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Comment Re:Driving in reverse (Score 1) 127

So you're now claiming that Tim Cook perjured himself in front of Congress when he testified that Apple pays US taxes?

I know, it's shocking that someone might try to minimize their tax liability; I'm sure you pay a bunch of unnecessary taxes and don't bother with any deductions when you file. Wait, you do? Why the double standard?

Comment Re:There is a better Bluetooth audio option now: A (Score 1) 372

Grey markets exist for MFi chips - especially those Chinese units. Don't see the Kensington, Logitech, and other name-brand cables, do you? Just the Chinese knock-off units. Go check the Apple spec - it's not allowed. Doesn't mean you can't buy some grey market chips and build the cables, but Apple says you can't. My guess is you can't look it up because you don't have access to the MFi Developer network, and thus have to just go by your fanboidom for Apple, rather than the real facts about the Apple spec.

Comment Re:Age or Wage Discrimination? (Score 5, Interesting) 144

A company is not just a day care center for adults. There are real products being built and services being sold. If you have cheap ass workers then you end up with a cheap ass company. The leaders of these companies probably don't even care that they have a lousy company and a lousy product, as they'll destroy company after company while collecting huge incomes along the way.

Comment Re:The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 2) 144

Being expensive describes all the executives as well, who do less work than most employees. If parts are too expensive and are replaced with inexpensive ones, then you end up with poorer quality. For workers this is even more true, cutting costs on employees will always lead to worse quality. Of course a lot of companies just don't care about quality, they want a profit in the short run only.

Comment Maps will never be good enough (Score 3, Interesting) 108

There will always be something not on the map. The AI on the cars will need to be good enough to figure out what to do in many cases or else allow the passenger to manually maneuver the car. That is why many of the plans from google are about driving from a known location to another known location, as it may be decades or more before they'll be able to figure out how to get into and out of a condo garage, negotiate mountain roads, deal with temporary obstacles (the dog is in the middle of the driveway so there's no way to recalculate a route), etc. But pickup from a street corner and get dropped off at a street corner, that's much more doable.

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