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Comment Re:Hell no (Score 1) 132

Driving a car isn't hard millions do it.

I've waited until I was 37-years-old to learn how to drive. My father wasn't going to teach me as a teenager to drive stick on his one-ton flatbed that he put a million miles on in ten years. Since Silicon Valley has a well-developed transit system, I got around just fine without having a need for a vehicle. One day my father abandoned his old car in my carport. I had not choice but to get my driver license and take possession of the car. Took me three years to find out about all the repairs that he didn't tell me about. It's easier to own a car when you're more mature and financially responsible, especially if your father is DIYer who doesn't believe in mechanics.

Comment Re:Explain the downmod then (Score 1) 238

See subject: Nobody disproved my points (they're easily proven FACTS is why) so I'll do as I please & watch "your kind" RUN DRY of 'downmodpoints' as always, lol... too bad for you & "your kind" ('soros losers', lmao).

I've already told you that I'm not a moderator. I don't have mod points to waste.

* :)

I'm sorry to see that you have a bump on your head. Yes, that would explain a lot.

Also - do yourself a favor before you play "SiDeWaLk-ShRiNk of /.' - get a psychiatric sciences degree, a formal examination of myself given in a professional psychiatric environs & a license to practice it 1st before you make a BIGGER FOOL OF YOURSELF showing your "delusions of grandeur" @ being a psychiatric pro with WEAK off topic illogical ad hominem attacks that fail vs. me (just like your downmods ALWAYS do).

Let me guess... you're an L. Ron Hubbard fan.

P.S.=> You're easy to kill - you do it to yourselves everytime thinking you can "push me around" when I shit ALL OVER YOU easily negating your bs... apk

So what?

Comment Re:About time... (Score 1) 92

There is no uni degree in Germany that requires english or proper english, why should it?

Out of the three or four languages Europeans are supposed to learn English isn't one of them? No wonder the Brits left the European Union in a huff. ;)

On the other hand, what do you find wrong in his sentence?

How it was written contradicts the statement that the OP graduated from a university. He came across as being a graduate of American public schools, which is what a university education is supposed to fix. If you run the text through a readability measurement, it comes out at the fourth grade level. I never went to high school, I got an A.A. degree in General Education, transferred and got kicked out of the university in my junior year, and I later went back to get an A.S. in Computer Programming with a 4.0 GPA. Despite not graduating from high school or the university, I write at the 11th grade level. The average American reads at the seventh grade level.

Comment Re:Bogus downmods anyone? lol... apk (Score 1) 238

Doing unjustifiable downmods to hide truth on YOUR PART is weak & you know it

I don't moderate on Slashdot. That makes your statement FALSE.

* So fuck off, ok?

You need to something about your anger issues. Venting in public is not healthy.

P.S.=> ANYTHING I wrote is easily substantiatable fact - which just KILLS "your kind" doesn't it? Yes & that's why you tried to "hide it" w/ downmods (which I can post in UNLIMITED FASHION easily to get you to "run dry" of those unjustifiable downmodpoints - lol, you can't even WIN AN ELECTION - do you think you can win vs. me? NO way)... apk

I'm a moderate conservative. We're difficult to kill.

Comment Re:Yes (Score 2) 238

Serious question: is any of the money used to pay for the lawsuits and recounts actually taxpayer money? I thought it all came from Stein's campaign (donations).

From what I've been reading, there are direct costs and indirect costs. The donations are paying for the direct costs. The taxpayers are paying for the indirect costs of the extra people that the counties may need to hire to get the recount done in a timely fashion, especially if the ballots are being counted by hand. The recounts have to be done before the electors meet in two weeks.

Comment Re:Step 1: take famous API name, like NPAPI (Score 1) 28

Or create an app with the same name of an obscure library file, get the repository to remove the library file, piss off the author of the library file, and break the Internet at the same time.

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