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Comment Re:Power Outages (Score 1) 114

The odds of two techies being the opposite sex, in the same room with a sofa or bed, and during an extended power outage is astronomical. Most techies I know carry an extra battery pack or two to avoid being disconnected from the internet for any extended period of time.

Comment Re:Unused ports are a wasteful problem (Score 1) 277

From the beginning Apple phones have low battery life, and Apple makes it difficult to replace the battery, which means you'll be forced to buy a new phone once the battery decays (which all batteries do).

The battery for my iPod Touch (1st gen) lasted eight years. It will be interesting to see how long the battery in my iPhone 6s will last.

Comment Re:Why wait until now? (Score 4, Informative) 259

The latest push to transition oversight began with a 2009 agreement between NTIA and ICANN. The agency, though, noted that the goal of completely privatizing the domain name system dates back to 1997, and that the U.S. government reiterated that goal when it partnered with ICANN a year later.

Comment Re:Poorly config'd server's existence is proof (Score 2) 426

So... am I to believe that Hillary Clinton is so woefully incapable of finding a competent IT engineer/admin?

When a recruiter called me to do IT work in the Palo Alto campaign office of Meg Whitman for California Governor campaign in 2010, I rejected the job out of hand. Never mind that I've been out of work for a year-and-a-half at that time. That job wasn't worth the trouble. The recruiter was astonished that I would reject it out hand. Although I previously worked at eBay, Meg Whitman wasn't well loved by most employees — and I voted for her opponent, Tom Campbell, a moderate Republican, in the primary.

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