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Comment Re:If you think Twitter is bad... (Score 1) 113

So, when you are talking to a non-IT / non-IT savvy network user who has to "remember" 20 (and that's not a high number for some folks) different UID/PAS combos, what exactly is your suggestion beyond writing it down and securing the written source?

That's an extremely high number of combos. Most jobs that I had only required a single password. My current job has two-factor authentication: Windows login is a PIV card with a PIN, and administrator account has a security login with a complex passwords.

Comment If you think Twitter is bad... (Score 2) 113

I've worked at many Fortune 500 companies in Silicon Valley. Each one has the same policy that users aren't supposed to share or write down their passwords. As an IT support technician, I had to prevent people from telling me their passwords. It never fails that find someone's password written on a Post-It note on their monitor or underneath their keyboard. Whenever a user compromises their password, I set their AD account to change password on next login. They always get mad at me when they have to change their password.

Comment Re:Overlooking a larger trend... (Score 1) 349

Please by all means post your dire predictions, but shut up when you're wrong.

I stand corrected. The Persian Gulf will become uninhabitable at the end of this century.

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