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Comment Re:Pants on fire (Score 3, Insightful) 57

He wants the US to spend less time, effort, and money patrolling the world, and wants other countries to take up the slack.

That's what he says. But the rest of the world isn't going to pick up the tab for Pax Americana. Trump haven't explained how he would downsize the military by laying off troops, mothballing weapon systems and closing bases. Actions that won't be popular with politicians and voters as many government-funded jobs will go away and unemployment increase.

But go ahead and throw insults. It is, after all, the only thing Democrats do.

As a moderate conservative, I can say that Trump is an idiot.

Comment Re:Instant Deleivery (Score 1) 43

With that many employees you would think that they could dispatch a driver to personally deliver my package to my door!

Amazon driver couldn't find my friend's apartment, delivered it to another apartment, and Amazon refused to have the driver go back to retrieve the wrongly delivered package.

If it's not there in 30 minutes it's FREE!

My friend wanted a replacement package sent immediately. Amazon gave him a refund instead.

Hey, I can dream right?

Amazon's delivery service is a joke. That's why I have post office box to send all my packages to. That doesn't prevent a postal clerk from misplacing a package for two weeks (on average).

Comment Re:Computers are for chumps (Score 1) 118

The benefits are fantastic by any measure but the sociopaths and maladjusted high school bullies despite being out of school for decades make it a living hell.

That describes all my IT coworkers in Fortune 500 companies. The government IT workers I work with are all ex-military and very professional.

Comment Re: Computers are for chumps (Score 1) 118

Do you really think you would be unemployed 7 months out of 12?

Prior to my current government IT job, I was out of work for eight months (2013-2014) and unemployed for two years (2009-2010). As an IT support contractor, my income varied between $25K to $50K per year for most of my career. I'm two years into a five-year contract with full pay and benefits. That's a nice break from the IT rat race.

Comment Re: Computers are for chumps (Score 1) 118

Fresh grads are usually hired at at least 80k and well over 100k at places like FB or Google, not counting benefits.

Except I don't have a BA/BS degree. I got an AA degree in General Education (1994) and AS degree in Computer Programming (2007). I'm also 20+ years into my career.

So yeah, it shouldn't be hard to double that assuming you don't get trapped by your previous salary.

I'm studying for InfoSec certifications. My next job should double or triple my current pay rate.

Comment Re: Computers are for chumps (Score 1) 118

Please tell me you meant $150K a year.

Nope. It's $50K per year. Government IT doesn't pay that much. I've been trying to get a cost of living adjustment for being in Silicon Valley. No dice.

If not, I will gladly hire you today for 2x your current salary.

I doubt you can match my benefit package: paid federal holidays off, 20 Paid Time Off (PTO), 401K and healthcare package, and a fully funded contract for the next three years.

Comment Re:Computers are for chumps (Score 1) 118

IT is a shitty career choice, always has been and always will be.

That's what my friends told me 20+ years ago. They went into healthcare to make money. Flash forward to now, I'm enjoying my "shitty career" in IT while my friends hate their jobs because they're cleaning up someone else's shit. Ironically, hospitals have been my best paying IT jobs.

People I know who insisted in staying with IT ended up making ends meet by moonlighting as "troubleshooters" but modern OSs, smartphones and tablets means they're not needed anymore.

I work full-time in government IT, make $50K per year and save 20% of what I earned. I also live in Silicon Valley. I have no need to moonlight to make extra money.

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