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Comment Re:europe (Score 2, Insightful) 141

Maybe you are correct, but Ebay is a hot shopping mess. Descriptions, categories, titles are a mess. Make a typo on Ebay and you won't find your stuff. Make a typo on Amazon and you still gfindet your stuff. Ebay is sloooow and requires critical thought to sort through inconsistent listings. Amazon has a faster website which takes you right to the lowest price and has Amazon Prime. Order on Ebay, get it in a week. Order on Amazon, get it in 2-days.

Amazon is neatly organized and the ease at which you can buy stuff is far superior to Ebay. Amazon reduces the friction to buy with one-click ordering and now their Alexa product. Need to do a return? Amazon gives your money back as soon as the item is scanned for return while returns can be painful.

Amazon lets people harvest local deals, stuff it in a 50lb. box, then send it to an Amazon fulfilment center where they handle inventory and shipping. If you are a good harvester, you barely have to touch the product. Using Ebay you have to harvest the products, store them, inventory them, and ship them.

Amazon is clearly continuing to innovate while Ebay lumbers along playing constant games with fees.

For full disclosure, I am an Ebay seller and investigating moving to Amazon.

Comment Re:europe (Score 1) 141

Believe it or not, Ebay and Paypal get a cut of postage fees. It didn't used to be that way, but now Ebay charges a fee for the total (item + shipping). Historically, Ebay used to just charge a final value fee on the item, but idiots started selling items for $.01 + $99 shipping thus the crackdown. So the sellers are just rolling the fee increase into shipping, but Ebay and Paypal are still profiting.

I think Ebay will slowly die as Amazon marches forward. Unfortunately, Amazon is usually more expensive than Paypal. Ebay on average gets 11% and Amazon is currently at 15%. Shoppers that blindly buy off of Amazon may be paying higher prices than on Ebay.

Comment Re:About (Score 1) 834


I follow the current administration very carefully and have not seen or heard this. The Internet is ablaze with everything Trump has ever uttered so it shouldn't be very hard to find. I did some Google searches and could not find what you were referring to.

Comment Re:About (Score 1) 834

It is not about a Soviet style economy. The state does not control the means of production. This is strictly about restraining capitalism to the deteriment of the citizen/worker. If a large company can abuse you, it will abuse you, especially if you are a low skilled worker. Is that the kind of world you want to live in? I encourage you to take a trip to Bejing. Go check it out.

What companies push laissez faire capitalism and tell us market forces and the invisible hand should decide everything. What happens when they lose? When they lose, they simply go to Congress and the president and explain how important they are, then ask for gigantic bailouts.

So if we can bailout Chase, Bank of America, and GM, we can definitely make sure the bottom of the economy has crumbs to eat. It is only fair. Or next time the invisible hand of the market visits Wall Street, let them be swept away.

Personally, I want a good country that is thriving, strong, and economically sound. With good paying stable jobs, happy prosperous citizens, and the top companies in the world.

Comment Re:About (Score 4, Insightful) 834

No wonder the tech community is so upset with Trump. Sergey, Tim, Picachu.

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants, but at some point the country needs sustainable, reliable employment that doesn't shift or outsource with the wind.

Imagine the following. Florida tells Disney they will have to move out of Orlanda because they found a Chineese company willing to come in and pay more taxes. They are generous and give Disney 6-months to relocate.

That is equivalent of telling American workers they are going to lose their job to H1Bs or outsourcing. They have houses, families, communities, commitments, other employment. It just isn't feasible.

So either we have unfettered capitalism, where companies can move to Ireland for Tax Evasion and/or use the government to give them unlimited, cheap labor either through visa programs or just simply turning a blind eye to immigration enforcement, OR THE PEOPLE of the USA have a leader that is going to inject sanity into the system and restrain capitalism to the point where we can have stability and a viable middle class.

I for one do not want unrestrained laissez faire capitalism. If I wanted that, I could go work in Bejing where capitalism is choking out the Sun and factories like FoxConn have to put up suicide nets.

Lastly, if we aren't producing workers that are college and/or career ready, CHANGE THE EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. I do not know of a single state that REQUIRES COMPUTER PROGRAMMING TO GRADUATE. Prove me wrong, anybody. So what do you expect? Kids who are qualified to fill out worksheets. It's great!

Our politicians scream for 21-st Century SKILLS, STEM and Skills, HI-Tech workers, yet these are the SAME PEOPLE WHO VOTE TO APPROVED ANEMIC EDUCATIONAL STANDARDS that do no include ANY 21st Century STEM, or HI-TECH. If something is a priority, MAKE IT A PRIORITY. Don't just talk about it and say, "Oh golly gee, wish we had more kids with 21st Century skills."

You would think in our day and age DIGITAL LITERACY at a minimum would be required, but sadly we don't even have that in our educational system.

So, I say, GO TRUMP! Be a man of action. The time for talking is over and the time for doing has begun. Maybe the other lip service politicians can learn something from you. Layeth the smacketh dowm brother!

Comment Re:All hail Mein Furher (Score 1) 502

I think what you meant to say is that your are amazed that a politician has so quickly fulfilled his campaign promises: 1) to enforce the existing laws of the land through border security and 2) protect national security by halting travel between the USA and 7 countries through which the USA has no formal security setup, some of which are failed states.

