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Comment Re: its classless to post stories about your own (Score 1) 103

Have you ever found anybody who cares about your life story?

Yes. I'm known as the guy with the funniest stories at work.

Or do you just keep posting it because it's either that or cutting and you're all out of razor blades?

I'm living out my favorite demotivator poster that hangs in my home office: "Mistakes: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others."

Comment Re:I Bitch and moan... (Score 1) 55

I'm sure Slashdot keeps a record of my comments for you to confirm my rantings on this.

According to my scraping script, you're a noob on Slashdot. Soapbox much?

Pages Processed: 13, Comments (Accepted/Total): 195/195
Scores (195) | -1: 0, 0: 8, 1: 155, 2: 24, 3: 3, 4: 3, 5: 2
Bonus (11) | Flamebait: 0, Funny: 1, Informative: 1, Insightful: 3, Interesting: 4, Offtopic: 1, Redundant: 1, Troll: 0
Total Time: 00:00:47.00

Comment Re: its classless to post stories about your own s (Score 1) 103

Be sure to include a chapter on how you went to community college. That's the sort of unique experience that most of the rest of us here have never experienced, since we went to a real college (or university, for those Brits among us).

That might be a separate book unto itself. I spent eight years in Special Ed classes, skipped high school, went to community college for four years (two years of remedial coursework and two years for General Education), transferred to the university, got kicked out of the university, and went back to school a decade later to get my A.S. degree in Computer Programming.

Comment Re: its classless to post stories about your own (Score 1) 103

So your CSV 'database' is woefully incomplete, with it missing almost a decade of comments.

My "database" is incomplete because Slashdot no longer has my earlier comments. Some kind of housekeeping or accident may have deleted my earlier comments.

Yet in another comment here today you wrote, 'I ran a search for "dead wood" in Excel and a few seconds later found nothing.' Has it occurred to you that the comment you say you can't find might exist within the years you do not have data for?

That was in reference to earlier discussion that took place in recent months. The words "dead wood" or "deadwood" aren't words that I normally use, especially in reference to my government IT job.

Comment Re: html sucks (Score 1) 103

No he is taking the piss because CSV is probably one of the worst ways to store verbose text data, as all escaping sequences are likely to turn up in the text, plus newline characters complicate record delimiting.

Wrong thread then. I used a text editor to fix HTML back in 1997.

Out of interest, how are you handling this?

Python and Beuatiful Soup 4 to parse the HTML tree. Once I have the comment text, I use string manipulation to remove the newlines, extraneous tags and white space. The end result is straight HTML.

This is what the previous comment looks like in the CSV file:

<div class="quote"><p>Did you export the data into to CSV format and then import into Microsoft Excel?</p></div><p>Post to the wrong thread, friend?</p>

Comment Re:its classless to post stories about your own st (Score 1) 103

I think you strongly underestimate the data and metadata available on the net.

Here's the metadata for my comment history:

Pages Processed: 558, Comments (Accepted/Total): 8346/8358
Scores (8346) | -1: 72, 0: 328, 1: 6201, 2: 928, 3: 367, 4: 304, 5: 146
Bonus (1157) | Flamebait: 30, Funny: 277, Informative: 186, Insightful: 305, Interesting: 248, Offtopic: 43, Redundant: 9, Troll: 59
Total Time: 00:27:57.00

Comment Re:its classless to post stories about your own st (Score 1) 103

He's scraping Slashdot to help him debate people on his post at the very least, clinically insane.

That's one purpose. I've wrote quite a few stories on Slashdot over the years, most I remembered and some I have forgotten. I plan to write a series of essays on my misadventures in Silicon Valley.

Comment Re:html sucks (Score 1) 103

What's really needed is something which completely hides the mess of html+css like a compiler hides binary which you never actually look at.

Adobe Dreamweaver and Microsoft FrontPage I remembered quite well. As a software testing intern (circa 1997), I had to clean up the HTML/CSS whenever a graphic designer couldn't get her sliced image to line up neatly in the table rows.

Comment Re:its classless to post stories about your own st (Score 1) 103

Scraping Slashdot is both child's play and not worth it.

I found it quite useful. For example, someone said I wrote "dead wood" in a past comment. With my 8,000+ comment history in a CSV file, I ran a search for "dead wood" in Excel and a few seconds later found nothing.

You're one of the only people here that actually posts under a name that is traceable to a real person.

One of the advantages of having a named account.

All the accounts here are just AC with Karma.

I've never been able to tell one asshat from another asshat.

Comment Re:USPS (Score 1) 143

They have weird pricing, like "media mail" where the postage varies, not just by weight and destination, but by the content of the package.

One time I ordered an electronic part that was quite thin, the shipper sent it between two magazines because media rate was 50% cheaper than first class even though I paid for first class shipping. Needless to say, I didn't buy from that shipper again.

Centralization very very rarely beats a competitive market for efficiency.

USPS consolidated five zip codes into one distribution center, turning four 30,000-sqft facilities into storefront locations. It took five years to remove all the kinks at the existing facility as the combined workload got done with fewer workers.

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