of a US ambassador. So yeah - she's been involved, at a very political leadership level, with pretty much all the wars going on in the Middle East for the last 15 years. But when you get tens of millions of dollars from despots and oppressive regimes in the Middle East, you kind of let things go their way, right?

Comment Re: No one likes (Score 0) 565

Be honest: Hillary! voted for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, she was "in charge" of US foreign policy during the creation of the ISIS/Syrian conflict, aided the downfall and overthrow in Libya, and sat and watch the Arab Spring roll through. So yeah - she either supported (as an elected leader and/or cabinet member) or had a position (SecState) to affect and possibly stop all the conflicts going on in the Middle East.

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