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Comment On more thing to charge.... Oh yea! (Score 1) 311

So, if I own an iPhone, Apple Watch, and now earbuds I have three things to charge everyday. This is wearisome. Could someone please make headphones and phones and watches that only need to be charged once a year? Not to mention, I have two things to keep up with now (two earbuds) vs. once set of tangled cords that doesn't need to be re-charged. Everything is a tradeoff, but for me, I am weary of charging.

Comment Air Gap a Copy to Prevent Ransom-ware attacks (Score 1) 366

My backup strategy is simple:

1. 8TB RAID 1 NAS for everyday use
2. Periodic backups of the NAS using rsync to a backup disk I keep offsite
3. Encrypted backups to Google Drive (slow, but FREE)

The problem with NAS is that if you ever get hit by a disaster or ransomware attack, you lose it all. You need a backup of your NAS data offsite and offline.

I am currently running the Western Digital Mirror Gen 2 which let's you plug in a USB 3.0 device, then use SSH to access the device, then use rsync to update your backup. Always, unmap the NAS from any systems before hand to prevent a ransom-ware attack.

rsync -aHAX source_dir dest_dir

The trick to keeping data safe if making lots and lots of copies. This is what cloud providers rely on.

After that, you could use near line storage like archival quality Blu-Rays 50GB or get an LTO3 tape drive and write 800GB (almost 1 TB).

I've always wondered about USB3.0 to UltraSCSI converters. Do these work?

That could be a good solution.

Comment OSX / Linux (Score 2) 405

Honestly, I only run Windows for a few specific applications now. I use Windows so infrequently that whenever I boot that disk I have 30+ updates to install. I am very happy with the OS X UI and find it to be much less distracting than the live tiles. Virtual Box works fine for most Windows needs.

The Live tiles are always tempting me to get off task and go look at something more interesting than my work.

Comment Re: Identity Theft Victim Here with My Insight (Score 1) 385

Except all of the Insufficient Fund Fees and late fees when legitimate entities request a withdraw.
But fear not, the bank will give you OVERDRAFT protection, which means another account could be compromised.

This may protect your main account, but you could have a large tangle that needs straightening out with multiple entities (banks and creditors).

Comment Identity Theft Victim Here with My Insight (Score 4, Informative) 385

Here is how to stay out of trouble.

2. Feel free to use your credit card anywhere, AS LONG AS YOU CHECK THE MONTHLY STATEMENT AND DISPUTE ANY CHARGES.
3. Anywhere especially seedy, PAY CASH or use a Green Dot Card from Walmart money card loaded with the exact amount.
4. Only use checks for re-occuring variable bills like phone, gas, electric so an error can no clean out your bank account. Some phone cable and phone companies occasionally have problems with sending customers erroneous $1000 monthly bills.
5. Do not use online banking. Make sure you have it turned off.
6. Make sure you have an ATM only card that can not be used as a debit card. This means it only works at ATM machines.
7. Setup all fixed cost bills, mortgage, car, insurance, student loan for auto pay so you don't need to use online banking or write a check.
8. Do not let money pile up in your PayPal account. Paypal is not a real financial institution and can play games with your money and you have very little protection.
9. Bank with a real bank, an 800 lb. gorilla like Chase that has 24-hour fraud people.
10. Keep a copy or scan of all documents/cards in your wallet. If you wallet gets stolen you can quickly cancel everything, instead of trying to figure out what was in your wallet.
11. Pay your credit card off EVERY MONTH, no exceptions. 20% interest is for suckers. If you can't control yourself, set you limit for what you are able to pay. NEVER carry credit card debt. NEVER.

The safest forms of payment are:
1. CASH / Walmart Green Dot Money Card
2. Credit Card
3. Check
4. ATM Card

Why do I make these recommendations?

1. Cash can't be hacked.
2. VISA provides you with protections to dispute charges. That means if you get hit with a charge, you can dispute it and during the dispute period you aren't out any money, unlike bank fraud. If a vendor is getting a lot of chargebacks from VISA, they will figure out they have a hole in their system and fix it or go out of business.
3. Your ATM card connects directly to real money. If you have Autopay setup and someone hacks your ATM/Debit card, you could be in a world of hurt because your account might get emptied out and there would not be any funds available to pay your bills. This is a bad, expensive situation.
4. Your checks have a magnetic toner on the bottom with your bank routing number and bank account number. With these numbers, someone could possibly access your account. Only use checks for variable payments like phone, gas, electric.
5. If you need to buy something that you don't want associated with you directly, get a Walmart Green Dot Card. This is great in case you are in need of a burner phone or other untraceable payment. By law you are supposed to register these cards but Green Dot will still allow you to use it but will deny you a personalized card. Many illegal/undocumented immigrants use these cards. These cards can be sketchy and prone to fraud, so buy it, load it, and spend it as soon as possible.

If you have any questions, let me know and I will check this thread again. Be smart. Guard your privacy, credit score, and your hard earned money.

Comment Re:Yes, but (Score 2) 80

I grow and harvest raspberries and constantly think, is there anyway I could teach a robot to do this and sadly the answer is no. Tomatoes maybe, but raspberries are a literary a pain as they try and stab you while you pick them with their little barbs. They are also hard to find and ripen over the course of weeks. Then they are very delicate. If you squeeze to hard, squish. If you shake the plant, many will fall off. If you try to pick on that isn't ripe you will tear off the branch.

If someone has a Raspberry gardening robot, please let me know!!!!

Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 1) 387

Seriously dude, what is truth? What is real? This is at the intersection of physics, epistemology, and philosophy.

What is time, what is gravity, what is a magnetic field, what is an electromagnetic field, why does space time change?

Physics is not the study of "the why", it is the study of "the what". It describes the system with predictive math and tells you how it will probably behave.

There are just too many questions of which we will never know the answer.

As a species we just wandered in off the Saharah 2,000 years ago. Our knowledge is being constantly revised. Everything we know for sure could be better described as "as far as we know".

Maybe if we every get AI working, it can speed things along :)

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