Under the prior administrations things were squishy, even though they knew the threats and dangers.

It it time to chose a side. We don't want to end up like Europe. I personally have friends in Germany and France. Their current situation sucks. Their countries are not safe and their refugee friends won't assimilate. My friend in Germany can't even let her little daughters walk to the store alone for fear of refugee men. In France & Belgium, refugee children cheer over the Paris terrorist attacks. Where do they learn this? Is Islam compatible with the US Constitution, freedom, and democracy?

It is time to pause, take a breath, and sort this mess out. And as a friendly reminder, the travel ban countries were chosen by President Obama.

Meanwhile, President Trump is working to get good jobs and the American economy back on track.

This is clearly a man of action, who can't be bought or swayed by polls. This is leadership and getting the job done. It may be a shock. A jolt, but maybe, just maybe this is what we need after 8 years of squishy and 8 prior years of fum-bumbling. I don't agree with President Trump on everything he has done in the first 9 days, but at least their is a leader with America's interests in the White House.

This being a democracy, the congress, and courts with their own powers can fight this out. That is how democracy works. We are also free to protest, start a recall, and/or start a twitter hashtag. History will judge this moment and the moments to come.

Comment Re:How many terrorists did Trump create last week? (Score 0) 502

KATIE HOPKINS: Trump's immigration crackdown is a clear message to the Muslim world - get your own houses in order before you come to ours.

The conclusion of the article sums it up nicely:

All those desperate to get into the country, to get back to work or to their brothers or sisters in America originally from Iran, their daughter who has dual US-Yemeni nationality, or their American-Somali mother based in California — they now have 90 days to reflect.

To think about how lucky they are to have a home in the land of the free. How fortunate they are to live in a country where democracy works and laws are made by the will of the people, not religion.

Trump said, 'We only want to admit those who will support our country and love deeply our people.'

Think of it less as a Muslim ban, and more as an American invitation. If you support America and will put America first, you will be welcome.
If you cannot bring yourself to condemn the actions of those who commit terror in the name of your god, probably best stay in what's left of your home.


Also from the article:

The typical response in Western Europe is a hashtag, a tea light and a leader, saying their people will not be cowed in the face of terror.

Except, they no longer speak for us. We are sick of their platitudes.

The response from the US president is far more reassuring: a ban on travellers from seven Muslim countries and a total ban on refugees and asylum seekers from Syria. Finally, a politician taking action.

Comment Re:Whaaa! We don't want those jobs. (Score 1) 381

Food is subsidized, you have to keep food cheap or people will get angry.
Clothing/Textile is the result of horrible 3rd world working conditions.
Furniture is the result of horrible 3rd world working conditions.
Electronics is the result of horrible 3rd world working conditions. (See suicide net comments)
Gas prices are all over the place, I will let you draw your own conclusion.

So let's ask the following questions.

1. Do you need a college education? Yes
2. Can college debt be discharged in bankruptcy? No
3. Do you need insurance? Yes
4. Are you forced to buy auto, home, and medical? Yes
5. Do you have to pay property taxes and fees? Yes
6. Can you grow your own food? Yes
7. Can you buy resale furniture or make your own? Yes
8. Can you walk, ride a bike, or take public transportation? Yes
9. Can you live without your cell phone? No, not if you are a hipster or millennial. It is more important to snapchat or tweet from a protest march than it is to vote as evidenced by the pathetic voter turnout rate for the last election. 55% really?
10. Can you save enough money for retirement? No.

So in conclusion, the numbers you accused me of Cherry Picking matter an awful lot more than cheap furniture and cheap electronics. The numbers I listed are things YOU HAVE TO BUY, most are mandated by law like INSURANCE.

The future is significantly less secure for young people today due to wage stagnation and lack of good, long-term stable jobs with benefits. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling a free-trade agreement. They will say stuff like, "Oh there will be some losers with the agreement, but many will be better off." What has this brought us? An economy where 40% of the workers exist in the service economy with few full-time workers or benefits.

If Germany can do it, the USA can do. Good education, strong worker protection, world class products, and strong exports.

I say this to anyone. If the playing field is level America can compete. If the playing field is not level and the American worker is competing with someone who makes $2/week, then no, we can no compete and win. If we are going to have free-trade, there has to be work-protection and and an adjustment factor for standard of living.

If not, the race to the bottom will continue. More laws will get passed forcing you to pay for things you have to have (money to go to college, auto, property, and health insurance) and can't afford while the standard of living plummets.

This must stop.

Comment Re:Taxes (Score 1) 381

Dude, this is a red herring. The fortune 500 DOES NOT PAY TAXES. If we lowered taxes to ZERO % the net effect would be the same.

Corporate tax reform tax is meaningless for the big guys. The only thing a ZERO % corporate tax would is put a lot of high priced MBA's in the unemployment line. Taxes are a big industry in the USA. The more complex, the better since that equals fees. Imagine what a flat tax would do to H&R block and their industry.

Tax reform would destroy the important financial jobs, so it is ALL TALK and will never happen. They have their lobbyists on the ready.

If we could downsize the parasites: legal, accounting, government fees/regulations, insurance, this would have a measurable gain on what is left of the middle class.

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