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Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 402

maybe something more mundane like the speed of light being the cosmic speed limit is actually a bug,

I'd also consider this a design choice. If the simulation runs on a distributed, parallel system, limiting the rate at which an event in one part of the cluster affect parts of simulation running in other parts of the system simplifies communication ... and probably debugging, too.

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 1) 358

Why do you keep resorting to these angry attacks and outbursts full of swearing and insults?

Any moron who can draw a line will instantly realise that the outcome of your behaviour is that increasingly larger proportions of people will get increasingly angry at you. It's self evident that your sudden denial of 150 year old science needs solid data to be believable, and 20 years after we started asking you politely to explain your assertion that increasing the concentration of CO2 in the troposphere will not lead to changes in the levels of stored energy in the atmosphere, and evidence that explanation with observations, you still haven't done so. Did you lose that data? Or: are you just lying? What did you think would happen once people realised that you were lying about this? Draw the line. Is the forecast good? Does this end well for you, and the other liars like you?

The skeptics don't do that. They civily ask for unmodified data and evidence so that they may apply the scientific method.

Nobody owes you an explanation, you drooling imbecile. YOU owe US an explanation. Why are you claiming that CO2 induced climate change does not exist, and failing to produce any observational data to that effect?

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 402

EVERY SIMULATION always starts from nothing

Nope. A simulation starts with initial conditions that can be set by whoever is running the simulation.

In the simulated universe, the simulation could have been started three seconds ago and signs of earlier events (up to the big bang) are merely due to the chosen initial conditions.

EVERY SIMULATION also has a speed limit. It is the maximum rate of execution of the program

Um .. the simulated entities would not be aware of the speed at which the simulation runs to an outside observer.

And the speed of light would not be a technical limitation of the simulation, but a description of the system being simulated. Someone in control of the simulation could move an object across the universe by twiddling a few variables between two simulation steps. To simulated entities, this would appear as a supernatural phenomenon - magic, divine intervention, you name it.

In EVERY SIMULATION new things come into being, where nothing like them existed before.

Um .. no. Simulations can be horridly boring and predictable. Simulation of a capacitor being discharged across a's just a boring exponential decay curve.

Of course, things can be spiced up. By randomness, or chaotic behavior (things that can be described in a comparatively simple formula that cannot be solved analytically).

Comment Re:Uncertainty principle! (Score 1) 402

No, limited precision would correspond to quantization. That is, you can't take a smaller step than 1e-308 meters or such.

Only if it's implemented in a bad way.

If you have a certain amount of memory allocated for storing both location and impulse, but you can dynamically decide how the memory area is split between location and impulse, you'll end up with something like the uncertainty principle.

You can have a high spatial resolution at the cost of a low impulse resolution and vice versa. And before using each value, the computer fills up the unstored bits with RNG noise to make the quantization effect less deterministic; a kind of large scale dithering.

Why would any sane programmer add such ridiculous complex systems both at the very small and very large scale?

The customer demanded an extensive and interesting simulation that nonetheless can run on the available hardware?

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 402

I think they are called black holes...

Black holes are a bit too common and too obvious to be design bugs. I believe they are intentional, to limit the complexity of the simulation over time.

Something similar goes for the expansion of the universe. It limits the duration of the simulation; once heat death is achieved, the simulation can safely be aborted without inconveniencing any of the (then nonexistent) simulated entities. That may be a somewhat anthropocentric argument, though.

Comment Re:Uncertainty principle! (Score 1) 402

So it must always be simulating these probabilities.

Yes, just think of it as one big sandbox simulation.

since it would be FAR easier to just make it determinate

But determinate things are boring as hell. That might be okay if you're doing a simulation for predictive purposes, but if the simulation is for entertainment, you want randomness, otherwise there's no point.

Hm. Maybe HELL is actually the determinate version of the simulation.

Comment Are there alternatives to John Deere? (Score 1) 489

Are there alternatives to John Deere? Is there some lock-in with attachments, trailers, etc. (As a non-farmer I don't know)? I would have thought that the ability to repair would be a key selling point for competitors. If farmers stopped buying John Deere I expect they would review this policy

Comment Re:Stop the hate (Score 1) 199

If we could only use community shame and ostricisation to stop the religious fundamentalist who believe in using violence to overthrow lawfully government we would be going a long way to make the world safe.

You are naive if you think this would work. With all the Islamic community telling them that hatred of non-muslims (particularly Jews) is good and all their religious books teaching them separateness, hatred and violence, do you think that the fact that you support equality, freedom, democracy and other things they oppose will shame them? Hell, they are shaming (and threatening with violence) moderate Muslims to support extremism

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