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Comment MS Stock is UP, Surface is down (Score 3, Interesting) 123

Who care, MS Stock is UP and they beat their first quarter earnings estimate. MS is making money on Office, Azure, Windows, and annual support agreements. The surface was an experiment that some people love but more people hate. I am in the hater camp for both the MS Surface and the new Mac Book Pro. Someone make some decent hardware, please.... pretty please. For full disclosure, the last device was a Lenovo Yoga. The Yoga is 80% to getting to a MacBook Pro. Screen is too shiny, the right shift key is in the wrong spot, and the touchpad has the stupid line for left click on one side and right click on the other. Using a Yoga as a Tablet with Windows 10 is a lackluster user experience, just give me the iPad.


Comment Re:Why?? (Score 1) 236

Who cares about the fact that Americans invented flight first?

I think we are most concerned about who who invented the radio first? Oh yeah, it was the pre-cursor to the modern transceiver and the modem which makes digital life possible.

Also, I went to American school and my textbooks told me America invented everything first:
The Car
The Lightbulb
The Phone
The Computer
The Steam Engine
and of course, Al Gore got us the Internet

America first in everything. Also, is the best country to play in CIV 5, you invent everything first.

Comment I'm shocked I tell ya, shocked! (Score 3, Interesting) 87

If you pair down the Windows O/S, turn down the screen brightness, and surf text only websites, you might get the advertised battery life, but in the case of Windows 10, there is so much bloat behind the scenes indexing, updating, and doing whatever else makes the fan come on, it is a wonder that the battery lasts 2 hours. I can't believe the crap that randomly runs in windows 10.

My MacBook Pro 13" is the only machine that I dare leave the house with without the charger. It will actually get through a day of normal use without needing a recharge.

Windows 10 has been a huge step back in battery life. It just continually points out the tight hardware and O/S integration is key to good power management. I wonder if price pressure on hardware vendors lead to this point. I guess I can always get a surface with tight O/S and hardware integration, but I quick google search shows even this is unpredictable.

Comment Re:Meanwhile CD sales plummet... (Score 2) 34

I think this is because computers no longer come with CD players. If I can't rip a CD what good is it? Until CD readers make a comeback, CDs are doomed. I suspect the same type of shift is going on with BluRay sales as people stream videos from Netflix and Amazon and watch it NOW, instead of going through a bunch of dopey, unskippable menus, warnings, and previews. If I have a choice between physical media and streaming, I am streaming.

Comment Re:About time... HFS+ is crap (Score 1) 191

Yes, I had a hardware problem on my Mac and it was hanging on boot, so I would occasionally have to power it off/on. Rarely, the system would spontaneously reboot. This was more than HFS+ could deal with and it started corrupting the filesystems. I don't think it was able to do a good job of fsck-ing on boot which led to the corruption. In any case the hardware problem has been fixed (it was slot-creep) due to heat but I still on occasion lose the exFat partition even though there are no more hardware problems. A simple fsck_exfat and remounting gets me going again, but it is aggravating.

Comment Re:MacBook Pros... (Score 1) 360

The right-click with two fingers makes all the difference. I will have to check it out. What about the display? The retina display is king and when viewing text colors in my source editor I can easily view them all. At work we have some of the crappiest external monitors and seeing a dark blue on black is nearly impossible.

Comment Re:MacBook Pros... (Score 1) 360

I agree, I have been doing python, flask, jinja, and heroku lately. The Mac is a breeze to setup and use. I still don't have my dual boot Windows 10 working quite right yet. However, if you are using Visual Studio, native Windows is probably the best way to go. :)

The other thing I like about the Mac is the touchpad. I can actually use it for development sitting in a comfortable chair unlike the best Windows 10 touchpad. The right/left click dividing line and lack of useful gestures is painful.

Comment Re:Catch? (Score 4, Interesting) 191

Apple File System is designed to avoid metadata corruption caused by system crashes. Instead of overwriting existing metadata records in place, it writes entirely new records, points to the new ones and then releases the old ones. This avoids a crash during an update resulting in a corrupted record containing partial old and partial new data. It also avoids having to write the change twice as happens with an existing HFS+ Journaled file system where changes are written first to the journal and then to the Catalog file.[3]

Still no checksum for user data like ext4. But it might help iPhones will sudden battery failure.

Comment About time... HFS+ is crap (Score 5, Interesting) 191

In an interview at Melbourne's conference, Linus Torvalds called the standard file system of Mac OS X "complete and utter crap." Mac fans are only slightly outraged, pointing out that HFS+ isn't really "complete and utter crap," rather, it's just slightly crap-ish.

On a personal level, I have had multiple corrupt HFS+ filesystems, one of which was unrecoverable. I tried switching to exFAT which also proved to be corruptible but repairable. Now I just store any data I care about on a NAS running a linux ext4 filesystem.

Hopefully, AFS will fix these corruption problems. I have been sending Apple upgrade suggestions for years. Looks like they finally got around to it. One filesystem to rule them all, but will it support upper/lower case?

Comment Re:Well blame Hollywood for creating their own ene (Score 1) 312

You nailed it! Netflix was forced into this position by the old-school content creators and their (sic) valuable content libraries. It's not hard to make a TV show and there are plenty of great writers, actors, and directors just waiting to make some great stuff.

This is a lesson is greed. Netflix wanted to charge customers a flat-rate and the studios wanted to eat Netflix's profit. There was a time where it looked like Netflix would collapse because the price of content was going up, but they raised prices just a bit, re-invested in original programming, and are now on track to becoming a legitimate move studio.

Thus when you apply enough pressure, *poof* you get a diamond :)


Comment Serious Replay to your Question (Score 1) 197

I understand you are small and need to get a little more growth out of your workers so you can invest in your core. This is double edged, but I will no try to disuade you.

There is an excellent online learning site called $300/year per employee and you can create custom learning playlists for them to build their skills from nearly all of the Microsoft Certification Exams/Linux/Opensource. In fact, if you want to give them a bonus for getting A+ certified, they have a learning path for that as well. It covers nearly every topic from systems administration to advanced excel to could computing.

I used it all the time to train myself and train up developments teams. I mean, do you know how to write python app so that you move it to a Heroku container in Amazon Web Services and horizontally scale it as big as you need to? Well Lynda has a class for that. :)

Here is the trick. PICK A CORE PLATFORM AND TOOL SET, or you will have eventually have a mess beyond belief as people cycle-in and out. If you don't limit the tools and just tell people to learn stuff, they will, and eventually you will have experts in an unsupportable disaster. You don't want this. Chose your platforms and tools, then give people a learning path and incentivize them. Use

THat is all.

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