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Comment I don't stream. (Score 1) 180

I don't stream my music. While maybe in the future that might be okay, with no data caps, everyone having very very fast internet. But when my Internet it down, as it happens, i still have music to listen to.

My internet goes down, I still have TV shows and movies to watch.

Plus my music is flac quality.

Comment I don't need or use a watch (Score 4, Insightful) 232

With having a cellphone, I haven't bothered to buy a watch in about 2 decades.

But I did buy a Texas Instruments eZ430-Chronos Development Tool.

It's a watch based development system for MSP430 chips.

Sort of the father of some of the wearable devices, in it's own way.

But this is the ultimate Nerd Ware. You program it to be useful. No one else did. (kidding, there are some programs peeps wrote)

Comment NSA has failed us again (Score 1, Interesting) 574

NSA has failed us again. Instead protecting America, they are wasting their and our time by mass collecting data on citizens. Instead of making sure exploits are fixed to keep our systems secure, they hold onto them so they can use them against us and other countries.

If am I to believe this Russian hacking our systems like the Government is pushing, then the blame goes straight on the NSA and those who backed them.

Comment Re:I think this is fairly common in history... (Score 1) 215

...ever since the invention of Photography.

How many young girls haven't been lured from the promise of a model career, but can't afford to pay the photographer or agents, and gets into the hands of fake agents and "hobby photographers" with professional looking gear.

But this happened via "social media" so it's new news. Right?

And what the fuck does this have to do with Slashdot anyways?

Comment Re:Cue the hipocrisy... (Score 5, Insightful) 412

All well and good. The NSA possibly protects us from our enemies. But who protects us from the NSA? Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

But so far the NSA hasn't been protecting us for our enemies. In fact, they are doing so bad at protecting us, the Russian had no problem making everyone vote for Trump. So either the NSA is doing a good job or the NSA fails badly at it's mission.

Comment As a person who owns 2 hacked 3DS's (Score 1) 45

Nintendo is really late on this boat, not even sure why they are doing this now.

The 3DS was hacked a few years ago, but required a 4.5 or less version firmware.
Then like 2 years ago, a entry point was found under the 9.2 firmware, while 9.2 was the current firmware, and it was a community found exploit, which led to custom firmwares that didn't need hardware cards (like the Gateway or Sky). Since then we've had excellent work on hacking the 3ds, found multi entry points, homebrew entry points and other stuff. Best thing is the Freeshop, which allows you to download games for free off the eshop.

So ya, Nintendo is really late on this bus, mainly seeing as the Switch comes out in March 2017 and honestly the 3DS will probably stop being supported next year.

Comment Go back to make it illegal. (Score 3, Insightful) 270

In 2013 Obama signed a bill which part of allows the use of propaganda in the USA legal again (made illegal in 1947). Which is why we have so much fake news now, media sources aren't required to fact check since that would expose the government backed fake news.

So how about we make this sort of shit illegal again?

Comment Obama in 2013 signed in that propaganda was okay (Score 2, Interesting) 158

In 2013 Obama signed a bill that in part, allowed the use of propaganda in the USA. Something that wasn't allowed before then. Since then we seen effects it has had. Mainly in this election with the fake stories being ran along side real stories.

This is why no one fact checks anymore, no need to.

Comment Re:Complete? (Score 1) 117

Not providing HDMI is indeed a mistake, but what's unforgivable is the lack of even COMPONENT outputs, or even VGA. It would have been easier to convert the output to RGB than to convert it to composite, and you would have way better clarity on today's televisions.

As the summary says, it's for the Brazil market, a market that is mostly Standard Definition TV's.

So it's not a mistake, it's intentional because they aren't selling it to the USA or Europe. Since Sega seems willing to have the Megadrive be produced again, why don't you put together a company, throw some specs at Sega and get their permission to make a modern Megadrive? Then you an correct all the wrongs you see done and make some money.

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