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Comment Re:Please (Score 2) 84

In the 80s/90s shows they are glorified flat, thin text terminals, basically portable versions of 1970s computers. What's worse is that people carry stacks of them, 1 for every report or case or whatever.

The Apple Message Pad (Newton) was state of the art in 1993 with 640K of memory and monochrome LCD screen, which basically portable versions of 1970s computers.

How retarded.

What's retarded is making a comparison out of context. Science fiction is a snapshot in time. Although Star Trek is set in the future, it has frequent references to the 20th century. I wonder if anyone today in the 21st century knows what the significance of 1939 in Germany?

Comment Re:Pegg's Star Trek is an abortion (Score 2) 84

There are only three scenes with Sulu's "husband" and daughter in the Star Trek Beyond. If I haven't heard about the controversy before seeing the movie, I could have assumed that the "husband" was Sulu's brother and maybe the daughter was his niece. The scenes are quite subtle. No kissing, no glory holes, no rainbow flags.

Comment Re:Kicking millions of Chinese out of jobs... (Score 1) 137

However in China Labor is much cheaper.

Not anymore. It's no longer cheaper to ship products on the ocean as it was before. All those up and coming workers are expecting better pay and benefits to support a middle income lifestyle. China need automation because labor is no longer cheaper.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 3, Interesting) 65

if they help fortune 500 companies stay rich, their methods will be legalized soon.

During the robber baron days, it was common for the corporations to hire mercenaries and thugs to wage battles with workers and strikers. Murder, mayhem and riots were so routine that the government had to dispatch the military. That activity got outlawed. Internet warfare between corporations will get outlawed in time.

Comment Re:Do not call it unlimited (Score 2) 409

Verizon are adding insult to injury by resorting to such puerile tactics, that will fool very, very few of its customers, actual or otherwise.

Most Americans are not financially literate. If they were, they would recognized that there is no such thing as an "unlimited" resource, "unlimited" is a marketing term, and, sooner or later, "unlimited" has to come an end.

Comment Those old plans are great... (Score 1) 409

My sister-in-law had a voice-only plan that was $15 per month and kept it for over a decade. While using the toilet at work, her phone slipped out of her pocket and fell into the toilet. Of course, it was an auto flush toilet. Bye-bye, phone. The carrier refused to sell her a new phone on the old plan. That's how she got an iPhone and became a data junkie like the rest of us.

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