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Comment Re:White Power Rangers...ASSEMBLE! (Score 1) 279

Quoting myself "Heck, the last KKK member that was in the senate was a democrat and the only reason he is out is because he died (Robert Byrd)."

Democratic Senator Robert Byrd renounced being a Klansman and became a respected member of the civil rights movement. Maybe you're thinking of former Democratic and Republican Senator Storm Thurmond who had a child with a black maid and never renounced segregation?

Comment Re:Even the elite are poor for financial aid... (Score 1) 244

I started college with 30k in savings (in my late twenties).

If you're 25 or older, you're viewed as an adult student for financial aid purposes. The link below explains why parents and students shouldconvert cash into assets that won't count against financial aid for a non-adult student.

Comment Re:Even the elite are poor for financial aid... (Score 1) 244

Even 25 years ago when I went, it was almost impossible to qualify for need-based aid if you had 2 parents working regular jobs.

I couldn't qualify for need-based aid because I lived with my parents and they contributed nothing to my college education in the 1990's. I spent my first year in college picking up bottles and cans to pay for classes and books. Later on I got a job at the bookstore warehouse and worked 30 hours a week to pay for my schooling and move into a frat house with 12 other guys.

Comment Re:Even the elite are poor for financial aid... (Score 1) 244

what does that even mean? can you share this story you read?

If you have $30,000+ in savings, it will count against you for financial aid because you have money in the bank. If you spend that $30,000+ on an expensive car and then applied for financial aid, you will qualify for financial aid because you have nothing in the bank. Financial aid officers don't take the value of a car into consideration. I think I read that story in "One L: The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School" by Scott Turow.

Comment Even the elite are poor for financial aid... (Score 1) 244

I read one story when applicants for the Harvard Law School buy expensive cars to make themselves look "poor" to qualify for financial aid. If you're attending the Harvard Law School and don't have an expensive car, you're doing it wrong. No wonder the U.S. is screwed up.

Comment Re:Agree and disagree (Score 1) 245

Disagree that for 200k he would unlock it for them. Fails the sniff test, and sounds like he screwed them on purpose.

I've worked at one company where management fired a long-term programmer responsible for a dial-up server. He refused to turn over the password until he got paid $250K. Management threatened to take him to court. But he had negotiated a clause in his contract to cover a situation like this. So the company paid him because it was cheaper than a lawsuit.

Comment Re:default judgment (Score 1) 245

[...] destroyed property(the data within) [...]

I routinely wiped the PCs I've used before returning to an employer. Those PCs are reimaged anyway. The Fortune 500 companies I've worked for stored user data on the network, which I leave alone as my data is just spreadsheets that tracked my daily assignments.

Comment Re:White Power Rangers...ASSEMBLE! (Score 1) 279

Trying to find secret meanings in words just to support your theory is the epitome of dishonesty.

The statement you quoted is entirely factual. Republicans have used racial dog whistles ("Willie Horton!"), attacked the welfare state (but not corporate welfare) and leveraged resentment against affirmative action ("political correctness") for decades. The Trump administration will be no different.

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