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Comment Re:Ten years too late... (Score 1) 32

you're not qualified to comment on getting ahead. literally everything about you is below average but your weight. and you are proud of being our clown. good for you.

You sound like my mother. Good thing I stopped listening to her when I was teenager. Otherwise, I would have committed suicide and the world would be worse off place than it is now.

Comment Re:Ten years too late... (Score 0) 32

Even with your 800 headhunters that you talked to 10 times a day for two years?

You need to work harder at misrepresenting my positions. How do you ever expect to get ahead in life as a Troll?

Seems to me you are extremely inefficient in your "energy expended" to results ratio.

That's because people are involved. If this was rocket science, 92 million Americans would have coal miner jobs.

Comment Re: Protect you against SQL injection? Really? (Score 1) 63

Seldom do you see certified bridge engineers cutting a pasting features of a bridge design into another another.

I'm not so sure about that. I worked a few years in construction with my father. He examined the blueprints for every project carefully to order his list of materials and occasionally finds minor mistakes that he need to correct on the ground. One day he found a three-foot wide mistake between two pages of the blueprint for the same wall. The architect called bullshit because the two pages line up perfectly with each other. So my father had the architect and main contractor walk the layout on the ground for the foundation before it got poured. Lo and behold, a three-foot wide gap was found that prevented the wall from lining up. That problem was in the blueprint and not how the foundation guys laid the layout, although the main contractor yelled at them for not catching the mistake soon.

Comment Re:Remember what broke the internet... (Score 1) 63

They'll have a new job in three months anyway, so why would they care that the software is crap, insecure and unsupportable?

The lead programmer (or project manager) should review the code and then beat them with a pointy stick if code was unacceptable. I'm not a professional programmer but I was a software tester for nearly seven years. The lead programmer for the developers I worked with was responsible for the quality of the code in each build. Sometimes programmers got fired if they can't do their job.

Comment Re:"Beware.. (Score 1) 181

I chose instead to program an EPLD and presented my solution to the TA with a single IC.

Too many people have forgotten what circuit design was before processors. I took electronics courses in the early 1990's. I recently got back into it now that I'm older and have the money to pursue it as a proper hobby. Whenever I ask on an electronics forum how to do something without a processor, I don't get any answers. The default answer to every problem these days is to drop a processor in and figure out the rest in code.

Comment Re: My parents would... (Score 1) 236

Did you eat them, in addition to your 1500 calorie a day diet? Is that why you weigh 350 pounds? A loser like that probably thinks he gets fired because everyone is jealous. Maybe calls it a lay off while trolling slashdot, remembering when he could get a job in government IT. Maybe self publishes a vanity novel online and thinks anyone cares.

Look in the mirror, asshat, and find the real loser.

Comment Re:Beautiful moment (Score 0) 28

Grade 3 homework problem: find the volume of a person and calculate how many people can fit in your house.

Or how many college students can fit into a five-bedroom Victorian? Answer: 13.

Figuring out an unclaimed $500 long distance phone bill each month was nearly impossible. (My parents gave me a calling card so I wasn't involved with mathematical discussions.) When the city declared that each household could only put out three garbage cans per week (we were putting out seven garbage cans), and no one wanted to pitch in for dumpster service, everyone moved out. The last guy out had the privilege of notifying the landlord that original tenants moved out ten years before. We had 300+ people at our going away party and the police promptly shut us down at 10PM.

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