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Comment I do windows because I"m a gamer, but I'm old (Score 2) 299

This is why I run windows 7 for my games. But considering dumping windows and going linux only gamer. Well, that and my old consoles, I have plenty of games I can play on those also. Very few new PC games do it for me anymore. Doom was a great disappointment. It's Quake III with better graphics. Which is cool if you are into arena shooters, but I'm not. Maybe I'm getting too old, but PC games suck these days for the most part.

Linux before Windows 10 for sure.

Comment Re:A journalist does not know what is going on? (Score 1, Informative) 317

A journalist (of the WSJ no less) has no idea what is going on in their country? That's what was the most surprising to me. I mean, I knew about the 100-mile border rule and I am neither a journalist, nor a US citizen. I thought the US journalists are in on it with the government by not drawing attention to the slowly eroding US constitutional rights, but in this case it is not some conspiracy, the journalist is an idiot. Where idiot here is also used in the original meaning from the ancient greek (no unicode to list it here) which was referred to people who were not interested in the affairs of the State.
If a journalist whose job is to know stuff exactly like this, is surprised to find something like that out, what hope do the people in the US realize that they have let them take away their rights one by one?

Pretty sure most journalists these days just forward stories written by the powers that be. Doesn't require thinking for yourself, or doing anything other then selling your morals.

Comment If the TPP is past, this will come to America (Score 3, Interesting) 121

If the TPP is past, Corporations will be able to sue Governments for getting in the way of their making profit. So you can damn well bet that the advertisement networks will sue to get any type of ad blocking banned. And they will be backed by most other corporations also, so ya, this will be coming to America.

Comment Re:You're not that old (Score 1) 211

"Many of us older computer nerds probably used DOS very early, on our first home computer..."

And here I think of DOS as a 'newer' system

Well, I was using TRS-80 DOS and L-DOS on TRS-80's in the very early 80's. But that was at school. My first home computer was a C64 with a cassette drive.

Comment People don't know how to use Trials (Score 1) 129

Look, you get a 30 day trial to prime and it doesn't disappear when you opt out of the trial. I used to sign up for the free trial on prime, get shit mailed, opt out of prime, then rinse & repeat next time I wanted an item. I did this for 3 years until this last month when I finally ran out of trial days.

I think you just want to complain, since you get prime free for 30 days.

Comment A $50 unlocked rootable phone? Hell ya I want. (Score 2) 153

Look, this phone isn't locked into shit. It's rootable. And from what I have read, you aren't even required a carrier or a plan when you buy it. I'm personally very tempted as I have a crappy dumb phone and honestly, this is a steal. But I'm a poor person and $50 is a lot of money. But I have no idea why the fuck most of you are bitching about being locked into Amazon when that isn't even true. Slashdot used to be about people who knew shit and understood that pretty much every cellphone released today is rootable. But I guess either all the old peeps are senile or their kids use their accounts now.

tl;dr shit is rootable, you aren't locked into anything.

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