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Possible Issues With the P != NP Proof 147

An anonymous reader writes "We previously discussed news that Vinay Deolalikar, a Principal Research Scientist at HP Labs, wrote a paper that claimed to prove P is not equal to NP. Dick Lipton, a Professor of Computer Science at Georgia Tech, analyzed the idea of the proof on his blog. In a recent post, he explains that there have been many serious objections raised about the proof. The post summarizes the issues that need to be answered in any subsequent development, and additional concerns are raised in the comment section."

Comment welcome back (Score 1) 17

Welcome back! I haven't posted or hardly read the comment threads in a long while for similar reasons. Why get involved if you can only do it halfway (or less)? But today get got an e-mail about a new user journal update! :-) The achievements are still somewhat new. Somewhere around April Fools Day I believe. Goofy but still kind cool.

Submission + - Anniversary coverage in IEEE! (

RudeDude writes: "Happy Anniversary! IEEE Spectrum writes: Slashdot has built one of the most feverishly loyal and influential communities of geeks online. Each day the site gets about 500,000 visitors, who view some 2 million pages. And as it is the early adopter's tastemaker, its power is mighty. Getting a link from the site — getting "Slashdotted" — has a viral impact."

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