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Comment Re:Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 3, Insightful) 526

Compare and Hillary has around 15% of her statements as False or Pants on Fire, while Trump has over half his statements as False or Pants on fire. Facts matter more than you how you feel. Hillary isn't the most honest politician, but compared to Trump she's a paragon.

Comment Re:Serious discussion != credible ideas (Score 1) 289

No. This is confused. You are confusing the classical ideas of an illusionary reality with a situation where we have *actual evidence* that relying on what we understand of the laws of physics, it is highly plausible that our descendants could make simulations. That's a very big and important difference in the sort of argument going on here.

Comment Re:Serious discussion != credible ideas (Score 1) 289

The primary argument for a simulation is novel, it isn't the same as the classical questions because we now do have a line of evidence suggesting that improving computational power will eventually allow detailed simulations. The argument then goes that if this is the case, we should expect that future humans will given the opportunity be likely to on occasion simulate past humans to better understand history. If that's the case, then the probability of anyone who perceives themselves being in the early 21st century is actually simulated is high. There are problems with this argument, but it is not at all the same as classical issues about illusionary realities and the like.

Comment Re:Too much ambition, too fast? (Score 2) 289

The shuttle had a lot of problems which the Falcon 9 and its family avoid. The Shuttle was designed to go into almost any orbit and was designed with extremely high performance hydrogen fueled main engines. Both of these made for a lot of expense. The situations aren't that similar.

Comment Re:HAHAHAHA (Score 5, Insightful) 289

Elon Musk is a complete idiot.

A complete idiot who has made the first practical rocket with a recoverable first stage which is likely going to shortly go into use, has made successful electric cars which have pushed other companies into making similar autos. He may be overly ambitious here (and I suspect he is), but whatever his failings, he isn't an idiot.

Comment Too much ambition, too fast? (Score 1, Insightful) 289

I'm a really big fan of SpaceX and a lot of the other things that Musk is doing. He's helping solve global warming with Tesla and SolarCity not just with his own companies but by pushing other companies to follow. The Falcon 9 is as of right now the cheapest rocket for medium sized payloads even without reuse (they aren't launching by themselves the very small payloads, and until the Falcon Heavy is setup they won't have the ability to launch the largest satellites). That number will go down even further if/when reuse is successful (and honestly I was very skeptical initially about reuse when they were just starting with the Falcon 1). However, this sort of statement worries me a lot, especially in the context of the recent AMOS-6 disaster where they lost a rocket on the ground and destroyed the satellite in the process We need to colonize other worlds, simply as a backup plan for serious disasters on Earth, but it would seem a lot better if they focused on systems just for Mars and didn't jump out so far ahead as to aim at other bodies (as cool as that is). I worry that they are proceeding too fast, and that if they fail, it may not be for a very long time until anyone else tries anything similar.

Comment Regular cabs do this also (Score 2) 428

Regular taxis do this also but just lie about it and claim that they don't. I was stuck right after the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing and the taxis were charging $100 to $200 for what was normally a $15-$20 ride. The only major difference is that Uber is open that they do this, and the direct impact is clear: more drivers get on the roads as the prices will bear it. Pretending that regular cabs don't do this in emergencies is just silly.

Comment Re:Transcension Hypothesis (Score 2) 75

Things like Transcension are comforting but there's no good reason to expect them to be true. Unfortunately, the possibility of a Great Filter is far more likely. This could be some sort of early events (maybe the origin of life or the jump to eukaryotic life was very unlikely for example) but the really disturbing possibility is that there's some sort of late filtration. Maybe all societies wipe themselves out, such as by nuclear war, bad nanotech, engineered diseases, extreme pollution, or something even more exotic that we don't see coming yet. And no amount of comforting hypothesis generation will stop it if that's what is going on.

Comment Most likely explanation (Score 2) 248

At this point, it seems that what is happening is a combination of two factors: 1) Experimental error. 2) Small amounts of material are being heated up and outgassed. This is consistent with an open cavity and is consistent with some of the reports having the drive's thrust take a small amount of time to start off, which looks a lot like it is taking time for the cavity to heat up.

Comment Re:thats nothing, (Score 4, Informative) 88

And it's morons like YOU that keep the elite entitled-from-birth 1% like Crooked Hillary! in power.

Hillary Clinton's father ran a small business in a small town She and Bill Clinton clawed their way up to where they are today. There are problems with Hillary by being "entitled-from-birth 1%" is definitely not one of them.

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