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Comment Re:vote with your money (Score 2, Insightful) 258

If it's not that hard, why aren't everyone making billions of dollars of single FPS games?

Because not everyone has the millions of dollars required to convince all the retards that their game is groundbreaking and new.

Good games don't make money, well marketed games make money.

Unfortunately the two are nearly wholly unrelated.

Comment Re:Importance of Competitive Choices (Score 1) 406

Thank you! It is nice to see that even though I have been modded down for daring to oppose the "NS was a saint and IE was teh evils!" groupthink that there are others that actually REMEMBER their history! I wonder how many of these "FLOSSie yay!" kiddies were actually old enough to run NS4. News flash kids, it was NOTHING like Firefox or Mozilla proper. It was JUST as proprietary (remember the blink tag? Oh God how I hated the Geocities twerps that would splatter that everywhere!) cost money, and worst of all after the rewrite fiacso was about as stable as Vb written by 10 year olds with ADHD.

It is nice to see that I am not the only one that remembers the real NS4. Was IE great? Nope, it was about as boring and fugly as could be, and of course security was nonexistent. But oh Lord Jebus after dealing with a couple of dozen NS4 crashes and lock ups (And yes kiddies, NS4 could lock both itself and Windows smooth up, as in hard reboot time) it was like a cool drink of watere in the desert. Finally I could surf for hours without a single hard reboot! Yay!

Comment So these guys keep wanting to prove my point! (Score 5, Insightful) 122

For the past 2 to 3 years I have been harping on at numerous forums how I'm not entirely convinced that Polyphony Digital actually know what the hell they are doing.
GT4 was a splendid game for the time, the physics were great for a PS2 and 'semi' realistic racer (see: Proper PC Sims for insane physics but much much more niche) the menu music was nice and I liked how they didn't throw cars at you like dollar notes to a stripper, I had to 'bond' with my first car and work my way up with it. I had that MX5 for about 50 races.

Now, if you actually read any articles and interviews, the GT guys seem to want to add every single possible gametype to the game.
WRC, F1, Nascar, 'standard' racing cars and of course modified real cars too. Apparently they are going to be able to handle the driving physics and engines for all these types (oh and motorbikes in the latest news articles!)
I think they are diluting the hell out of the game just trying to throw anything and everything at it.

Forza has a few good things going for it, for one it has probably some of the best rumble and audio queues in a racing game since Rallisport challenge 2. As ridiculous as it sounds, you feel as if you really can feel the track / wheel traction just from a controller. The audio is very good at distinguishing traction, the rumble is just right and combined they work well.
GT however has been re-using the same 'arcade style' traction squeel which sounds like it came out of Outrun since GT3.
No, I'm not joking, go and play GT3, GT4, GT4 Prologue, GT5 Prologue, GT5 Limited Jap demo, GT HD Concept and finally GT Academy - the tire squeel sound is not only the same, it's just plain annoying!

While I'm at it, they keep releasing things like GT HD Concept, GT5 Jap Demo, GT5 Prologue, GT Academy (Europe series and Aus/NZ series!) and I believe I'm missing one of the GT5 demos too... can I just be blunt and say, where the heck is the game for goodness sakes? Now in the time that GT4 has shipped, Turn 10 under Microsoft have shipped Forza 1, Forza 2 and Forza 3, furthermore it's not like they "madden'd!" the Forza series, each game had quite a fair while between each release with substantial changes to them and improvements.
Example Forza 1 and 2 had crappy emo rock thrashy music in the menus which just got on your nerves, whereas GT4 - credit where credit is due had this very laid back elevator style music you could (and would) comfortably listen to all day in a 12 hour rainy Sunday racing and upgrading session. Now Forza 3 has some pretty relaxed menu beats, rewind feature (best thing EVER for anyone who isn't an extreme racer) You've got brilliant graphics, a car trading and buying system - etc.

Also if you listened to the 1up podcasts about 18 months back Shane Bettenhausen quoted the Polyphony GT guys as basically saying "we're the best, we don't care about the competition we literally haven't even seen Forza 1 or 2" this arrogance frankly pisses me off as I just want a good product from both companies. Forza 2 most certainly WAS worth PD looking at, there are several improvements. (FWIW They finally did sneak a peak at F3 mid 2009 if I recall, the game was delayed a few months later)

So why am I posting this? I'm basically sick of speaking to mates or anyone really about games and when GT comes up it's "wow, amazing, best ever, insane!" along with "GT5 will be best/better/amazing" along with "Forza is arcadey shit" (Me:) "Have you played it?" "Nah but I've seen it!" - that's a real conversation I've had with not 1 but 2 normally intelligent people.
I love my PS3, vastly more than my 360 and genuinely dislike the business model of XBLive Gold, dislike the nickel and diming, dislike the reliability issues and I still purchased a 360 JUST for Forza 3 and it was worth every cent.

I may as well get the whole rant out there.
GT5 Prologue, no car modding? for 60$ AUD (40$ US?) you have to be bloody joking!
Also, I may be called a heathen but between the good feedback audio, controller rumble, FOV width, camera postitions and overall driving 'feel' - I genuinely and honestly feel that Forza 3 is a vastly superior game to drive in than GT, which simply feels 'broken' to me, especially the new GT Academy, my god that handles awfully, it just isn't right. The FOV is off, the bumper / hood cam is in the wrong spot and it feels like it turns 'wrong'

So to any Sony lovers or racing lovers, please for the love of god just give Forza an honest to god sit down and try, because I've personally gotten 30 hours out of it already and I haven't even scratched the surface, it really is a genuinely fun game with a good overall package. Even if you're an insane GT Fanboy and convinced GT5 will be superior, they STILL haven't shown us the money, - you may as well at least try the full game from the competition, because there's technically no proper sequel to even GT4 out yet. It's been five YEARS since GT4, put up or shut up people!
(Finally, I don't work for MS, nor do I work for Turn 10 - just bloody tired of the GT hype, stop promising things for the sake of sounding the best and PRODUCE something!)

