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Comment Re:maybe.... (Score 1) 400

Glad I searched for 45% before posting my own grip with this.

The linked survey site requires an account, so we can't see the results or methodology. I highly doubt that 45% are "using" those service. I have a couple of them because they came with my iPhone, iPad, and PCs. I don't "use" them, because they suck balls.

who's left with actual income to purchase the goods or services these robots provide?

Agreed, which is why, in spite of my normally fiscally conservative beliefs, I think we need to see some experiments with Universal Basic Income.

Comment Re:A real comparison? (Score 1) 286

The Bolt looks good, and is a step in the right direction, but it's a MUCH smaller vehicle

Are you talking about externally? Because the inside of the Bold is 94 cu. ft., and 17 cu. ft. of cargo. in a 5 passenger vehicle that weighs over 600 lb less than the Model 3. There were complaints about the Model 3's lack of cargo space., and I can't find interior dimensions anywhere. 600 lbs. is a huge reduction in overall energy usage.

Comment Re:Not every region has that option (Score 1) 420

You always have to option of doing the first 2 years at a community college. I know Penn State accepts transfers, and that would save a ton of cash. Here in VA, every state school participates in a program that allows those transfers as long as the student maintains a 3.0 GPA. As for price, my own kid went out of state, and over 4 years, including room board, and just about every other little thing, the total was around $140k for her business degree. It would have been about half of that in state. Anybody who's paying looking at shelling out $180k hasn't thought it through, or doesn't care about the cost.

Comment Re:False equivilency (Score 1) 420

customers don't know or care how shoddily their mcmansions are built

You clearly don't know many of the owners. I am one, and do. I was on site nearly every day during construction. We've lived in that neighborhood for 15+ years now, and I guarantee that the neighbors care dearly about their homes. Who the hell lives in a home and doesn't care about how well it's constructed...very few.

So, what are the options?....One, try to find skilled tradesmen to build your home....good luck with that. Two, if you manage #1, your place just lost about half of it's size because your project just doubled in labor and material costs. Three (what I did), what's available, but not so well built, and improve on it over time.

Comment Re:Universities aren't completely honest either (Score 1) 420

Remind me never to apply to your company. Not all ITT graduates are idiots.

So, you're suggesting that we (hiring managers) shouldn't consider that these grads chose an "institution" that's produced "graduates" that have had troubles finding work, because they're not getting decent training there? You and others may not be idiots, but I'd suggest that that lack of awareness, and the useless sheepskin received, in all likelihood, don't make for good interview candidates in an extremely high percentage of the cases.

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