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Comment Re:No it can't (Score 5, Insightful) 213

As someone who used to work in the prison industry, I would like to reiterate that the problem of prison overcrowding never has been and never will be a technical problem or matter of simply moving people around to the right place. It's a complex social problem that intersects with a lot of other areas (government corruption, NIMBYism, cultural attitudes, legal system issues, etc.). Let me point out just ONE of the many flaws with Obama's position:

It will allow states to better divert low-level offenders with mental illness out of the criminal justice system and keep low-risk defendants out of jail while they await trial.

The problem with diverting "low-level offenders with mental illness out of the criminal justice system" isn't a matter of *identifying* the offenders. Everyone KNOWS who these people are. The problem is that there are nowhere near enough mental health facility beds and treatment options to even begin to accommodate all the people who need them. So jails and prisons become the defacto mental health treatment centers while all the mental health departments play "hot potato" with any high maintenance (aka costly) patients.

So great, your software has identified prisoner A as being mentally ill. Is your software going to force the local mental health facility, that always stays full, to give him a bed? Is it going to provide funding to build and staff more mental health treatment centers for dangerous and high-risk/high-maintenance patients? Because if your algorithm isn't going to do that, then it's worthless. Yeah, I already know Prisoner A is mentally ill, thanks. He's here because there is no other place that will take him, not because we didn't realize he was mentally ill.

Comment Re:Why the upset? (Score 2) 693

Yes, that's true. But I'm not sure Parliament is ready to abandon any pretext of "democracy" by completely ignoring this referendum. As for what impact Scotland and Northern Ireland will have, well, I have no idea of that one. I don't recall too many Brits, outside of the usual hand-wringers in financial sector, giving much of a fuck when Scotland held a referendum for independence, though. So I doubt this will change any minds.

Comment Re:Of course the spin is people are... (Score 2, Insightful) 693

Also notice how the news reports are dancing around the fact that Brits (and a lot of other EU citizens) are getting fed up with the ultra-liberal "open arms" immigration policies of the EU. Everyone wants to help refugees in need. But that decency and generosity begins to wane fast when those refugees start trying to enforce Sharia, rape women, shoot up malls, traffic children, etc.

Comment Re:End of Great Britain? (Score 1, Insightful) 1592

Let this vote act as a warning to the US electorate on the impact xenophobia and anti migrant feeling can have on disenchanted voters. Donald Trump is poised to take advantage of the same irrational emotions.

I hate to say it, but there is nothing irrational about Brits who look around the UK and decide that they want to put an end to open refugee resettlement in the wake of growing areas that are effectively under Sharia law, cover-ups of the sex trafficking of children by "helpless migrants," and an increasingly radical form of Islam invading the country. This is just an acknowledgement that some people in the EU are starting to wake-up to the dangers of deluded thinking based on idealistic liberal fantasies.

Comment Re:it wuz haxx0rz! (Score 3, Insightful) 192

He forgot to repeat "I didn't think it through" when he called Valve, told them he hacked into their server, copying the source code to their product, resulting in the source code for their main product being released publicly, and then asked for a job.

Is there any company where that situation would happen and it ends with "you're hired!"

Never underestimate the naivete and gullibility of a young person with a dream. Even as we speak, there are tens of thousands of kids across the country taking out huge student loans to get degrees that will barely qualify them for barista jobs at Starbucks--all because someone told them to "pursue your dreams" without adding the vital addendum "But have a realistic backup plan."

Comment Re:Downward compatibility (Score 2) 142

nevitably many games will come out with only the new one in mind

Yep. Get ready to get fucked if you're an existing PS4 owner. Because the developers will start focusing on the Neo and optimizing for that instead of the regular PS4 (and all the demo videos will be shown on the Neo too). So regular PS4 owners can look forward to shitty frame rates and crappier, half-assed graphics as their machine tries to run games that were designed with the Neo in mind.

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