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Comment Those who something, something (Score 4, Insightful) 588

I think I speak for anyone who's read a history book when I say this is an absolutely awful idea. I know Twitter gets a lot of stick but well done them. If you're in favour of this then you're a fascist or you're an idiot. There's literally no middle ground. This is how it starts.

Comment Reporting (Score 1) 497

Seriously. I've worked in many departments for many different employers and seen many different reporting implementations. All of which have been different. All of which have been terrible. Layers and layers of impenetrable abstraction over some "generic" "engine". Every. Single. Fucking. Time. I swear it's the same person.

Submission + - Uber is defined as an employer in UK ( 1

eionmac writes: An employment tribunal (a form of employment court in UK) has defined Uber as an employer due to its significant control of employee (displines, raises or lowers prices, controls access to work, directs employees). This means Uber must pay statutory rights of employee such as as sick pay, minimum wage, holiday pay etc. This will change how they operate in UK and perhaps with existing EU links also EU position.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot's Older Programmers - What would be more helpful for your careers?

brown.dragon writes: I am an older programmer who has quit his job and is moving to Australia. I want to start an online solution that other programmers find helpful and right now I'm wondering if I should go with "learning new technologies" or "getting really good at the basics". Both are targeted towards giving a career boost to older programmers.

So if you are an older programmer, which of these (if any), would interest you? Would you like to keep in touch with the latest technologies because that's what makes it easy to get jobs or would you like to be really good at answering (Google/Facebook/Amazon) algorithmic interview questions? I am kind of at a crossroads and I'd really like to provide something you would value.

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