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Comment Re:thats nothing, (Score 4, Informative) 88

And it's morons like YOU that keep the elite entitled-from-birth 1% like Crooked Hillary! in power.

Hillary Clinton's father ran a small business in a small town She and Bill Clinton clawed their way up to where they are today. There are problems with Hillary by being "entitled-from-birth 1%" is definitely not one of them.

Comment Let's speed things up!- What you can do (Score 0) 263

Unfortunately, this isn't fast enough. First, although the amount of renewables will overtake fossil fuels, the amount of fossil fuel use is not expected to decline worldwide unless we go a lot faster So what can we do as individuals to speed things up?

First, you can get solar panels on your home. This often pays back in 5-10 years.

You can donate to groups which work with alternative energies. For example, Everybody Solar helps non-profits such as schools, homeless shelters and science museums get solar panels. So you can help the environment while helping other people. Any eventual long-term solution is going to involve at least some nuclear and CASEnergy is a group pushing for more more nuclear plants that you can donate to

You can also donate to candidates who will help. Local candidates may matter the most, but in the US there are a handful of obvious elections to point out. One of them is Emily Cain who is running for the House in a very competitive district in Maine against an opponent who is very not good on environmental issues. Every dollar helps.

Comment Re:Mixed blessing (Score 0) 284

A large part of the case concerns Hogan's claims. As a witness in the case, it is relevant to his credibility as a witness when he claims to have been damaged. That's some thing a jury should have known about or at minimum should have been made clear to the judge who could have decided if it were relevant enough for the jury to know about. It doesn't look like either of those things happened. Insults don't changethe situation.

Comment Mixed blessing (Score 4, Insightful) 284

On the one hand I have no sympathy for Gawker and really don't mind seeing them go. On the other hand, it is deeply concerning that we may be in a situation where a billionaire can essentially destroy a company by funding lawsuits from other people. In the Hogan case it isn't clear to me if the jury knew that the lawsuit was being funded by Thiel at all, and this would be something that they should know. As a general rule, it seems like this sort of thing is a victory for the very powerful. After this, all media are going to think very carefully before doing any reporting on the very wealthy and be especially wary of reporting on anything Peter Thiel is doing. There's a clear chilling effect here.

Comment Re:New Anti-Missile Laser Tech (Score 4, Informative) 154

The idea is interesting but it doesn't really work. I know you are probably joking, but just to be clear the missile blew up very shortly after launch. . In atmosphere the effective range of laser weapons is short. 20 km is a generally safe upper estimate on range. See the Boeing YAL-1 for more detail And a failure due to a laser would be highly noticeable in the debris and nature of the explosion and even if the laser wasn't visible in the regular spectrum, it would very likely show up on infrared. North Korea is definitely paying very close attention to their borders, and especially near where the rockets are being launched. It isn't clear to me where this launch occurred from. They have two main launch areas. Mof their launches are either from Tonghae or Sohae and neither one is that far from China. Sohae is in fact very close. If the US had developed anti-missile lasers, it seems unlikely they would want to use them this way on China's backdoor at this time.

That said, it wouldn't surprise me incredibly if some sort of ongoing sabotage has been at work. But for it to be a laser that would mean that many fundamental aspects of the technology would need to have been drastically improved in a very short time, and that they would then think this was a good enough use to to risk it

Comment Re:Canada gets screwed by the AGW scam (Score 4, Insightful) 327

Your comment has zero evidence or claims to back it up simply a statement of what you believed and a claim that you'd be downvoted which you equated to censorship. In fact, the only moderation to your comment so far has been +3 interesting. It sounds like you have a bit of a persecution complex.

Comment Re:A waste of effort (Score 1, Troll) 107

Thanks for dropping your personal politics into this in completely unrelated way. is a bit relvant. Note that if you think that "Social Justice Warriors" are a political group that objects to rocket launches, then this says more about you than any actual political group. Most people who care about social justice don't even have this on their radar screen at all. You appear to be taking every political position you don't like an labeling them all as "Social Justice." Maybe this means you should try harder to actually understand the political groups you don't agree with?

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