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Comment Re:Trump's job just got easier (Score 1) 31

The Michigan state house and senate are both Republican controlled. Who do you think approves the budget for new voting machines?

Michigan's aging voting machines a 'catastrophe waiting to happen'

They knew about this in advance.

Oh, and I suppose they collude to only put the good machines outside of the city. Seriously, wtf does that have to do with voter suppression? Tin foil hat much, or do you have actual evidence you can link to?

Comment Re:A new golden age (Score 2) 320

"China, will say, "Give us our money for all the bonds we've been buying from you." That then sends us into an economic depression as we have to come up with ways to pay those bondholders or do what Trump thinks is good business sense and throw up our hands and default. "

Which causes China's economy to tank. They simply will not do that when they rely on the US so heavily. They can't afford to.

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