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Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 364

Except that optical media isn't that durable or reliable. Every DVD or CD I've ever burned has become unreadable after a few years. The inks just don't hold the data for long.

HTL BD-R uses an inorganic phase-change alloy sputtered onto the disc surface. I have media files going back 4 years or so backed up to a bunch of Blu-rays at work, and they've mostly held up pretty well. I recently scanned all of them to see how they were holding up, and out of 300+ discs, 5 had some unreadable areas. They would've been recoverable because I augmented the images before burning with dvdisaster, but it was faster to just mark their contents as not backed up and let them get burned to a newer disc.

LTH BD-R, OTOH, uses the same organic dyes as CD-R and DVD-R, and is just as susceptible to bit rot (though in all honesty, I have plenty of DVD-Rs and CD-Rs kicking around that are still readable.)

Most BD-Rs on the market are HTL. They tend not to be marked as such, but LTH media are. Verbatim seems to be the most prominent of the LTH BD-R brands, though I think I've heard that Taiyo Yuden also produces LTH BD-R. dvdisaster identifies my backup set as a mix of Ritek, Philips, and CMC Magnetics media; they carried a variety of other brands on them (some well-known, some not so much).

If you're not set up for Blu-ray, M-Disc has applied its inorganic recording layer (they describe it as a "rock-like carbon compound") to DVD as well as Blu-ray. You need a drive that can burn them (not just any DVD burner will work), so if you're in the market for a compatible burner, you might as well get one that also handles Blu-ray. Wikipedia says the discs, once burned, are readable in any drive.

Comment Re: Archival grade (Score 1) 364

Leicester (spelling) = lester (phonetic)

That applies to all of the *cesters (there are more than a few...used to live not too far from Bicester, for instance), so at least they're consistent.

You want weird? Try to puzzle through how they say Derby should be pronounced "darby." I don't see an A anywhere in there.

Comment Advise you get a "throwdown phone" (Score 2) 41

Because putting your phone number out there will probably pollute it and soon you'll be getting telemarketing calls 24x7 effectively killing the number.

They'll promise to take care of your number but they'll sell it to a "business partner" or they'll lose the list due to poor security or when they go bankrupt it will be sold as an asset.

I've had multiple email and one phone number polluted like this so far. I don't trust'em any more.

Comment Re:Pierson's Puppeteers (Score 2) 679

The trend towards war is down.

But as we run out of non-renewable resources over the next 100 years, global warming won't matter.

The loss of pesticides, fertilizers, stainless steel, etc. all will limit our growth, lead to population declines, and possibly pretty terrible war (we have a lot of ugly stuff we agree not to use but as history shows, we will use during total war).

80 years from now, we may be at 12 billion and 80% likely to still be rising.

200 years from now, the earth is more likely to have a population of 3 billion than 20 billion. To avoid that we'll have to invent a lot of new technologies really fast as we hit multiple limits. Consumption of non-renewable resources by a population of 12 billion will be terrific.

I think most of the breakdown happens after I die. But I think we do have a breakdown- things have gotten visibly more brittle over the last 20 years. There's not as much slack in the system as their used to be. Which is fine until you have a problem.

Comment Re: Pixels density (Score 1) 158

why wouldn't you use a mid-priced prosumer camera like the 5d mark iv primarily for web? there's professional photography done for web only, and you're right - something like an 1d or a phase one back on a medium format camera would probably be overkill.

If you're shooting ONLY for the web, which is mainly what I was referring to...then a DSLR like the 5Dx is overkill.

Now, I do realize that most any great image taken, for print, etc...will *also* likely end up on the web too, no problem.....always nice in the pro area to shoot for print and down-res as needed. But I took the "shoot FOR web" to be someone only shooting for their private website, etc....and in general, these DSLRs would be overkill for them.

And if you consider close to $4K a pop for body ONLY...to be mid priced...whew, you have more disposable income than I do.

Comment Re:They apparently need to add another pop up (Score 4, Insightful) 174

Or they could be smart and lock out users when they're moving so fast they're obviously not on foot.

Well, it does throw up messages if you're moving too fast, but if you cut it off completely, they passengers couldn't play, which wouldn't be nice, especially if you have a car load of kids playing. It keeps them busy, you know.

But really there are ALREADY laws on the books against DISTRACTED DRIVING.....how is this any different?

Those laws are quite broad enough..and if you get caught doing so, then they should rip your license up in front of you, and point you towards the nearest tricycle shop, or bus pass station.

But for heaven's sakes, we don't need more laws, etc.

And no, Nintento should not be liable for individual stupidity.

Comment Re: Pixels density (Score 1) 158

"In the midst of a battle during a concert"... seriously, Bataclan doesn't happen every day.

Ouch...a bit of bad taste there.

But back more to subject. If you're shooting a concert and its one of those where you're relagated to the pit, and only have the first 3 songs to shoot and you're fighting with a bunch of other photographers to shoot the band from down there, with poor lighting....yeah, it is a bit of a battle and you have to shoot best you can under stress...and by shooting RAW, you can easily make up for blown white balance or exposure problems...

HOWEVER...if all else fails, as long as the image is in focus...you can just switch to Black and White...and salvage some shots.

I do this often if there is a lot of red light on the subject.....B&W has made some shit shots due to lighting turn out to be winners.

Comment Re:Pixels density (Score 2) 158

Some say "there is no such thing as too many pixels". However there is. High pixels density means smaller photosites, and the amount of light they can receive per second is lower - thus needs increased accuracy and improved technology to handle low-light condition (it seems it's the case here). Also of course more pixels take longer to process, more space to store, more time to transfer... Fortunately for web pictures - usually not that big, i.e. don't need higher resolution - the 5D family has reduced raw resolution modes (eg the mark II has 21 / 10 / 5.2 MP).

Well, if you're buying in the class of a Canon 5D4 or higher, you're not primarily shooting for the web...


And today, with storage being dirty cheap, there's generally few to no reasons not to be shooting in full blown RAW. You really do yourself a disservice not shooting in full RAW to allow yourself the full range of adjustments should you need it.

Yes, it is always best to try to get everything right in camera, but lets face it....some times you don't quite hit it right (in the midst of battle during a concert, it can be tough), and also, you pretty much NEVER see a picture without some adjustments, so, you should give yourself every capability as you can to develop the ultimate image, and you can only give yourself that leeway with full RAW.

Let's face it, if you can afford this level camera and lens system, you're not going to be balking at the cost of the storage required nor the computer level for efficient processing of images.

That's just the arguments for stills....you start shooting 4K stuff, or even RAW Video HD on the 5D3, and then you really start talking storage space and processing....

Comment Funny bit was the turnover (Score 1) 192

The feeling was that young people had a better promotion path.
Old people might quit.

The reality was that young people repeatedly quit after 2 years so their resume would look like they were "go getters".

The old people kept the department going (including one in his 70s).

The young people turned over like crazy.

Comment Re:The problem isn't that they're old... (Score 2) 192

Expense isn't the issue. OIder employees with similar experience (and similar compensation) are also discriminated against.

It's really blatant in some of the ads.. "Looking for YOUNG, dynamic, candidate who works to deadline" has actually be used by someone who was stupid in placing their ad. Usually they use dog whistles or (Infosys) require your resume have the date you graduated high school (so they can cull you before you wall in the door - and yes it's illegal to do that).

IT is incredibly low status, good play, but lacks a career path for 90% of workers. 20 years is insufficient. Being dumped on the street at 52 when you haven't been saving over half your salary means homelessness and dog food (or public assistance) by the time you are 70.

Avoid IT.

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