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Comment Re:Open Office Failure (Score 1) 263

Depends. I may turn around and talk with them (I have several bosses, and I'm a low level manager). They might see spreadsheets, documents, or email. Or they might see me surfing /. while I eat breakfast or lunch.

All that said, it simply shouldn't matter, as long as I'm getting the job done, and not abusing the company's surfing policies, or claiming time that I didn't actually work.

Comment Re:fun fact (Score 1) 110

An AC said:

Your figures are wrong - multiply that 2 trillion number by 4 and you'll get the cost of military operations in the Middle East since the Oil Crisis.

Oil dependence has been a disaster for the United States.


I couldn't agree more but I was focusing ONLY on the most recent waste of lives and taxpayer dollars.

Comment Re:Holy Carpal Tunnel Batman (Score 2) 308

I can see some interesting use cases for that TouchBar, but dear God, when that Photoshop lady was demonstrating using the mousepad & TouchBar at the same time, I cringed. I mimicked it on my keyboard in front of me and my wrists cried out in pain -- I can't imagine how it'd be if the keyboard was in my lap (i.e. on a laptop).

Anyone that is doing much more than casual, every once in awhile Photoshop work...already is using something like a wacom tablet and pen.

You can get more control and that combined with keyboard short cuts can make ones workflow pretty quick, especially with the tools one uses most (brushes, clone stamp, etc)....

It might be interesting to do this in conjunction with then new touch bar, but it may not help speed things since it changes and you can depend on muscle memory combined with tactile feedback of real keys for hitting shortcuts on the fly without looking down from the monitor....

But no, for any real work, you're not gonna be doing finger contortions with both hands like she was doing with trackpad and the new bar at top.

Comment Re:Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 1) 232

So you believe in the results of the study, as it applies to an individual case that happens to be yourself. Reading your post I've come to the conclusion that you are quite fuckin arrogant and a bit of a wanker, I can picture it now; we go for a couple of beers and you are "lost in though", thinking about how you can better yourself instead of engaging in a conversion. Fuckin die

Goodness...pot calling the kettle black maybe?

Wow...that's quite a jump in logic.

No, when I'm with my friends in person, I'm fully engaged. I don't mess with my phone texting others or checking social media....I really pay attention and engage in meatspace with others.

But the article was about noticing and dwelling attention time on strangers as you walk about the city, etc. And in that latter case, during the work week for the most part, I do tend to go that way and not notice strangers around me as I move about in the world, or at least I don't give them much attention.

But no, unlike many folks, especially younger ones...I crave personal, real contact and interactions with friends and family over social media or only texting. Sure, I text and email a lot....but I prefer to spend the most quality time I can in person with them, and I give them my attention. At those times, I really do ignore strangers a lot too, so that I can give the person I'm interacting with as close to 100% attention as I can.

Comment Re:fun fact (Score 1) 110

I know right? And if we didn't NEED the oil, the knockon effects would be tremendous.

The price of oil would plummet.
The funding backing terrorists would plummet.
We would lose interest in fighting over it.

Sure- oil will continue to be a valuable resource indefinately, but no more so than other resources like iron, aluminum, and copper.

Comment Re:Sociopaths gonna sociopath. What's new? (Score 4, Insightful) 232

Perhaps to them all of us peasants look the same?

ON the other hand, perhaps those folks' attention is more often in thought of how to be successful and planning their next step in life, rather than just idle people watching all the time.

I'm not wealthy, but I do alright.

And don't get me wrong, there ARE times I like to kinda just sit and people watch, especially since I live in New Orleans, and man...we have some real characters here.

But that's on relaxing days off. During the work week, however, I'm usually lost in thought on what to do, what I want to do, what I need to do....and I likely don't notice people while I'm out and about either. I'm focused on goals and what I need to do to make a buck, or enhance my pleasure in life.

So, it may not just be elite-ism....it's just that successful (and often wealthy) people have on their minds what it actually takes to be successful, and aren't spending as much time day dreaming about other peoples' lives.

I don't really see that as a bad thing...?

Comment Re:Easy Scan?!? (Score 2) 108

I just refuse the scan, I politely tell them I want to "opt out" of the scan.

I don't want any more radiation exposure than I need, no matter how small.

Its the physical pat down, but it isn't that bad and I feel good about making them work a bit more. Hell, if more people opted out for the physical pat down, it might cause such lines that they'd need to change their tactics and not make the general public feel like a suspicious heard of cattle.

I just make sure to get there a few minutes early for this....

Comment Re:fun fact (Score 5, Insightful) 110

We spent 2 trillion dollars and 4000 lives to protect the oil industry. Heck, overthrowing democratically elected leaders for oil companies is one root cause of the radicalization of the middle east.

I think I can cut clean solar/electric industries a little slack when i consider what we spend t help the oil industry.

Their subsidies are buried so deep in the government, they don't even look like subsidies any more.

But imagine if 5 years from now, Oil demand had dropped another 10% due to electric cars? We'd be a lot less tempted to get involved in foreign entanglements.

Comment Another Faulty Study (Score 1) 232

You don't just ask people what class they fall in...you'll get inaccurate results. How many "rich" people volunteer in a group of 61?...or even 400.

There are regional and generational differences...the article didn't say if the experiment occurred in just one location or if they experimented in a variety. Or, did they consider the age of the participants.

Also, it's quite possible there's another explanation. There's plenty of prior work showing that more successful people are able to assess things more quickly than less successful. But no, let's jump to the SJW conclusion. Empathy has been shown to be a trait of successful people as well...


Comment Re:Open Office Failure (Score 1) 263

Even cheaper is an open office with unassigned seating at less capacity than the workforce total. Since not everyone is in every day, they figure they don't need one desk per one person. You just pack people in at the next available spot.

"Hoteling" has at least already gotten a bad reputation among many major companies that have tried it. I can name several that have experimented with, and given up on it.

Comment Open Office Failure (Score 4, Insightful) 263

The popularity of these among upper management is typically because of cost or control reasons. They're much cheaper than closed offices, and management can walk by to see exactly what you're doing. Typical penny wise & pound foolish mentality. The constant interruptions that occur end up costing them much more in the long run. And if this is how they think they need to see what people are doing, they fail at being managers. It's simple enough to give people tasks with milestones, and monitor their progress. I'm fortunate in that I'm able to work from home periodically. I get much more accomplished there because the only interruptions are from the phone or the doorbell. That said, I don't want to give up the face to face discussions that happen in the break room and hallways at work.

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