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score 1) 926

I'm pretty sure every major Christian church teaches what's referred to as the "golden rule", even the Catholic church...

But it also teaches a lot more. Therefore, the statement "it is little more than [the golden rule]" is incorrect.

You don't want to be treated with respect, regardless of your beliefs?

Neither Mormons nor Catholics do that, so clearly they are not even living by the golden rule themselves. But, no, I really don't care anyway whether Mormons or Catholics treat me with respect; why would I?

Did you have an example of what you mean by that?

Well, for example, I want to be let die if I fall into a coma, even if there is a possibility of recovery. I do not want to be resuscitated after a heart attack. I want to be able to commit suicide if I choose. I would have wanted my mother to have an abortion if she had not wanted me as a child. Etc.

I can think of several specific things I refrain from doing that I can attribute directly to my religion. [...] and, now that I am married, I do not have extramarital sex.

So you're saying that if you weren't religious you would have extramarital sex? What kind of loveless, depressing marriage do you live in that you can't be faithful to your wife for no other reason than that you love her?

It also implies that you believe people cannot change, which is also absurd. I have seen hundreds of people make real, meaningful improvements in their life

I didn't say that religion doesn't change people. I just gave you the benefit of the doubt, assuming that you actually were a naturally good person.

Based on your statements above, apparently I was wrong: you told us that if it weren't for your religion, you'd be a slut, you'd cheat on your wife, you'd be addicted to pornography, and you'd curse like a sailor.

So, I'm happy for you (and the rest of society) that religion keeps your deep, dark urges in check. But resisting those urges because your religion tells you to doesn't make you a moral person, it merely makes you an obedient person. You'd be a moral person only if you refrained from them because you innately knew that they are wrong, and for that, you don't need to be a Christian.

Take it from me, many other people don't need God or the Bible to tell them that killing, stealing, or cheating on their wife is wrong. I pity anybody who needs religion to figure that out.

Comment Re:Should be cheaper than solar (Score 1) 572

Solved... put photovoltaic cells under the green house. More efficient in land use than either one alone.

But less efficient than using them both seperate from each other. There's lots of unused desert. At the moment it's more a matter of efficiency per invested dollar than one of efficiency per surface area.

Comment Re:Lazy bastards -Offshore is going to eat your lu (Score 1) 709

Actually dipshit I spend most of my time cleaning up the devastation left in the wake of morons who think outsourcing is a good idea. If you want to hire an IT guy at my level that lives in a mud hut go ahead. I'll charge you triple to bail your sorry ass out later. Look at the ROI numbers on outsourcing. The only real advantage to outsourcing is that it raises the ratio of profit to salaried headcount. It's robbing Peter to pay Paul. It's a great way for an executive who know's he'll be out the door in the near future to get a big bonus but it fucks the company.

Comment Re:Brian Dugan is scum and deserves to die (Score 2, Informative) 328

I just read about the Jeanine Nicario case. Two men were convicted and sentenced to death for her murder. The murder that Dugan has now confessed to. Although Dugan is obviously the worst scum, the fact that 14 cops, prosecutors and deputies were indicted (They were found not guilty of anything naughty.) and nearly got two innocent men killed by the "Justice System" kind of puts me off the death penalty in general.

Comment Re:What's the rational? (Score 1) 241

The rationale is in getting people to stop sharing user data with third parties in foreign countries. Google isn't the specific target of the corresponding legislation, it's just a high-profile target and I doubt we'd see a story about any other analytics service found in violation of EU privacy law.

Comment Re:A lot of business travel is unnecessary (Score 1) 171

I agree with you in principle, but I do not consider expedited security in airports to be frivolous.

For those of us who fly often (8 flights in just this month alone), such things definitely have their value if implemented properly.

Also, a lot of companies also pay their employees to subscribe to such services (especially when the employee has to travel a lot).

Comment Re:If only we had that choice. (Score 1) 151

That's not really realistic. Those costs are based on the largest economy in the world having a market driven healthcare system.

Currently the cost of drug development is cost + profit, the same is true of every medical device, every healthcare facility, healthcare professional, every medical supply, medical school, etc. Every step and every person along the way is currently skimming off the top and they are skimming dramatically more than just cost. Even if socialized medicine were the inefficient nightmare envisioned, it would have to be not 20% or 50% less efficient but several thousand times over less efficient to cost the same as privatized healthcare does today. Especially when you consider that every other nation in the world with a socialized healthcare system has had to compete with us and the result is dramatically inflated costs.

Why have costs driven so dramatically? Because captialism requires limited, supply and limited demand of a nonessential element to work. Healthcare has limited supply but unlimited demand and it is absolutely essential. How much is your life worth to you? It doesn't matter how much wealth you have, the answer is all of it. When 90% of the wealth is in the hands of 10% of the people you will quickly realize that the most profit can be derived from prices that most people can't afford. It is unacceptable for most of the population in our society to go without a basic need like healthcare.

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